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APRIL 16, 2024 Balor (Monsters of Redwood Book 1) By Luna Hunter

This human, she's... not like the others.

Humans look at me and see raw, alien power. A force to be harnessed, dissected, feared. It's my power they crave. That is why they chain me up and torture me in the name of their so-called progress.

But not her.

April is different. There's a spark i...

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A witch running from heartbreak, and a merman who hunts the stars.

Keir Simmons, a bounty hunter for the Coven for the Regulation and Oversight of Witches, has made a career out of running away from his problems. Blindsided by a break-up, he leaps at the first assignment he’s offered, one that ...

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He dragged me from the altar straight to his bed.

I have to marry the man that killed my father.

He’s Jayson Costa, mafia prince, obscenely wealthy, emotionally distant, and sinfully attractive.

I don’t care how good that control freak looks in a suit: Jayson’s everything I despise.

APRIL 15, 2024 Dad Bod Monster Series By Violet Rae

Brace yourself for a wild ride as your favorite authors sharpen their claws and unleash a ferociously fun series. Get ready for burly, grrrowly, furry mayhem, proving the best things in life often come with a little extra bite.

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No one calls Celaeno a harpy anymore. Not when she has three possessive gargoyles ready to kick their asses.

Being pregnant and adored by her sexy gargoyles doesn't sound like a problem, but it can get a bit frustrating when she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Celaeno is, after all...

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A lonely demon king. A curvy wolf shifter. Will his fated mate bring the almighty Lord of the Underworld to his knees?

Confirmed bachelor and legendary playboy, Lucifer Morningstar, is the cocky King of the Underworld. By day, he moonlights as the owner of the DeLux Cafe, and at night he controls...

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Three sizzling books in the enemies-to-lovers romantasy saga. Can Slayer Princess Miranda align with her greatest enemy, Vampyre King Sathan, to defeat a common foe?

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[US + UK] Contrary to popular opinion, I really don’t have a death wish.

Yes, I’m a thief, but after almost being torn limb from limb by an irate panther shifter, I’ve given up my law-breaking ways. From now on, I’m sticking to the straight and narrow.

Then Drakkar Raedwulf dangles o...

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[US + UK] My father's new mate turned him against me. Alone and desperate and on the cusp of my mating season, I flee, only to get stuck in a blizzard.

Three alpha males take me in. They shelter me from the storm. They offer to help me through my heat and see to my every possible desire, but they...

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APRIL 10, 2024 Alpha's Awakening: MM Wolf Shifter Romance By Blake R. Wolfe

He’s the kind of alpha dreams are made of, but I can’t make another mistake.

After a bad breakup, I can’t get out of town fast enough. I’m headed north to the peace and quiet of a borrowed cabin in a small town. It’s time for a clean slate and a chance to reinvent myself.

But with my...

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