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NOVEMBER 17, 2021 Room Seventeen: Masquerade - A Reverse Harem Romance By Kameron Claire

She wants her three gorgeous bosses in the dirtiest way.
She’s forbidden to them, not only because she’s their employee, but because she’s too pure to be sullied by their darkest desires.
Can one anonymous night at Club Sin sate their needs and fulfill her fantasies?

Carlisle: My bosses a...

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Can a sexy businessman find love with a woman he believes betrayed him?


Five years ago, Nico and Jules were in love - until an outside force destroyed their connection.

Nico has meticulously plotted his revenge since that day.

Will Nico enact his revenge and destroy Jules? Can Jules...

NOVEMBER 17, 2021 The Christmas Gift: Curves for Christmas By Robecca Austin


It was supposed to be a one-night stand. A hot night of sweaty indulgence with a man she’d vetted. A man she could play with and then walk away from, someone who ticked all her boxes. Instead, she was facing off with Corin, a man who made her knees weak under his gaze and hijacked all her r...

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NOVEMBER 17, 2021 Mr. Secret Daddy: A Second Chance Romance By Annabelle Love

There’s a new dad in town.
I just didn’t realize it was me…

From the minute I saw Lucy, I wanted her as more than a coach.
Our playbook chats turned into off-field touchdowns…
And four whirlwind months I’ll never forget.

But our winning streak didn’t last.
And I’ve regretted ...

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NOVEMBER 17, 2021 Journey of the Heart By Jacinta Carey

Nantucket, 1836

Samantha Barnes, daughter of a wealthy shipbuilder from Nantucket and head of the shipyard now that her brothers have passes away, discovers that her father has engaged her to a business rival's son, Hugo, to further his own interests. Samantha flees to her uncle's house in a desp...

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NOVEMBER 17, 2021 Love is a Wildfire: Enemies to Lovers By Kate Kisset

Playboy-vintner Michael Santino’s world is about to go up in flames. The largest wildfire in California history is racing straight for his precious vineyards. But the fire isn’t what’s making him hot and bothered— it’s Shae.

The beautiful firefighter he’s never forgotten is on the sce...

When Ariel’s friends convince her to go out for a ladies night with them, she doesn’t realize her whole life is about to change. She meets Blake, a handsome enigmatic man hiding a big secret. That’s alright, because she has some secrets of her own she has no intention of sharing. The problems ...

NOVEMBER 16, 2021 Dare to Love a Marquess: A Regency Romance By Rose Pearson

An injured war veteran and a reluctant debutante work together to find out who wants to kill her!

Frederick, the Marquess of Stratham, is determined that his war injury will not prevent him from doing all he can to prevent an invasion from the French. What he does not expect is for his endeavors ...

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King of the campus, Christian Perez owns it all. Money, women, the perfect pucking bod. And now that he’s my fake boyfriend, he thinks he owns me too.

Christian Perez thinks he’s entitled to my attention but he’s as delusional as this elite small town.
Doesn’t matter how sparkly h...

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NOVEMBER 16, 2021 A Love Worth Keeping By Janelle Adams

She’s the town beauty. He’s a nice guy hoping to find a sweet girl. Will opposites attract—or tear Betty and Jackson apart?

With long lashes that dance on her face and an uncanny ability to sashay her hips, Betty Cobble is the desire of nearly every man in town. She revels the attention, an...

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