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[US + UK] A HUMONGOUS 16 book collection of dirty, nasty, forbidden lust between little princesses and the last men in the world who should desire them, even if they are the most devoted... Includes these stories:

Books 177-192

Daddy Can’t Help Himself and Takes Me in the Middle of the Airpl...

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Junior property lawyer Alisha didn’t expect to run into her one-night-stand at work and discover she’s her new colleague. Dragon shifter Kendra has no interest in finding her mate but fate keeps putting Alisha in her path.

When they’re forced to work together on a case, tension grows betwee...

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To be loved by a water-horse is to be possessed by him utterly.

Safira sacrificed everything to be free. A remote, sorcerous Spire seems like an excellent hiding place from the wizard who wants to reclaim her. She's had enough of beautiful, powerful men. Being lonely is better.

But the Spire i...

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It was so fast. The more I got to know Adam, the more I wanted to be his girl. But our lives were so different, even though I was already addicted to his touch...
I’d never even thought of being close with a man until I met Adam. He was so far out of my league we were barely on the same planet, y...

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Dark, Steamy Vampire Romance from Amazon top-selling author Jane Grey!

Sylvia the Vampire Queen hasn't taken a lover in centuries, but long-dead desires are stirring and she needs someone to satisfy three hundred years of passion. From Les Coven des Mort's home in the Paris Catacombs, Sylvia expe...

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My plan is sound: Fix the major league ballplayer’s PR crisis and ignore the annoying crush I have on the cocky jerk. I’ve had a front-row seat to how he conducts his personal life for years, and I want nothing to do with it—no matter how hot he is, or how weak he makes my knees. But...

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MARCH 24, 2023 Earth: Elemental Reverse Harem Quartet By Helen J Perry

One vampire. Five witches. One young woman alone in the world who doesn't know about her own power.
Five men who've promised to protect her.
Hot and dangerous from the get-go.

Of all the weird things that happened to me, dying had to be the worst.
Later, it turned out I wasn't dead after all, ...

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MARCH 24, 2023 The Whirlwind Rescue: A Paramedic Romance By Ginny Sterling

Natalie Allen is living the dream, launching her own bed and breakfast resort on the coast. She’s fascinated with the idea of being able to live in paradise and the peace it brings to her soul. Sand, sun, flowers, and gentle warm rain – it’s supposed to be the idyllic life. When a hurricane th...

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MARCH 24, 2023 Hers to Keep (The Sideswiped Book 1) By Avery Samson

Can he let her go, or will he be hers to keep?

Friends don't let friends have boring birthdays. And Isabela's friends have gone above and beyond this year. While she's been focusing on her career and refusing every distraction, her besties planned an epic surprise. Now Isabella finds herself star...

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MARCH 23, 2023 Big Brother's Quarterback Friend By Izzie Vee

My best friend, Amy, had made it pretty clear in our girls' code,
Dating your bestie’s brother is totally off-limits and unforgivable.
Just so happens that I’m keeping a dirty little secret.
Her brother, the annoying star quarterback who made my life ...

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