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NOVEMBER 25, 2021 The Cyborg's Seduction (Teraz Book 4) By Maya Carnage

An upcoming war against their enemy. A dangerous rescue mission. Is it the wrong time to fall in love when you could lose them if anything goes wrong?

Pax is easy-going and grounded. He doesn't strive for excellence like some people. It isn't something he desires. He likes living life laidback, b...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 Mr. Miracle Babymaker: A Secret Baby Romance By Melinda Minx

If I want to have a baby, it’s going to take a miracle.

He was my last resort, but I’m desperate. It’s finally time to call Wyatt Coleson, the Miracle Babymaker.

My night with Wyatt is mind-blowing. Earth-shattering. He shakes me to my core, then holds me tight in his big, protective arm...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 Our Secret Wedding By H J Perry

Two macho construction workers fall in love in this sizzling friends-to-lovers, feel-good gay romance. Contains an elopement to Gretna Green for a British secret wedding and a whole lot of sizzling man-on-man love action.

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 Kissed by the Knight: Brotherhood of the Border By Cecelia Mecca

Two unlikely childhood friends—the baron’s son and baker’s daughter—are finally reunited.

Sir Tristan rides into the gates of Camburg Castle just in time for the holiday festivities, his seven months in France having been the longest of Regina’s life. She's missed her friend dearly and ...

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[US + CA] He’s fighting the demons of his past. She’s defending her home and her son. Can two warriors from different centuries find a loving future?

Scotland, 2020. Former Marine and bodyguard Konnor Mitchell is on a whiskey tour through the Highlands. But a woman’s cries for help lead him...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 Hidden: A Northern Waste Novel By Eve Silver

For most of her life Tatiana was imprisoned, tortured in the name of science, her DNA used to create a plague that could wipe out the entire population of the Northern Waste. But since her escape she's no one's victim. Not any more. She means to hunt down her tormentor, kill him, and destroy the pla...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 My Possessive Ranchers: A Reverse Harem Romance By Kelly Myers

Moving to a small town after my whole world fell apart should’ve brought me peace.
It wasn’t supposed to lead me to three hot ranchers that I couldn’t stay away from.

Beau, Irvin, and Warren…
The three incredibly irresistible ranchers have been friends for as long as they can remember.

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 Her Irish Boss (O'Keeley's Irish Pub Book 1) By Palmer Jones

Brogan -
With his Irish Pub on the brink of closure, Brogan O’Keeley needs his life to stay in order. Rules need to be followed, and they will be enforced.
Or his employees can find another job.
His brothers call him heartless. Probably. But they’ve overcome too much to let it slip away now....

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NOVEMBER 23, 2021 Against All Odds By Ivy Penn

My whole life I've had to hide who I am. My family doesn't know. My friends don't know. Except one. We were in middle school and he was my first kiss. It ended with me in the hospital and Andrew moving away.
Now he's back in my life and I don't know how to let go and admit who I am - let alone ad...

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NOVEMBER 23, 2021 Rockin' Her Curves: A Curvy Girl Romance By Lola West

This catfish is a keeper.

Patricia “Trish” Chobert likes one-night stands and bye felicias. If her father taught her anything, it’s that lying, cheating men keep women from succeeding. And nothing is going to keep her from climbing her way to the top of the management side of the music indu...

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