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Daisy -
The last thing I expect when I return to my hometown in Colorado is to be accused of stealing by the new sheriff. Drayton Saunders is big, blunt - and totally beddable! But I'm back to take care of my sick mom, not get all hot and bothered over the local sheriff, no matter how unexpectedly...

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JULY 28, 2021 Chocolate Covered Mistletoe By Samantha Baca

[US + CA] Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, but when my Grinch of a landlord decides to raise the rent on my bakery and a new candy shop opens directly across from me, I’m anything but jolly.

The problem is that it’s not just ANY candy shop— it’s an over-the-top fancy ch...

Wanted: one wife, one baby. Love not required.

Navy SEAL Boone Rudman has six months to find a wife and get her pregnant or he’ll lose his chance to win 1500 acres of prime Montana ranch land. So when he discovers Riley Eaton living on his new ranch, all grown up from the tomboy she used to be,...

JULY 27, 2021 Unthinkable By Danielle Hill

[US + UK] LISS -
Guys like Leon Bradshaw can’t be trusted—a fact I’m not about to let myself forget.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, packed body, Claremont High royalty... you know the type. There's never been any love lost between Leon and I—Pretty Boy with no substance isn't my type. And betw...

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JULY 27, 2021 The Billionaire's Surprise Baby By Lisa Kaatz

He broke my heart. But not before he put a baby in me.

I should have known better. He’s the enemy to my family’s business empire and the last man in the world who would ever dream of settling down with a baby.

But I couldn’t stay away from him.

The tension between us was like a magnet...

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“If only I could move to Lost Harbor, Alaska and become part of this fabulous community!”
“I absolutely love this series!!!”
“A ton of fun with wicked chemistry”

New box set in the Lost Harbor, Alaska series! This charming harbor town is bursting with stories filled with laughter, dan...

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JULY 27, 2021 Stacked (Devil's Bastards MC Book 1) By Aviva Blakeman

Imogene Saunders is passionate about making her library accessible to everyone. Whether her coworker likes it or not. Caught in an embarrassing and sticky book bin situation, she doesn’t anticipate her rescuer to be a sexy-as-sin biker.

As Imogene fights to turn her library renovation dream int...

I’m a human in a wolf-focused academy.

The academy has been accepting werewolves for centuries. Due to low funds, it now allows humans with some percentage of wolf blood to attend – even if those humans don’t have any powers.

Me included.

The principal assigns a teacher to look after ...

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JULY 27, 2021 Falling for Zeke: A Sweet Romantic Suspense By Sara Blackard

An ex-Army Special Operations member burned once by love. A single-mom stalked by a powerful enemy. Can he risk his heart for her safety?

Zeke has everything he could want.
A multi-billion dollar inheritance allows him to protect others...
… and with the camaraderie of his brothers-in-arms.

JULY 27, 2021 Scarlet Toys (Violent Circle Book 1) By S.M. Shade

Living on Violet Circle, a place that’s less of a neighborhood and more of an insane asylum poured into the street, I thought I was prepared for anything. How naïve I was. After the factory closed, leaving me and a good portion of the town unemployed, I took a job managing Scarlet Toys. I knew it...