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NOVEMBER 20, 2021 Winter Ward By Cassie Mint

I let her stay as a favor to an old friend. But her father doesn’t realize...

He sent a lamb to the big, bad wolf.

Bellamy is a violin student. That’s why her father picked me to take care of her for the university holidays—a famous composer. A maestro who can pass on his skills.

But ...

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[US Sale] Forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

Hailey -
I meet an incredibly hot guy and let him kiss me, only to find out later he is my English professor.
And that’s not it.
He’s an arrogant professor who takes pleasure failing students—at least that’s what it looks like.
I’m determi...

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NOVEMBER 20, 2021 Natalie: A Fated Mate Romance By Juli Hill

I knew the moment I saw him that he was the one.

I even introduced myself. Which didn't turn out well because I barely got my name out before impure thoughts flood my head and I turn and hurry away. It’s hard to believe things could get worse from there, but they do.

Caleb knew instantly tha...

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NOVEMBER 20, 2021 Master Class: First Three Lessons By Raven Jayne

“Dark, delicious, and damn near addictive! Don't keep The Master waiting." - USA Today bestselling author Sierra Simone

Ten lessons are all that stand between me and my future…
My entire life has been determined for me.
I will be the trophy wife of a powerful man.
But another powerful ma...

NOVEMBER 20, 2021 Halcyon: An Alien Scifi Romance By Demelza Carlton

Catch a siren. Stop the storm. Whatever the cost. Allie, sick of war and grief, signed up as a lowly maintenance worker for the Colony in the hope of securing a lasting peace between the Titans and Humans. However, the girl has her own secrets, not least of which is her assignment from the New Hope ...

She was off limits.He's a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy ... until her. Dax Colyn is one fearless firefighter and hard ass mechanic. He makes all the woman swoon and he likes it that way. He keeps people at a distance since his mother died. He doesn’t want to let anyone in, much less a woman h...

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 A New Beginning (Crossedlake University Book 1) By E. E. Thatcher

They said I was special, that I had a bright future. They didn't say that it was necessarily a good thing.

“Magic is real!” That's what the elderly woman proclaimed to me. Yeah, I didn't buy it. It reeked of a scam, but I went with it. What was the worst that could happen? As long as I didn't...

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Three strong men + Three curvy heroines + The best time of the year = Three instalove Christmas romances that will steam your holiday season!

Santa Loves Curves features the following stories:

OH! OH! OH! Santa: A BBW & Rock Star Secret Baby Christmas Romance
Unwrapping Her Curves: A BBW & Qu...

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Daryl -
Nothing prepared me for the sight of her in the flesh. She took my breath away from the moment I saw her and her natural beauty and warmth pulled me to her like a magnet. I keep telling myself that I have to remain professional, that she's off-limits, but the truth is I need to be near her...

One ex-FBI agent. One mafia prince. And the hapless hiker they’ve tied to the bed.

I was injured. Desperate. But I broke into the wrong cabin.

Then two mountain men took me captive.

I can’t make sense of them. Not the calm man with gentle hands, nor his hot-tempered friend. They joke wi...