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OCTOBER 25, 2023 Lawyer Wolf's Nanny: Wolf Shifter Romance By Amelia Wilson

I met the love of my life…only to put him and his whole family in danger.

I thought I had my life all worked out…
Handsome boyfriend, perfect job, hefty bank account…
Until my boyfriend’s dumb mistakes turned into my problems.
Now the mob is after me…
With no money and on the run, I...

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Danger and passion lurk after dark.

There's a secret in my blood. My mother died, protecting me from dark magic, and I've never gone outside after night falls. But I can't live like this anymore. I don't want to die alone and a virgin.

One wrong turn and I'm on an auction block where two wealt...

OCTOBER 24, 2023 Agent Zero: An Urban Fantasy Romance By Janet Walden-West

He masters fileting fish. She’s skilled at taking down monsters. Will their instant attraction put them dangerously high on a scaly creature’s radar?
Celebrity chef Bruce Kantor isn’t known as “The Bastard” for nothing. And after his short fuse explodes on the job, he rage-quits yet anoth...

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OCTOBER 23, 2023 Claiming Her Four (Fated Sea Mates) By Laura Wylde

I never thought a sea monster would help me find my harem…

Patrolling the waters of the Caribbean and protecting humans against the many dangers is my job as part of our coven of sea witches.

It doesn’t leave me time to search for my mates.

But when an expedition of men seeking a sunken...

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OCTOBER 23, 2023 Bound in Blood: A Paranormal Romance By Jessica Marting

Without any prospects or suitors, Elora Stone has been reduced to robbing her late uncle’s country home of its valuables to support herself. It should have been a quick journey to gather the silverware and pawn it, until her theft is interrupted by the vampire who has taken up residence in the aba...

OCTOBER 23, 2023 Caylun: A Fated Mates Alien Paranormal Romance By Miranda Otway

Ashleen O'Neill thinks she is heading off for an ordinary day at work at the ancient passage grave of Newgrange in Ireland. But a huge earthquake has rocked the foundations of the giant monument, uncovering secrets forgotten for thousands of years.

Caylun is overlord of the planet Argala, which i...

OCTOBER 22, 2023 Betrayed: An MM Shifter Mpreg Romance By Skye R. Richmond

Dominik is a man without a home.

After everything he holds dear is stolen from him by the one person he thought would never betray him, Dominik leaves the only home he’s ever known and the pack that he was raised to lead.

The choice is easy… or maybe there isn’t one.

After wandering, ...

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OCTOBER 22, 2023 Protective Vows: A Dark Mafia Romance By B. B. Hamel

I crave freedom and his marriage bed.
But I can’t have both.

I’m all that’s left of the powerful Greek Florakis mafia. My father and my older brothers were murdered in a yacht explosion off the coast of Crete, and now my family is in tatters.

That’s when Luca Valverde comes for me. He...

Can a hellhound really save Christmas?

CHRISTMAS HELLHOUND is a heartwarming holiday romance about two lost souls finding happiness together at the most magical time of the year. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!

I have twelve days to try to kill him. He has twelve nights to do anything he wants with me. By the end, one of us must die.

An entity of pure power and darkness, he's the most formidable demon I've ever faced, and I've gambled my life in a deadly pact with him. Each new dawn offers me the ...

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