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[US Sale] What I need is a pack of no-strings-attached alphas... so why is it the pack's beta I'm falling for?

After a dangerously late presentation, I need to find a pack, and fast. For my second heat, it'll be either the hospital's omega ward-cold, sterile, and humiliating-or taking my chances ...

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[US + UK] Chocolate fixes everything—almost.
Sadly it can’t repel vampires, or stop Hannah from wolfing out during the full moon.

Late-night hunts for a crazed serial killer, a vampire-obsessed best friend, and a mountain of classwork is enough for any woman to juggle. But Hannah isn't just ...

MAY 09, 2024 Paved in Fire: A Dark Mafia Romance By Sonja Grey

It’s time to bring Alina home.

When I was young, I fell in love with a dark-eyed boy.
I never grew out of that crush.
Not even when the teenaged boy grew up to be a very dangerous man.
Every year it just grew stronger until I finally turned eighteen and forced him to see me as the w...

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I was sold to werewolves.

They said I’m the Lost Princess of Howling Sky. I said I’m just Sorissa. They said I’m to be claimed by a lecherous prince and that I’ll end some timeless war between werewolves, vampires, and humans. I made other plans.

Then four powerful werewolves from a ri...

One week spent at a resort and spa as a birthday present to myself, and I will re-emerge a brand-new woman, leaving one blissful week spent entangled with three super handsome men behind me.

They were supposed to be a one-night stand, but they kept showing back up, one at a time, each one sending...

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The half-human daughter of a love god. The fae heir to a powerful destiny. And the aphrodisiac expected to save Underworld from disaster.

Hazel can’t help what she is. Being the daughter of a love god isn’t all fun and games. She wants no part of her father’s world. Otherworld forests are ...

"If you’ll excuse my bluntness, I’m a whore, not a PR manager."

Teddy Monkhouse is a billionaire dragon shifter with a problem...

After the death of his first mate he has become withdrawn, and now people are starting to worry. Investor confidence in his various companies is falling, whic...

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Three massive stone gargoyles. Monsters all. And now I belong to them.

I didn't ask to be rescued. I was doing fine on my own, even if I had just lost my job, dumped my ex and taken a wrong turn down a dark alley.

So when Carrarr thinks I need saving and sweeps me up in his huge claws, what am...

MAY 05, 2024 Scales Of Honesty: An Urban Fantasy Romance By Laura Greenwood

Being a priestess for the goddess of truth and justice is not for the faint-hearted.

Taia always thought she and fellow Ma'at Blessed priest, Metjen, were inseparable. When he starts avoiding her, she questions whether their bond is as strong as she thought it was.

A big festival to celebrate ...

MAY 04, 2024 Demon Shifter Hunter: Paranormal Shifter Romance By Blossom SeaFarrer

One night of passion drives me straight into a whole lot of trouble.

I've fallen for that forbidden, cursed, vicious, alpha male Fae-hunting human.

Finn’s eyes take on a sultry gaze, his lips slightly parted.

Oh, he’s flirting with me. I purred to myself.

I'm keeping a secret from th...

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