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FEBRUARY 21, 2021 One Night Stand By M.L. Cranium

Allen wants more time with her, while Jessica is looking for some hanky-panky in the dark. Will this one-night stand become more than what it's supposed to be?

Will Jessica let her mind rule over her heart?

Or will Allen show her she is worth more than a one-night stand?

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FEBRUARY 21, 2021 Beefcake & Cupcakes By Judi Fennell

Sugar is sweet, but so is revenge

All Lara Cavallo wants to do is make her bakery business, Cavallo's Cups & Cakes, a success, and be able to stop accepting alimony from her rotten, cheating ex-husband. But first she needs to find her clothes and escape the strange hotel room she wakes up in befo...

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It was too soon. There was so much more to learn about Mason. But love was already creeping in the back door of my heart, and looking for a place to get comfortable...

I know I’m a Daddy’s girl. My family is oddly close, except for my kooky Aunt Betsy, whom I’ve only met a few times. She ...

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FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Nanny For The Single Dad By Rita Knight

I worked hard as the CEO of a leading women’s magazine. I had given up on life years ago. My son’s happiness was my only purpose now. I did my best to give him everything I didn’t have growing up. But I messed things up and he’s gone so deep in his shell the therapists gave up on him.

When ...

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FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Up for Air (Lost in Austin Book 1) By Christina Berry

At a funeral on her 29th birthday, Ari takes stock of her life and comes to a startling conclusion: she's not happy. Mired in a relationship that's gone stale, she approaches her husband Greg about opening their marriage. To her shock, he agrees.

Ari throws herself headlong into an adventure thro...

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FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Rescued by the Fae Prince: (Fae of Ballantine) By Serena Meadows

Sarah’s unlike any woman Reese has ever met. But in the kingdom of the Fae, being unique could get her killed.
Reese is hailed as a hero after helping save Ballantine. But even with his royal blood and good looks, the Fae warrior has always felt like an outsider. His family is made up of passiona...

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FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Loving A Cowboy By Anne Carrole

A forty-eight hour marriage. Two broken hearts. One opportunity for a second chance.

Saddle bronc rider Chance Cochran knows a bad omen when he sees one, and Libby Brennan isn’t just a bad omen, she’s the woman he was married to, five years ago, for all of forty-eight hours—before her fathe...

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FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Habits (Greyford High Book 2) By Anna B. Doe

A brand new standalone in Greyford High series!
How can something so wrong feel so good? Greyford's bad boy finds his match in the ice queen...

Senior year.
Three girls. Three guys.
Secrets and lies.
Demons of past and present.
Old insecurities and new fears.
One more year left to pretend.

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FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Cinderella and the Marine By Tess Summers

One night. No strings attached. What could go wrong? I was pretty happy living the carefree life of a successful bachelor. Money to spend, a revolving door of women, no commitment, no relationship troubles—it was perfect. At least, that’s what I thought until I held my friends’ newborn baby in...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2021 A Hole By Phoebe Alexander

A comedian and a bank teller walk into a bar... The start of a steamy romance--or just a funny stand-up bit?

Ace Bennett’s comedy career is taking off--and his love life might be too when he meets a beautiful curvy blonde bank teller named Ella Craig. She’s skeptical about dating him, so Ace ...

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