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Vampires are real, and her boss is one of them.

By day, Gregori Novak is Daniella's friend and rich CEO boss, but at night, he's her secret fantasy. It's his hands on her skin, his dark eyes on her body, and his imaginary taste on her lips.

Gregori has craved Daniella from the moment he saw he...

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What if the weight of valor was too much to bear? What if being the chosen one meant enduring the suffocating shackles of the realm’s expectations?

What if the omega hero had the opportunity to give it all up?

Silas could have fought in that moment. He could have struggled his way free, wres...

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On a planet where there are no rules, she’s the prize, and he will claim her, no matter what the cost.

I know I’m not ever getting back to Earth, but I’d settle for escape from the cage I'm being kept in. Instead, I end up as a prize in an alien game where a golden eyed, horned alien lord i...

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Once upon a time in Withernsea, Shelley Linley opened a dating agency, and a vampire applied...
He wanted a wife.
Soon, Shelley was uncovering Withernsea's supernatural secrets and getting into all sorts of trouble.
But despite the strange turn her life had taken, one thing remained - human or su...

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Eliza Owl is all about helping her community. When her friend, Lily Jane, talks her into being a prize in the annual children's hospital date raffle, she worries something will happen at the event that she can't control. It's not that she doesn't like helping her community or children. The raffle is...

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MAY 15, 2024 Nanny For The Mountain Lion By Maia Starr

In order to save her, I must control her. Brianna’s life is in danger because of me. She’s the nanny that looks after my two boys. And I can’t stop lusting after her in the house.

I was left shattered not too long ago.

After my ex-wife’s death,

Love seemed impossible before I met he...

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The High Prince of Nyrr takes what he wants. And this time, it's me.

My mission is to find Earth a new home. There's just one tiny problem: A tall alien brute attacked my ship, stripped me, and took me as his prisoner.

Now we're heading to his icy alien homeworld, and the demanding warlord is ...

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After dark, everything changes . . . Step into the world of the Nightcreature Novels. You may never step back out.

This collection contains: BLUE MOON, HUNTER'S MOON & DARK MOON

In a world where supernatural desires collide with everyday life, Tahari Banks finds herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions.

Tahari, with her voluptuous build and alluring fragrance, finds herself in a tempest of feelings when drawn to the notorious Zerrin Hawkins. Although she battles her own...

There I was, driving home from work into my parking garage, when my entire world changed. I nearly ran over the girl as she lay bleeding in the filthy alley. The lovely little lass had been set upon by a werewolf. My WORST enemy in our pack, no less....

I might have a wild Irish temper from my da...