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This five book bundle is full of all of the hot bisexual erotic romance that Kristin Lance is known for - five stories featuring taboo situations, sexual exploration, and characters who find an intimate connection along the way.

He’s Too Old For You
My mother goes through men like some people...

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Always a bridesmaid, never the bride- good! Because I don’t want to be the bride. Be in, go to, or even think about weddings. When another friend bites the dust and gives in to the big L-word, I’m left without my best friend and my roommate. Then he steps in, needing a place to stay...

Read the first three books of the complete Our Fae Queen series in this discounted box set:

The Lost Queen
Glori was just a misfit college student… until some sexy fae warriors kidnapped her to save her life. Only their love can convince Glori she belongs as their queen.

Consorts for the Qu...

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APRIL 05, 2023 Monster Between the Sheets: Season 2 By Fiona Davenport

Your favorite authors are returning to Screaming Woods, where the monsters mash with their human soulmates. These monsters are tired of hiding in the shadows and ready to fall in love. Go into the woods and meet your new book boyfriend, he might have scales, claws, or fangs, but he’s 100% irresist...

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APRIL 02, 2023 Daddy Bod (Daddy Sized) By Margot Scott

I know three things to be true: Pabst isn’t real beer, the Sox always lose, and wherever I am, I’m always the biggest guy in the room. People don’t just gawk when they see me coming. They keep their distance, which is fine by me. Why do you think I bought a fixer-upper in the country...

MARCH 27, 2023 Secret Royal Daddy: A Romance Series Box Set By Aria R. Blue

Royals. Murder. Secret babies. Filthy, forbidden love.

Escape to Sierran, an island country ruled by a royal family. Each royal guards a dangerous secret. And as fate would have it, they end up falling for the one person they can't have. With a serial killer on the loose and hearts racing with th...

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MARCH 26, 2023 Romance in NYC: The Billionaire Collection By Angel Devlin



THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE VIRGIN: Can widower H put his past behind him and move forward for love?

THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE BARTENDER: A crazy bet leads to Eli pretend dating an adult movie actress. It is pretend, isn't it?


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When you love a villain, do you become one too?

In a world of black and white, the gray in between just got more inviting. Laws are easily broken when you know how to bend them to your will, and so are we at the hands of these dangerous as sin men.

Would you rather sacrifice yourself to save t...

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[US + UK] A HUMONGOUS 16 book collection of dirty, nasty, forbidden lust between little princesses and the last men in the world who should desire them, even if they are the most devoted... Includes these stories:

Books 177-192

Daddy Can’t Help Himself and Takes Me in the Middle of the Airpl...

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"SHORT READ" book lovers, this collection of 7 stories from The Alphabet ALPHAS series is made-to-order for you!

She swears she'll be over me in a day. I bet her she won't. And I intend to make sure of it.

She's strictly off-limits. So why does the need to kiss her...

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