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A sassy jewelry designer & her ex almost-fiance find a lost pirate treasure & get a second chance at love...

MARCH 29, 2022 Warwick Dragons Set By Milly Taiden

The complete Warwick Dragon Series with After the Happily Ever After Special Shorts for Each Couple.

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MARCH 28, 2022 Her Falcon: Shifted Love Short By Fiona Davenport

After spending nearly a year in captivity, Ramsey Altair needed time to heal. Although she had long dreamed of finding her fated mate, she wasn’t prepared to face the man who might belong to her so soon after being rescued. Feeling as though she had no other choice, she fled his pack before they c...

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MARCH 27, 2022 Her Fae Scoundrels: A Reverse Harem Romance By Joya Lively

I know the four gorgeous prisoners I guard are different, but I can’t figure out why. All I know is that I can’t say goodbye to them. Not yet.

They’re the most heavily secured inmates in the entire prison. So why do I always make sure to look nice for them when I’m on patrol?

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MARCH 26, 2022 Sun Child : A PNR Shifter RH Romance By Serena Akeroyd

[US+CAN] Destiny screwed me over once.

The Goddess betrayed me twice.

Now she’s sent me three gifts-three mates.

But three rights don’t make up for the wrongs I’ve been dealt…

Or do they?

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MARCH 25, 2022 A Witch's Revenge: The Return By Clark Graham

“She’s free.” The witches gazed down at the hole in the ground as if some monster had been unleashed. Joan drew her knitted shawl closer to her frail shoulders. “Do you think she’ll come after us?”Jim Taylor looked out into the storm. A lightning bolt lit up the yard. There, just outside...

MARCH 24, 2022 Age of Wolves: An urban fantasy romance By Mariah Stone

[US sale] Her suspect. Her lover. Her doom.
Boston police detective Ella O’Connor’s job is on the line. And only busting port owner Channing Hakonson for drug smuggling will satisfy her boss. But there’s more to the tattooed billionaire than she imagined—something mystical and ancient.

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MARCH 24, 2022 Things That Go Bump: An MMF Paranormal Romance By Kristin Lance

Mira and Jonas own the sweetest little pumpkin patch in Oregon. They spend their days giving hayrides and bottling artisan honey. From the outside, their life is idyllic and normal.

But when a handsome interloper triggers Jonas’s restless spirit, things start to unravel, and Jonas’s hidden id...

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MARCH 23, 2022 The Demon in Me By Michelle Rowen

BOOK #1 IN THE LIVING IN EDEN SERIES! Eden Riley is a psychic consultant for the police, even though her abilities have never been her most reliable skill. On her most recent case, her paranormal powers are about to get her into some serious trouble.

After a serial killer is gunned down in front ...

MARCH 22, 2022 Awaken By Skye Malone

I'm Chloe Kowalski, and I promise you, I never planned on growing scales.

Of course, I never planned on running away from home either. Or being targeted by killers. My only goal was to take a vacation to the beach—and maybe get to know my best friend's hot stepbrother better at the same time.