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JULY 08, 2022 The Lost Queen: A Slow-Build Fantasy Romance By Traci Lovelot

A group of Fae warriors kidnapped me to take me to their enchanted realm.

Forever an outcast who ruined technology with a touch, my ailment only got worse in college.

Now I know why: I’m not human.

These seductive Fae warriors are irresistible and they want me as their queen... but my ne...

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Four Kingdoms.
No Heir. An
Uncertain Future.
After an evil curse is cast upon the four corners of Syracuse, a vast country ruled by the Rothhaven family, maidens across the land suddenly become barren. Years pass, and the future of Family Rothhaven looks bleak, until eighteen-year-old Mariselle L...

Welcome to Eventide Falls University… where the only thing stranger than its monstrous student body population is the fact that its mascot is an emu…

You are an ambitious graduate student who ventures to the quaint town of Eventide Falls to pursue your Master’s degree at its eponymously-nam...

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[US + CA] Her scent tempts my senses and sets my mating heart beating.
All I can think about is marking her, claiming her.

Danger lurks on all sides, but I will fight for what is mine.
Until I win.
Until I possess all of her.

Possessed by the Alien King is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance...

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JULY 04, 2022 Letters From 1969 By Arthur Archambeau

Right person. Wrong Time.

An Army officer visits a mysterious antique shop and is given a hope chest containing love letters written more than fifty years prior by a nurse in Vietnam.

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JULY 03, 2022 The Elusive Sun (Etherya's Earth Book 2) By Rebecca Hefner

Vampyre aristocrat Lila was promised to another man for a thousand years. Now that she's free, can Latimus claim the woman who's always secretly owned his heart?

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A grieving fox. A wolf who’s great at fixing things. Can Diesel mend Sam’s broken heart?

An emergency tow job brings mechanic and Alpha wolf Diesel face-to-face with his destined mate. As the only unmated Wright brother, Diesel is elated. But nothing comes easy when it comes to Sam. Closed-of...

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JULY 03, 2022 Kai (Astral Mates Book 1) By Luna Hunter

General Kai cannot believe the naivety of the humans. From his cloaked ship the Dragan Warlord watches them walk straight into a trap — but when he sees there are females among their numbers, his throat tightens with anger.

Females should be protected. Treasured. Worshiped.

Especially one as...

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Serge's unit is on thin ice. No more screw-ups or there will be dire consequences.

Hannah is on an eat-pray-love journey.
Traveling the trans-Siberian railway, she's searching for meaning.

The heat between these two can melt the polar ice caps.
But pursuing his mate might land Serge and his ...

Can one woman love four gorgeous wolf-shifter bodyguards at the same time?
It was supposed to be a simple job.

Look after my pop star sister during her residency gig in Las Vegas.

Keep her safe from weirdos and fanatics.

Wait for the right time to live my dream of being a fashion designer....

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