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My dream is at my fingertips. But there’s a catch. A big one…

Ripple -

I’ve always wanted to open an animal rescue. My problem is the facility I need to buy is being held hostage by an out of touch owner who demands the buyer be married.

That means I need a fiancé — and fast. Othe...

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A marriage on the rocks.
A tropical vacation.
A secret obsession.
Trouble might be brewing in paradise for husbands Nick and Ben.

Ben and Nick's marriage is on shaky ground after the pandemic, but a getaway to Key West seems like the perfect way to rekindle their romance. Turns out, a secret f...

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JULY 14, 2024 Grumpy Lumberjack: Hideaway at the Lagoon By Elsie James

She’s hiding from her past. He’s protecting her future. Welcome back to Lumberjack Lagoon.
grumpy man, sunshine curvy woman, protective lumberjack, found family romance

A few weeks ago, I’d never heard of Lumberjack Lagoon. But somehow today, it’s my home. Or at least it’s my ...

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Teaching fourth grade at Maplehaven Elementary School deep in the woods of Vermont is Leah Greenstead’s chance to hide and heal. It hurt too much to stay in New York City where every corner café, every friend, every sunrise reminded her of all she’d lost. Some people get to have everything they...

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Heat fills me as he stares at me shamelessly. Since when did Mr. Thompson start lusting after me? Before tonight, his conduct toward me was never less than completely and utterly appropriate. But now that I think about it, his 18th birthday present to me was unusually lavish. I told myself that it w...

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I played games with the wrong stranger.

Tall, powerful, and lethally gorgeous, Drazen Krylov is the ruthless boogeyman the Bratva world fears.

He’s also the masked man from the app whom I unknowingly shared my darkest, most depraved urges with.

Now the fantasy has become a nightmare.


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What the heck happened? One minute I'm in my workshop, creating a new sculpture, the next, I'm being given emergency treatment on the dirt road outside.

Doctor Helena Moonbear rescued me just in time, but what life do I have, really, apart from my art? My former high school sweetheart Diana ditch...

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My boss is forcing me to attend some weekend getaway in the woods.
He says I'm overworked. He says I'm too abrasive.
Yeah? What does that idiot know...
I want to work. I want to build video games. I want to be alone...
And arriving at this tech-bro summer camp sure doesn't help my mood.
The sta...

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Dashing Arthur Winter, Duke Beaufort needs an heir, but the path to marriage is as tricky as a waltz. Lucky for him, the witty Lady Deandra Coleridge, his best friend and confidante, steps in to help him win the heart of a debutante. Yet, a simple kiss unravels unexpected desires between them. Will ...

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The only thing worse than being roommates with my rival?

Falling for him.

Returning to my small hometown after I crash and burn in the city is bad enough. Having my lifelong rival, Wes Stryker rub it in my face doesn’t make it easier.

Even worse, I’m hired to help him pull his family’...

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