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APRIL 04, 2024 Into the Light: Shapeshifter Romance By Tami Lund

Despite the animosity between their species, shapeshifter Tanner Lyons rescues Lightbearer princess Olivia Bennett and heads cross-country to return her safely to her magically hidden home.

Easy enough, if only his heart would stop suggesting crazy ideas like slipping down to the beach and strip...

APRIL 03, 2024 Serve: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance By Laura Wylde

What was once believed to be a myth is now one of New York City’s worst nightmares.

Missing children.


Unidentified beings.

There’s more to the story and it’s my responsibility to get to the bottom of it all.

The only problem is that everyone has secrets, including t...

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APRIL 02, 2024 Broods of Fenrir: A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance By Coral Alejandra Moore

The scent of blood lingers, and the hunt is on.

Brand was raised to rule the Broods of Fenrir, but he’s shunned his destiny for decades, repelled by the brutality and discord within the wolf shifter society. But when a grisly murder stains the streets of Denver and one of the brood is implicate...

APRIL 01, 2024 WYATT: Fated Mates Grizzly Shifter Romance By Candace Ayers

In Burden, Texas, bear shifters are livin’ easy.

The last thing these good ol’ bears are thinking about is getting hitched.

Until fate comes knocking…

Georgia and Wyatt couldn't be more opposite.

Wyatt is a wilderness survivalist, used to barking orders.

In a survival situation,...

★★★★★ “Alastor is absolutely smoking”
★★★★★ “emotional, raw and sexy“

A dark demigod determined to find his brother’s murderer hunts an Underworld assassin who is either a key witness… or the killer.

Demigod Alastor Krayl's world shattered when he learned tha...

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He’s the alien assassin and I’m his prey.
Stolen from Earth by alien slavers, I escape their clutches, only to run headlong into Lyon’s wall of feathers, muscle and anger. At first sight, I think he’s going to eat me. Instead, he drags me into an escape pod, kills his mark and crashes us in...

"Breathe my lost princess, I won't hurt you."


The human world is a place Mya no longer had any need for. After the loss of her sister Alara, Mya searches for the world her sister told her stories about; a place where Harpies reign supreme.

When she's offered the chance to become a Ha...

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I thought I was dead, but my pulse is racing when I see the beautiful, terrifying creature that woke me.


My family maneuvered me like a worthless pawn, then cast me away. I was supposed to be executed but even that didn’t go right. When I wake up, my whole world is tilted on its axis w...

A doomed vampire. A vengeful biker bear. An unlikely union.

Overturned. Piston's life underwent a complete reversal the moment his sister was murdered. Vengeance wasn't far from his mind, but with two young nieces to look after, avenging his sister was the least of his priorities. When a friend c...

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MARCH 29, 2024 Traitor Wolf (Howling Death MC Book 1) By Sophie Ash

Keeping her will start a war. Good thing this wolf loves a brawl...

When I smelled the enemy in our territory, my wolf nearly tore her apart.
But instead of a vampire, I found a human female.
Shaken, starving, and afraid.
In need of protection. My protection.
Once the vampire stink is washed ...