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MARCH 20, 2023 Rescued by her Alien Mate By Ava York

I thought being kidnapped by four-armed blue apes was as weird as life was going to get.

Boy, was I wrong...

We've crashed, our captors have fled, and now we've been rounded up by a group of tall, horned men. With scales. Who don't understand a word we say.

So why does my heart flutter when...

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MARCH 19, 2023 The Snow Wolf: A Clean Fantasy Paranormal Romance By Amberlyn Holland

Myra's no Ice Queen. She's a reclusive outcast with a secret she'll do anything to hide.

Beware the Mirror King!

The bogeyman of Mount Acaelum. Legends claim he sends his Ice Trolls to take children in the night. Some of the Taken return with a bagful of coins and no memory of what transpired....

One Fiercest Soldier, One Sweet Innocent Healer and One Cruel King.
He was trained to brutally kill and she had the magic to heal.
Totally opposite to each other, their hearts were connected.
When Jasper helped Iris saving her mother, he was instantly smitten by Iris.
And both of them had no ide...

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MARCH 16, 2023 Stalked by the Kraken: A Monster Romance By Lillian Lark

A matchmaking witch, an ancient sea creature, and the sex contract they make.
Welcome to the Love Bathhouse where desire and acceptance are in the water.

The Witch
Celibacy is a bad look for a matchmaker.

Especially a matchmaker who works at the kind of paranormal bathhouse that would have g...

Held captive for months by a dangerous vampire, Grace has nearly given up hoping for freedom. Until Roman, a vampire with the unique ability to see emotion in others, senses her fear and comes to rescue her. Despite her fear of vampires, Grace can’t ignore their connection. But the danger still is...

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MARCH 14, 2023 Garridan's Mate: A Paranormal Romance By Rebecca Hefner

Vampyre warrior Garridan hides his attraction to female soldier Siora. But when they're assigned to train together, neither can deny their sizzling attraction!

The twos just got a lot more terrible.

Ian had enough trouble trying to write for a living and keep up with his daughter, Lucy, even before she started shifting into a squirrel. Now that she’s turning two and breathing fire? All bets are off.

Olivia is used to her cat Seltzer bringing her li...

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He’s determined to tear down the walls around his mate’s heart, before an enemy rips out his soul.

Dash -
Ruthless fighter, aimless drifter. Falling in love means getting ripped in pieces when everything goes to hell.

Lion shifter Dash can’t fight the mating fever forever—or deny his...

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Warning: A sense of humor is required for this tongue in cheek, paranormal romance. It contains coarse language and explicit sexual situation meant for open minded adults. Please note, that while no bunnies were permanently harmed in the making of this story, the prognosis isn't so good for the pie....

Sean's ready to turn his life upside down when the girl of his dreams lands in his arms, literally. After rescuing Sam from a devastating blaze, this stubborn shifter falls fast and hard. But when Sam bolts in the middle of the night, he's left alone in Grey Ridge, wishing he never let his guard dow...