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JANUARY 10, 2024 The McGavin Brothers Boxed Set: Books 1-3 By Vicki Lewis Thompson

What woman can resist a McGavin? Follow the escapades of three sexy cowboys as they ride hell-bent-for-leather down the rocky road of love.

Kissing her was his first mistake... When Mandy Fielding left Eagles Nest, Zane McGavin taught himself not to care. Now she's back, an...

The stories may be fantasies, but the women who share them are all too real.

Unveil the clandestine desires of these novice writers and their unapologetically sexy stories. Each page a whispered confession, a tantalising invitation into the forbidden realm of unspoken fantasies.

Journey throug...

JANUARY 08, 2024 Perfect Guy: A Small Town Romance By Fabiola Francisco

After a terrible experience, I decided to move back home and help my family run our ranch. I’ve always been a cowgirl at heart, and this is where I belong.

When I start a side job as an architect, Canaan and I get closer. The guy I’ve known most of my life is suddenly luring me in with his pl...

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Paige -

There was really no way for me to know that the helpful woman from the sheriff’s office who gave me a camping permit was sending me to camp on her brother’s land in a misguided attempt at matchmaking. Or that he’d be so annoyed when he found me setting up my tent. The barrel-cheste...

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Three steamy age gap mafia instalove romances full of spice and feels.

Stolen by the Mafia King
I had a plan to escape. Everything is going perfectly at my wedding rehearsal dinner until he turns up. The kingpin: twenty years older, dark, dangerous, gorgeous. I was getting out of this arranged m...

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From the USA Today bestselling author of The Untouchables and The Phoenix Club comes a Christmas Regency series! Don't miss these holiday classics retold with love, passion, and heart.

The Red Hot Earl
Once an untitled misfit, Ash, the Earl of Buckleigh has returned to town to help his oldest an...

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"No single mom left behind, not on our watch."
"Huh?" I stammer, caught off-guard.
"Pack your bags. Our home is your sanctuary, for as long as you need."

First day as a maid, and I'm a floundering mess...
My Mom and babysitter ditches my kids for a date.

Could it get any worse? A resoundi...

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DECEMBER 26, 2023 Alien Romance Holiday Spectacular (5 Book Box Set) By Grace Goodwin

This box set will DISAPPEAR Dec 31st! Get it now!

Alien Romance Holiday Spectacular – Volume 2

Assigned A Mate: When a potential threat against her life forces Eva Daily to seek shelter on another world, she has only one option available to her. She must offer herself to the Interstellar Bri...

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An ice skating coach and a fabled man in the woods.

A gruff clockmaker and a snowed-in duke.

This Winter Warmers collection contains six short and steamy instalove stories, hot enough to melt any snowbank. Grab a blanket and a hot chocolate and get cozy with…

Winter Ward

I let her stay...

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DECEMBER 25, 2023 Polar Opposites: A Cozy AF Christmas 4 By Dani Wyatt

When she walks into the bar she calls me by some other guys name, then sits on my lap and kisses me...I think I finally believe in the magic of Christmas. Turns out, she just needed me to be her fake boyfriend, but when her lips planted on mine? There was nothing fake about it.

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