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OCTOBER 02, 2022 The Duchess Contract By Samantha Hastings

[US + CA] Miss Selina Stubbs signs the contract of her life with her father—her perfumes in every major shop in London, in exchange for marrying the reluctant son of the Duke of Hampford.

Lord Theophilus, the courtesy Marquess of Cheswick, has no desire to wed the daughter of a London merchant....

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OCTOBER 01, 2022 The Game Plan: A Sports Romance By Allie Lasky

Sam is the life of every party at her sorority house, but now she’s just one failed class away from losing her softball scholarship and being forced to drop out of school.

Enter Miles, the massive brute of a linebacker with a secret talent for math. As she learns more about him, Sam is drawn t...

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A man is only as good as his word…

I was promised to him as a young girl, and I counted down the days until that promise would be fulfilled. At eighteen I was to be his, but at twenty-five I still waited.

When he finally came for me, he wasn’t alone. There are three of them, and they all w...

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OCTOBER 01, 2022 Love & Ruin: A New Adult Romance By J.A. Owenby

[US + UK] I got pregnant when I was fourteen.

Now, I can’t seem to escape the constant reminders of my brutal past. So, when my secret college application is accepted, I jump at the chance to start a new life away from my damaged daily existence.

I quickly attract the attention of the colleg...

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OCTOBER 01, 2022 His Fugitive Obsession: An Age-Gap Romance By Gia Bailey

She’s my obsession, she’s also a suspect in my case. Run, run little lamb… I’ll never stop hunting you.

I’ve been a detective a damn long time, but some cases just get under your skin. The Lavin theft was like that. There was only one suspect. Laura was young, beautiful, and cl...

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[US+UK] Spurred by the recent loss of her long-time boyfriend, Brittnay Jane and her childhood best friend Drake head out to let loose in Paradise. Having spent the last four years, hiding her true desires to please the man she intended to marry, BJ is ready to throw caution to the sea and live the ...

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A black college student was kidnapped off campus after her final exam.
Her captor, a hot billionaire prince, who holds the keys to all she could possibly desire!
Rachel Johnson is being held captive by the richest family in the Gulf to be the sheikh's first bride. She's contemplating the sheikh's ...

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Skye Sylvester is an investigative reporter chasing a hot lead on B3, the shadowy, multinational conglomerate buying up land outside of Chicago. Her best contact? Sexy billionaire Marcus Sinclair. She's certain she can remain professional, even though Marcus rattles her composure. He's a man who is ...

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A Past He Never Knew

A Future He Never Knew He Wanted


I came to Knotty Wood Ridge to make my demons disappear.

But there are some scars even time can’t erase.

I like peace, quiet, and most of all, solitude.

Oakley turns up on my mountain, dragging a baby and a backpack ful...

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 For Kingdom Come: A Steamy Historical Fantasy By D.M. Holland

Olympia was orphaned at a young age and sent to live with her cousin, the king. Growing up in a castle had many advantages, yet as a young woman, she is sheltered and shy. Soon to reach her majority, Olympia no longer wishes to be a wallflower. Things are changing not only for her, but for the kingd...

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