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AUGUST 15, 2019 Amazed by You (Riding Tall 2 Book 1) By Cheyenne McCray

Jayson McBride loses a bet and loses big, and ends up with a commercial shoot on his ranch for a women’s clothing line. Before he can come to terms with city folk leaving gates open and disrupting his operation, he meets Celine, the woman who runs the show. Damned if she doesn’t piss him off then im...

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AUGUST 15, 2019 Shifter Bonds: Miami Scorcher Series Box Set (1-5) By Savannah Stuart, Katie Reus

A complete collection of the Miami Scorcher novellas (1-5)Set in beautiful, sunny Florida, the Miami Scorcher series features sexy dominant, alpha werewolves brought to their knees by their new mates. Whether the story features a DEA agent, club owner, a tattooed up mechanic, an enforcer or a former...

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AUGUST 15, 2019 Maple Springs: The Complete Series By Spencer Spears

Love in the North Woods Finally, the complete Maple Springs series! Fall in love with these men of the northwoods as their romances blossom under the starry skies and pine forests of Minnesota. The series follows a group of friends in the lake-side small town of Maple Springs as they uncover secre...

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Miss Sarah Crosby knows she is already considered a spinster. Sent to London in order to take care of her aunt and help her cousin to make her debut, she has no hope for her own future. It is only when Miss Bavidge introduces her to Lady Smithton that she finally starts to believe that she might be ...

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AUGUST 15, 2019 Overnight Wife By Penny Wylder

I accidentally married my new boss.I've always been the 'good girl' in my friend group. But when my bestie dares me to let loose on my last free weekend before I start my dream job, I give in.It's only one night in Vegas. What's the worst that could happen?Here's a hint:Too many vodka tonics.Grindin...

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AUGUST 14, 2019 Undo Me: The Good Ol' Boys By M. Robinson

From USA Today Bestselling Author M. RobinsonI met her when I was sixteen.I fell in love with her when I was seventeen.She brought me to my knees when I was twenty.I loved her against reason.
I loved her against hope.
I loved her against all odds.
Now she's back, a constant reminder of what I lost, ...

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AUGUST 14, 2019 Brand New Blade (Angel Academy Book 1) By Riley London

Fight demons. Fall in love. Save the world. Welcome to Angel Academy.  My name is Celeste Venoix and I’m no angel. I never had a family, so I’ve been taking care of myself ever since I was a kid. One night, some creep follows me home from work, and I use my fists to put him in his place. After...

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AUGUST 14, 2019 Painted Wolf Security: Complete 5-Part Series By Camilla Blake
Brent's job would be cushy, if it wasn't for Elena...
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When survival is all that matters, does truth still make a difference? "I'm your enemy," Aerie told him. "There. It's that simple. Now, I'd appreciate it if you would stop with the pleasantries and start torturing me. I'll be much happier when I am dead." "I can understand your thoughts on the matte...

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AUGUST 14, 2019 The Southern Hero (Driftwood Bay Book 2) By Lenora Worth

When reclusive war hero, Sam Hinson, is asked to be the best man for his friend Brodie Steven, he heads to the small town of Spirit, Louisiana, only to find out from the bride’s gorgeous older sister that he needs to deliver the “best man” speech at the wedding reception. He doesn’t like to even be ...

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