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MAY 03, 2024 Beary Overdue (Polar Bliss Book 1) By Ruby Shae

After seven long years, curvy girl, Jillian Masters, returns home to bury her late mother’s husband, and catch up with the Holland siblings, including her ex-boyfriend Reid. Though she hadn’t turned out to be his mate, he was the best man she’d ever known, and he’d set the standard for all o...

A dangerous mission forces me to team up with my worst enemies... Three seductive vampires. Can we unite behind a shared cause… and maybe something more? Get your happy ending in this steamy complete RH series!

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Liam McGowan no longer knows his place. When his magic failed him, his family cast him out. Now he’s homeless and without allies, but fate sends him a fierce protector. In his world, fox shifters and mages don’t mix, but an unexpected bond forms between him and Shane. Shane is gorgeous, arrogant...

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Blake had been coasting along fine. Until a portal accident left him stranded on Earth with no memory. Where he meets…His mate? The woman he’s pledged to deliver to his Alpha and brother. But no dragon shifter can deny the primal calling of his mate for long. Soon she’ll be in danger. From him...

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Over 240.000 words of alien romance!

Decades have passed since the Tyk’ix destroyed the Zoran homeworld. The fierce alien warriors have found refuge on Earth, but adjusting to this new reality has not been easy for either species.

Evil forces are at work, trying to undermine everything the Z...

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[US + UK] Weak things never live long in the Stone pack. So to survive, I had to make myself strong.
Galen, our new alpha, promises he’ll protect me, but my secrets are mine. And my body? He can lay claim to it all he wants, but that doesn’t make me his.

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[US Sale] Falling for the cute handyman renovating my kitchen probably isn't a good idea. He's human and I'm a werewolf. Not to mention, my parents have already picked out a new boyfriend for me. But those green eyes and strong arms are impossible to resist.

Just when I thought things were...

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APRIL 29, 2024 Ouachita Mated: Hot Paranormal Romance By P. Jameson

Magic, leader of the Ouachita clan of big cats, has had his fair share of missteps when it comes to females. One that ultimately cost him his mate, leaving him wounded inside and unable to heal. Now he’s determined to keep his clan from making the same mistakes. No mating is the rule they agreed o...

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He can hold lightning in his hand, but will love slip through his fingers?

The last thing Jude Sullivan wants is to go to some small town in the middle of nowhere to stop a monster from killing cows, but if he doesn’t go the Coven will strip his magic. Losing his magic is the second last thing ...

Four hearts, one destiny. Mermen mate in pods and one just claimed me.

I thought finding out my two best friends were mermen would be the weirdest thing about grad school.

Until a dangerously handsome man from the Mer army kidnapped me. He wants something from my friends and he’ll use me to ...