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If someone had told me then, everything that I know now, I would never have kissed him. I would never have played with fire and I would never have let it consume me. I would have listened to my friend. I would have packed my bags and left. I would have let him win.

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 One Knight Enchanted: A Medieval Romance By Claire Delacroix

Cursed to take the form of the wolf by day, Rolfe de Viandin is skeptical that love can save him. All he wants is to return home from crusade by the Yule and even the pleasures of a magical palace cannot console him...until a beautiful and bold maiden arrives at his gates, seeking sanctuary, and Rol...

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 The Play (Chicago Nights Book 1) By Natalie Wrye

Becoming enemies with your neighbor is never a good idea. What’s even worse is when the neighbor is an incredibly hot client. Baseball god Sevin Smith is no longer just the noisy bachelor living above me. Now he’s the MVP client I have to protect from a paternity scandal, and I’m not thrilled ...

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 Love To Prove You Wrong: A Small-Town Romantic Comedy By Sophie-Leigh Robbins

Hating the guy who ruined her confidence would be a lot easier if he wasn’t so freaking sexy. For Addy, small-town life is just perfect. She’s about to expand her inn with ten new rooms and a petting zoo, and she’s helping the mayor’s son organize his wedding. If only her pet duck would stop...

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 Halloween Boo (Holiday Hunk Book 1) By Sarah Spade

A ghost falling in love with a mortal? It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus…Dani - So, I think my apartment is haunted. No. Really. Spooky things have been happening to me ever since I moved in last year. At first, I ignored them. Later, I got used to the idea that I shared my place with a ghost. I...

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 Anchor (First to Fight Book 1) By Nicole Blanchard

These U.S. Marines are always the first to fight when it comes to their country…or the women they love. He’ll do anything to save her. Former Marine turned Coast Guard Gabriel Rossi, traded the brutal desert for the unforgiving sea to be closer to his family. When a woman risks her life to save ...

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"There's just something so sexy about a man in a nice tailored suit. And when he looked at me with those damn blue eyes, I forgot about everything." Weston - She made me fall in love with her the moment she waltzed into my office. Too bad I have to fire her. Too bad she hates me, because I can't sta...

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 Biker Daddy: Protect me By Tina Little

FAST AND HOT, WITH A HAPPY EVER AFTER GUARANTEED - Curvy April is all Christian ever dreamed of in a woman, but he’s not thinking about love. He’s too bad for her, and in all the worst ways. Christian’s intentions are all good but his luck, usually not so much. Life may not deal him the best c...

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 Sturmir's Human Slave: A Scifi Alien Romance By Aya Morningstar

He licks the tears off my face, then throws me in a cage. I shudder at the wet heat of his alien tongue. I’m disgusted, but not because he’s licking me, but because I like it. I wait in the darkness. When will Sturmir come for me? What will he do to me?

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 The Mail Order Bride’s Rekindled Hope By Etta Foster

When the past comes knocking on his door in the form of a mail order bride, rekindled flames and redemption will raise the stakes of love.

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