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FEBRUARY 16, 2021 Sins of the Heart By Eve Silver

"Dark, seductive, and sexy as sin."—Library Journal

Dagan Krayl, the Underworld's most powerful soul reaper, is the demigod son of the evil god Sutekh. He's on a mission to find his murdered brother's remains and resurrect him, but resurrection means that the secrets carried into death would be r...

In the arms of a masked bodyguard, signals all point to danger.

On Valentine's Eve, high above the city, a lovers' moon casts its spell over the hottest masked ball in the city.

Revelers dance and have the raucous time of their lives, but for one poor, invisible serving girl, the lavish party...

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The new girl in town is forced to get over her stage fright – while singing, and when speaking with the quiet, sexy man who can’t take his eyes off her.
I’ve been told that things heat up in Sunset Ridge the weekend of the annual rodeo.

Moving to the country to live in my grandmother�...

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Welcome to Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries - where all your book boyfriends come to life.

Join a brooding antihero, a master criminal, a cheeky raven, and a heroine with a big heart (and an even bigger book collection) in this brand new steamy paranormal mystery series featuring a harem of famous li...

FEBRUARY 16, 2021 Lessons In Love: A Student Teacher Romance By Jessica Peterson

Studying abroad just got a whole lot sexier...

On my first outing in Madrid, I never thought I’d end up spending the hottest night of my life in the arms of a gorgeous Spaniard. As the sun comes up over the city, he gives me the kiss to end all kisses.

And then he disappears.

FEBRUARY 16, 2021 Dragon Tides (Escape to Dragon Island Book 1) By Rinelle Grey

They shared everything. Or so she thought…Damrian has a secret. A big one. Sure, his family looks normal enough—just your average humans running a tropical island resort. But really, they’re dragon shifters. Damrian has spent his life guarding his family’s secrets—and almost that long guar...

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FEBRUARY 16, 2021 Handsome Rancher By Lori Wilde

[US + CA] Chase Barrett, is on the bachelor block thanks to his matchmaking sister, Leigh. She’s determined to do away with her three overprotective brothers—but in the nicest possible way!

She’s got Megan Kendall finally doing something about her hidden, long-held feelings for Chase—the ...

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FEBRUARY 15, 2021 My Fierce Protector By Ava Storm

I was raised up on the roughest streets of Boston. Only my three best friends saved me from staying on them forever. Together, we fought our way to the top of the security industry. Now we’ve dedicated our lives to protecting others. And helping the kids we used to be. Now I have a new client. A b...

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FEBRUARY 15, 2021 Tyrant Twin: A Dark Forbidden Romance By Isabella Starling

[US Sale] The bad twin is always more fun. I'm in love with my stepsister. Unfortunately for me, so is my brother. But I'm not letting him have her. June is mine. Mine. Except I don't know if she feels the same way. She's always been closer with my brother. She's the only one who gets him.
And now,...

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FEBRUARY 15, 2021 Claimed by a Sinner (A Seven Sinners Short) By A.G. Henderson


One look was all it took. I knew Lizzy was mine. Knew she was meant to be on the back of my bike. Knew she wanted to take everything I had to offer. I also knew that I needed to stay far, far away. But I was a Sinner, and the road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

This novella cont...

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