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SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 Haven: A Sci-Fi Romance By Jessica Marting

One stupid decision leaves Cressida stranded on Haven, an uninhabited planet on the edge of nowhere. But it isn’t totally empty. And Lukas, the cyborg living there in secret, is fascinated with her and has no intention of letting her leave.

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 Chasing the Duke: Second Chance Regency Christmas By Tracy Sumner

With her final season in the ton a surprising success, Lady Camille Bellington retires to her family’s Yorkshire estate for Christmas with a marriage proposal in hand. Beautiful and charming, but too independent for society, Camille has given up on the hope to marry for love. So she will marry for...

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 No Escape From War (Trouble For Hire Book 1) By Cynthia Eden

Revenge. Oh, it was going to be sweet.

Warren “War” Channing finally has the chance to nail his beautiful, lying ex. And, no, he doesn’t mean “nail” in the down and dirty sexual way…War means he has the opportunity to send the lovely and infuriating Rose Shadow to jail. Turned out, th...

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 Dark Obsessions Anthology By C.M. Steele

They’re watching. Waiting.

Bound by their desires to own—the uncontrollable hunger that breaks rationality and brings forth their baser needs.
To hunt. To take.

Morals and humanity have no place in this game, one they’ll win at all costs.
A hunter never apologizes. A man claims his wom...

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He hates me. I can't stand him. One accidental text message changes everything.

Callan Jackson is rude, arrogant, and everything in between.
Well, guess what. The world doesn’t revolve around him.
Especially mine.

I used to be a famous celebrity before everything came crashing down.
Now, ...

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When a ruthless pirate captain comes to collect her father, Mara offers to take his place instead.

She needs answers, even if it means sacrificing her freedom to join an alien's crew. Isolated with her secretive father on a forgotten asteroid isn’t enough. She wants to find her home.

With ru...

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She'll do anything to win the games.
He'll do anything to win her.

Competing on a BDSM-themed reality show seemed like the perfect way to ruin her stepfather’s political career after the trauma he’s caused her. All she has to do is win. And pretend to be submissive.
She didn’t count on be...

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The thing about perfect lives is that there’s only one way for them to go—downhill.

I learned that after my first love broke my heart and an injury sacked my pro baseball career. Now I’m working a tedious bank job just to pass the time. So imagine my surprise when I find her in my fi...

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 No Dukes Need Apply (The Impossible Balfours Book 4) By Gemma Blackwood

Lady Selina Balfour would make the perfect duchess. But the Duke of Caversham is far from her idea of the perfect husband.

Malcolm Locke is everything Selina hates about powerful men – reckless, arrogant, and all too aware of his own chiselled jaw. Which makes it all the more important that Sel...

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I am tired of women only seeing dollar signs when they look at me. So yeah, I come on too strong with the curvy single mom who shows up at my ranch. I don’t realize who she is or why she’s there until she’s stormed off. Once I know her story, I’ll do anything to be her man. But first I...

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