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APRIL 10, 2024 Making Her Mine: The Heated Novella Series By Elyse Kelly

Elissa -
I love my job. Editing from home has been a dream come true, but now my publisher wants me to work in their main office in the city. They’re giving me a chance to check it out first, and while I don’t love the hustle and bustle, at least I have a connection there. My brother’s best ...

APRIL 10, 2024 Alpha's Awakening: MM Wolf Shifter Romance By Blake R. Wolfe

He’s the kind of alpha dreams are made of, but I can’t make another mistake.

After a bad breakup, I can’t get out of town fast enough. I’m headed north to the peace and quiet of a borrowed cabin in a small town. It’s time for a clean slate and a chance to reinvent myself.

But with my...

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[US + UK] My father's new mate turned him against me. Alone and desperate and on the cusp of my mating season, I flee, only to get stuck in a blizzard.

Three alpha males take me in. They shelter me from the storm. They offer to help me through my heat and see to my every possible desire, but they...

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Two weeks to plan a valentine’s day wedding with a man she shouldn’t want.

Kelsey Armstrong Waters is a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in happily ever after. Every mishap, tear shed, and marriages that end up in divorce, she’s seen them all.

When Will Addison shows up at Kelsey’...

hings can’t possibly get worse than your boyfriend dumping you for a French baguette. Right?

When Bree Carlyle's boyfriend leaves for Paris, taking the rent money with him, all she has left are boxes of old books, a worn-out bookmark, and a gift from her friendly, pothead neighbor. Desperate fo...

He’s everything cold.
She’s my darkest obsession.

I never thought I’d fall in love with Parker, my brother’s best friend.
He’s a damaged man and now I’m his daughter’s nanny for the summer.
He’s grumpy and hates me but I have no idea why.
I've always wanted a happily-ever...

He thought he’d reformed. But maybe he was just destined to be a rogue forever…

Inheriting the title of marquess saved Daniel’s life. Literally. Without it, he would’ve remained in London, indulging in all the vices that plagued him. Now, he can finally focus on his responsibilities and b...

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[US + UK] He's the guardian I didn't ask for. I'm the temptation he didn't expect.
Blunt, bossy and lethal, Jameson Reynolds is my older brother's billionaire business partner and a former Navy SEAL with a bitterly jaded heart. He’s watched over me for years, determined to steer me out of trouble...

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The Brass Anchor Inn is about to host a bicentennial celebration when its grumpy new owner arrives on the island, making the inn’s sunshiny manager wonder if it will still be a festive occasion or a farewell party.

Josie Turner loves managing the Brass Anchor Inn. And so when the inn’s owner ...

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[US + UK] Not everything was as it seemed.

Miranda -
I thought Henry Walsh wasn’t like the other rich upper classmen. He had a heart, was kind and made my heart beat faster.
Then Victoria happened. He was hers; I was trash, and she made my life hell.
One crazy evening after school changed t...

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