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One enormous Kaiju.
One tiny little Human.
One thing for certain...

We're gonna need a bigger bed.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve secretly hoped that a tall man would come along and sweep me off my feet. Sure, dark and handsome would be just fine too, but the main thing for me is heig...

Reindeer shifter Dash is traveling home to Wishing Moon Bay for Christmas.

One phone mix-up later and he has the best Christmas gift ever. His mate.

But he soon realizes he will have to sacrifice his own happiness to make Gina’s Christmas wish come true.

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DECEMBER 13, 2021 Mistle Tie Me: A Polar Bear Shifter Romance By Erzabet Bishop

Shifting Hearts Dating App…where goddess power meets technology in the quest for love.

At least that’s what Rafe Matheson is trying for when his sister and part owner of Shifting Hearts Dating Agency approaches him about creating an app that will take them into the next level of the dating st...

DECEMBER 12, 2021 Dragon Home for Christmas By L.E. Radey

Heading home for the holidays, this dragon is draggin’ his feet...

After ten years away from home, Liam Drake reluctantly returns to stand up in his best friend’s wedding. The problem? His pompous father still sees him as the ultimate failure, and his ex-girlfriend, Calla, who hates his guts ...

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DECEMBER 11, 2021 Ageless Fate (A Collection of Strays Book 1) By Toby Wise

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find my true mate in my ER. He’s handsome and everything I’ve ever wished for in a mate but will my age be a problem for him? And most importantly, what will the houseful of strays I’ve adopted think of Charlie? ~Dakota

Waking up in the hospita...

DECEMBER 10, 2021 The Bonding: An Alien Fated Mates Romance By Genesis Keys

From bestselling author Imogen Keeper, a sexy space adventure Romance that will leave you thirsty for more.

TWENTY YEARS AGO, a plague ripped through Argentus, killing 90% of our women. I accepted that I'd live out my life without a woman, without a family. I made peace with that fact.


DECEMBER 09, 2021 Fever Claim: A Wolf Shifter Romance By Marie Johnston

Can he turn one night into forever? After being ditched only weeks before her wedding, Cassie Stackwell wasn’t out looking for a hookup. Then the devastatingly handsome bartender she’d been trying not to obsess over for months offered to give her a ride home. What could one night hurt?

An alien crime lord wants her dead. Her only salvation is the space marine ex she left behind.

Nobody said being a district attorney was easy, but I refuse to drop this case—even with the worst alien crime lord in the entire galaxy gunning for me.
I can’t let anyone else get hurt. I...

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DECEMBER 07, 2021 Once Bitten By Linsey Hall

Vampires aren't real, right?

People say I'm a weirdo. Sure, my idea of a party is a mini box of wine and hanging out with a feral raccoon, but it works for me.

When I’m accused of murder, things get crazy. One, I learn that I have magic. Two, there’s a secret magical city hidden right in L...

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Can love like theirs withstand the ravages of time?

Gage McAllister, the oldest vampire in The Lost Boys Rock Band, tries to stay away from the brave young woman who helped him recover from a debilitating stab wound five years ago. She reminds him of his past love and he vowed centuries ago to ne...