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DECEMBER 25, 2021 Alien Skin Market: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Lizzy Bequin

Who’s going to save my skin?

My FBI training never prepared me for this.

First I was abducted. Then I was locked in a cage. Now I’m standing on a stage, exposed and sweating, while a crowd of terrifying aliens bid for my ownership.

And the ones who end up claiming me may be the scariest...

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I found my three bears ... I guess that makes me Goldilocks

In all the fairy tales, you hear about the princess marrying her prince charming. You never hear about the powerful princess of the fierce dragon clan being forced into a marriage she doesn't want.

You won't hear about that this time ...

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DECEMBER 23, 2021 Marked by Fire (Sons of Britain Book 1) By Mia West

When two warriors collide in secret,
no legend is set in stone.

Eighteen-year-old Arthur burns for two things: a warrior’s ink, and Bedwyr, his older brother’s shieldmate.

Though the warlord’s son is beyond his reach, a Saxon incursion finally brings Arthur’s chance at the tattoo that...

DECEMBER 23, 2021 Awaken By Skye Malone

I'm Chloe Kowalski, and I promise you, I never planned on growing scales.

Of course, I never planned on running away from home either. Or being targeted by killers. My only goal was to take a vacation to the beach—and maybe get to know my best friend's hot stepbrother better at the same time.

DECEMBER 22, 2021 A Dragon for Christmas (Holiday Shifters) By Lisa Daniels

I never thought it would happen. He promoted me at last!

My boss, to put it lightly, is one of those bad boy dragon shifters who took over the restaurant I work at.

His clan father beforehand almost wrecked the business, and he’s trying to keep it afloat.

It’s not working, and he’s be...

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DECEMBER 22, 2021 Sin's Daughter By Eve Silver

A Sins Series stand-alone Novella—SIN'S DAUGHTER can be read at any point in the Sins Series!

Library Journal raves the Sins Series is “…dark, seductive, and sexy as sin.”

Cursed with immortality, driven into a nomadic life on the fringes of society to escape those who hunt her, Amber ...

DECEMBER 21, 2021 We Three Kings: Hark, the herald angels MOAN! By Alice May Ball

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s coming in the shape of three big, rough, older mafia kings
When Three (HOT) Mafia Kings play Santa for a local charity party, it’s the kings who all get a big surprise.
The present they ALL want to unwrap is PLUMP and CURVY organizer, Tinka Belle.
The t...

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The Zandians have taken back their planet. Now they need brides.
All human females have been assigned to mates. Yes, mates, multiple.
I've been given to three handsome males--cousins. Huge, purple and horned, they act like they want to eat me for breakfast.
After what I've been through with previ...

Wild. Untamed. Blazing with need. She can't avoid being burned.

Werewolf Damon Trahan lives by one rule, protect the pack with his life. Content to be left alone, he avoids complications until he is ordered to rescue a general's daughter from a rival Wolfpack . . . or die trying. Little does he k...

DECEMBER 18, 2021 The Dragon's Temptation By Lily Cahill

Felicity Valdez just wants a simple life. She’s turned her back on her family legacy and escaped to a tiny Pennsylvania town. She’s even changed her name to cut all ties between herself and the powerful Valdez family, who rules the magical world. All she wants is to run her shop, a place where s...

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