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Take a trip to Colorado, where three brawny, bearded mountain men will meet their perfect match in a series of OTT, scorching hot, sweet-but-naughty stories that will heat your kindle and warm your heart.

This collection includes the first 3 books in the Alphas Of Vista Springs series.


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MARCH 19, 2023 Unforgiven Boss: Billionaire's Enemy By Laura Olsen

I spent the night with the man of my dreams...
...and then he turned it into a nightmare.

Years living off the grid under a fake name would break anyone.
But I made it through thanks to the most precious gift he left me.

Our daughter.

Six years later I step into his office with revenge bu...

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It was only a five-mile hike through the mountains to the lake.
My roommate told me not to go alone. But what could go wrong?
As it turns out… everything.
A starving pack of wolves decided that I’m their next meal, backing me into the water.
There’s no way out. No escape.
Until Jason West...

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A new friend and an unexpected romance… Was there a better way to spend a Saturday night?

Jordan knows pining for her bosses is the worst thing she could do… well, it’s the worst until they all end up together at a lifestyle meet and greet. Obviously dating her bosses is now the worst decis...

MARCH 19, 2023 The Snow Wolf: A Clean Fantasy Paranormal Romance By Amberlyn Holland

Myra's no Ice Queen. She's a reclusive outcast with a secret she'll do anything to hide.

Beware the Mirror King!

The bogeyman of Mount Acaelum. Legends claim he sends his Ice Trolls to take children in the night. Some of the Taken return with a bagful of coins and no memory of what transpired....

When I win tickets for a luxury Caribbean cruise and find myself staying in a cabin next to Tommy Astor, I can't believe my luck. Tommy is the sexy billionaire owner of Astor Cruises, and it looks like my curves have caught his eye. The only problem? I may have told him that I'm a billionaire heires...

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I was in a lab. There was a flash of light. I was in an alien jungle. Beyond that, I had no idea how I arrived where I was. The entire room I was in had been ripped from the building and dropped on another planet.

To make matters worse, wherever I was had hulking, silver-skinned men roaming the t...

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Cress Stone thought she knew love once. Thought she held it in her hand, but it slipped right through her fingers. Now she doesn't know if she believes in love at all. Who knows what love is, when you've never had but a glimpse of it?

Judge Falcone knows what love is, because he had it with a swe...

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MARCH 18, 2023 Falling for Paris (Destination Love Book 3) By Laura Marquez Diamond

Rafael Lyon is a grumpy, jaded culinary celebrity. He will do anything to avoid the two things that history has proven to be disastrous: the public spotlight and long-term relationships.

Victoria Espinoza is a feisty vacationer, ready to conquer Paris one croissant at a time. Since her divorce, s...

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MARCH 18, 2023 Tease Me (Kings of Hell's Kitchen) By Tara Wyatt

I wasn’t looking to fall for an angel. But the first time I laid eyes on Whitney Vanek, that’s what happened.

Then I found out she’s my boss’s girl’s best friend. Someone I won’t be able to avoid, even though I know I should.

Because a woman like that? Gorgeous and smart and full o...