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[Pre-Order Special] Crawling under your skin. Nibbling at your neck. Sending tendrils of red heat through your body. Delve into a world that exists just beyond the boundary of our reality.

Alphalicious shifters, lusty witches, sultry vampires, and all creatures supernatural and sexy are ready to ...

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When journalist Kerrigan Lush is assigned to interview a seriously rich anti-gambling crusader, she imagines a grandfatherly bore with a comb-over. But Alex Beaufort from Paris has plenty of hair – and enough of everything else to make her mouth water.

Irrepressible Kerri suggests a teasing gam...

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You can’t fall in love in seventy-two hours. Can you?

Colby Dalton is a sassy, sweet omega who always gives his heart to the wrong alpha, and always way too fast. He gives away his body, too, confusing physical activities with love. Alphas only seem to want one thing, so he’s given up on bein...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2021 The Billionaire's Surrogate By Lauren Wood

What do you say when the hot billionaire guy friend you’ve been crushing on asks you to have his baby? Yes, please. Where do I sign? Joey Williams is filthy rich, smoking hot, and has a killer career. What’s missing? A family. More specifically - kids of his own, minus the wife.

He’s crazy ...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2021 His Bear Hands (Bear Creek Grizzlies Book 1) By Layla Nash

Zoe Stewart didn't plan to end up in the woods after she emptied her corrupt boss's bank accounts, but the small town of Bear Creek is the only safe place for her to hide from his minions. Except Bear Creek isn't connected to anything and she might die without fast wifi, even with the handsome brood...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2021 Her Property: A Steamy Escape the City Romance By Claire Wilder

Catherine never meant to see her boss’s nemesis naked. Who goes skinny dipping in November, anyway?

When hotshot lawyer Catherine Jones fumbles a huge case in a very public way, she’s shaken to her core. She was burned once before, and she’s built a career—and a life—around never lettin...

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FEBRUARY 18, 2021 I'll Be Seeing You By Katherine Anderson

As the star of the hit sci-fi TV show, Alex Salem, certain duties are expected of me.

Go to conventions, meet the fans, say the catch phrase, smile for pictures.

When one of those fans steals a piece of my costume, and later, a piece of my heart, my entire career is thrown into jeopardy...

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FEBRUARY 18, 2021 Hidden Loves: A multiple bully romance By Alice May Ball

Hot as a pistol and hard as nails, will the Special Agent break up my special relationships?

Six and a half foot of sinfully handsome, he hammers on my door and he shakes my little world apart. I need protecting. The dirty scrape of his thick, low voice makes me instantly hate-crush on him.
I kn...

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FEBRUARY 18, 2021 My Ex-Stepdad 1: Not the One He Loves By Marissa Blush

"You remind me of my ex-wife" might be the worst pick-up line in history. The ex-wife in question happens to be my mother who divorced this tall, dark and handsome cowboy ten years ago. I can't help wondering if he makes fun of me or he really doesn't know who I am. The only way to find out is to fl...

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FEBRUARY 18, 2021 Fierce (Storm MC #2) By Nina Levine

She's everything he's never wanted. He's everything she's never known.Scott Cole is a force to be reckoned with. As Vice President of the Storm Motorcycle Club he carries out his duties with a ruthless determination. He moves through life with a clear agenda - protect his club and his family at all ...