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King of the campus, Christian Perez owns it all. Money, women, the perfect pucking bod. And now that he’s my fake boyfriend, he thinks he owns me too.

Christian Perez thinks he’s entitled to my attention but he’s as delusional as this elite small town.
Doesn’t matter how sparkly h...

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He is a veteran who's down on his luck. She's a healer who's lost her way. Will a chance meeting send them both on an adventure neither saw coming?

The first thing I learn at military camp is that ‘Codenames’ are really a thing.
The second is that Crush is a big, sexy mystery I ca...

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I’m stranded in a snowed-in castle with a big, bad prince…

The plan was to visit my grandmother at the Arctic palace in the Kingdom of Nord.
I was supposed to get the information I needed for work, give Grandma a big hug, then get out.

Things...aren’t going according to plan.

For one...

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JULY 29, 2021 The Highland Bride's Choice: A Novella By Amanda Forester

First in an exciting new trilogy of short stories set in medieval Scotland, bridging Amanda Forester's medieval and Regency series. Three Campbell sisters find true love with the ancestors of the three heroes featured in the author's hot new Regency romances.

In this first installment, the clan h...

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JULY 29, 2021 Jagged Edge (The Arsenal Book 1) By Cara Carnes

Mary “The Edge” Reynolds is the most sought-after back office operative around-the creative genius pulling the ultimate bad-asses out of impossible situations. She’s never failed on a mission, and she’s not about to fail on the most important mission ever-keeping her newly designed security ...

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JULY 29, 2021 Friday Night Alibi (Quirky Girls) By Cassie Mae

I’m just out to make money, not fall in love.

And business is booming, if I do say so myself. I run a nice little Alibi service. These rich boys need shenanigans and their trust funds, and I have a perfect halo over my head here in Sundale. I’m a parent’s dream. Plus, it gives me all the ti...

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JULY 28, 2021 Deepest Rage: A Dark Vampire Romance By Eve Bale

[US + UK] She wasn't the first woman to hurt him, but she'll be the last...

Centuries-old vampire Ethan Chambers is hellbent on exacting revenge on the woman who orchestrated his attack and torture four years ago. Tracking her at an elite vampire party in Vegas stirs his deep-seated hatred and de...

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JULY 28, 2021 A Hole (Alpha Bet Guys Book 1) By Phoebe Alexander

A comedian and a bank teller walk into a bar... The start of a steamy romance--or just a funny stand-up bit?

Ace Bennett’s comedy career is taking off--and his love life might be too when he meets a beautiful curvy blonde bank teller named Ella Craig. She’s skeptical about dating him, so Ace ...

JULY 28, 2021 Salacian Sapphire: A SciFi Mafia Romance By Chloe Parker

Revenge is sweet, but not as sweet as desire...especially on a ship designed for pleasure.

Ten years ago, Tasha Kincaid's partner Niko double-crossed her in a heist gone wrong, leaving Tasha exiled on a distant moon. Nomia is a one-bar kind of town, orbiting the glittering tourist planet of Salac...

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Thirty years of elbow grease and commitment have made Under the Hood one of the busiest garages in town. I live and breathe work since my wife died. My kids encourage me to move on, meet someone new, but they don’t know what I know—soulmates happen once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.

That ...

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