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AUGUST 03, 2021 Jackson: The Sutter Brothers By Cynthia Dees

Annabelle Winters is sick of the big city. She hates her job, hates her boss, and hates her life. And then she receives a letter informing her she’s inherited a slice of land in Apple Pie Creek, Montana. Jack Sutter has just retired from the army and plans to renovate an old grist mill he recently...

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AUGUST 02, 2021 Starstruck: An MM Forbidden Romance By Ollie Lovett

Falling in love is the whole point of the show. Just…not with a man.

And definitely not with the assistant director.

After losing my career in the NFL, I knew this was my last chance to be a success. Winning on The One meant finding the woman of my dreams and sharing a fortune with her. If I...

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One mistaken identity plus one searing night of passion equals two pink lines...


As the billionaire CEO of a major hotel chain, I spend my days in one meeting after another. And avoiding another dreaded blind date set up by my mother. When I'm off, I just want to relax. Until a hot mess ...

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Two is always better than one. Caring for others has always been Nora’s priority. Whether it is a student, a struggling family, or a single parent, Nora puts their best interest above her own. Even when she receives letters threatening her life, she tries to figure out how to help the person respo...

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AUGUST 02, 2021 Only a Date with a Billionaire By Ellie Hall

She’s a baker. He’s a boxer. Their businesses are side by side and completely incompatible. But are they? Sophie Johansson moves to New York City to be free of entanglements from the past and to prove to herself she can make it on her own. She also wants to fulfill her dream of opening a bakery....

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AUGUST 02, 2021 Daddy's BIG LOAD (16 Book Collection) By Mr. Dom

A BIG 16 book collection of dirty, nasty, forbidden lust between little princesses and the last men in the world who should desire them, even if they are the most devoted...

Includes these stories:

Books 1-16

Massaged at My Desk
My Boyfriend's in the Other Room!
Fun Under the Blankets and...

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My life is boring. Monotonous. And then tall, dark, and dangerous walks into the bar where I work. Before I know it, I’m in his arms asking him to rescue me. He’s Colt Weston, President of the Blue Angels MC. Colt makes me feel alive…and wanted.

The Blue Angels embrace me as one of their ow...

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AUGUST 02, 2021 Never Date Your Brother's Best Friend By Jules Barnard

[US Sale] My plan was perfect. My friend needed a date, and my brother's best friend was single. Problem solved.

Until I saw Jaeger for the first time in years, and sparks flew in the wrong direction.

Jaeger has grown up and bulked up. But that shouldn't matter, because I have the perfect life...

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AUGUST 01, 2021 Shotgun Wedding By Barbara Catlin

A tragic bequest makes childless Maggie a single mother. Yet she’s forced to convey stability while searching for her late friend’s will. Then, in saunters sexy-as-sin, fun-loving neighbor
Nick, with moxie enough for a short-term charade. But will Nick’s offer of a make-believe marriage turn ...

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Brilliant. Handsome. Filthy rich. And...completely off limits.

I didn’t mean to sleep with my boss. It was meant to be a one night stand - one night of wild, passionate sex to get it out of my system.

Until I walked into my new job and saw him standing there. He’s tall. Commanding. Fiercely in...

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