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MARCH 21, 2023 Slammed: A Bad Boy Sports Romance By Teagan Kade

My purity ring was perfectly fine until Nate ‘King’ Compton showed up. The star recruit of the Panthers, inked up and out of control—He’s the campus troublemaker I know I should avoid, but I can’t. Problem is, I’ve been given the ‘privilege’ of improving his GPA… provided I can fin...

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MARCH 20, 2023 Easy to Hate: The Neighbors Series By Hannah Blowers

From Book 1:
When I moved into my new apartment after living on campus, I thought I'd be in for quiet, peaceful nights to myself. Little did I know how wrong I was.

I used to be in the Marines and now I'm at war once again—I hate my next-door neighbors. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word, but t...

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MARCH 20, 2023 Fake Daddy By Jaye Diamond

She’s mine to protect.
My secret obsession.

Robin Hark, an A list actress who the whole world seems to be obsessed with, which makes my job as her tough-as-nails bodyguard one of the greatest challenges of my life.
And she doesn’t exactly help the situation when she promises herself to the ...

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Move to a new city. Check.
New amazing job. Check.
Land belly down over a stranger’s knee… a super hot, really dominant stranger?

Double check.

He’s strong and stubborn, stern and unyielding... Colton James is the kind of daddy that’s dangerous to my heart.

After just one taste o...

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“I would protect you from everyone. . . from the king of England himself. If only I could trust you.”

Forced to marry the daughter—and would-be secret agent—of King Edward’s closest advisor as a consequence of His Majesty’s growing distrust of his family, Lord Waryn has a plan for his...

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Being the only girl on an all-male fire crew isn't easy. Being blacklisted as a whistle-blower only makes it harder.

This new assignment is my last chance. I've learned from my mistakes. I'm here to work hard and save lives—not get involved.

Then I meet the five sexy firefighters I'll be wor...

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A slow burn friends-to-lovers romantic comedy!

When relationship counselor Sabrina Clarke gets a wedding invitation from the jerk who left her a jilted bride, she writes a scathing article on commitment-phobes that catapults her practice into the spotlight. But the publicity leads to unwelcome at...

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MARCH 20, 2023 Rescued by her Alien Mate By Ava York

I thought being kidnapped by four-armed blue apes was as weird as life was going to get.

Boy, was I wrong...

We've crashed, our captors have fled, and now we've been rounded up by a group of tall, horned men. With scales. Who don't understand a word we say.

So why does my heart flutter when...

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MARCH 19, 2023 Queen Of Wildcards: A Why Choose Mafia Romance By Heleva Risque

They give me a choice between captivity or death. But I'm giving them something better—a queen.

I'm no stranger to the mafia underworld, but the Wildcards are a different breed. When I become a liability, they kidnap me to stack the deck--and in their world, the house always wins.

Spade's th...

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MARCH 19, 2023 Wild Irish Rose (The Merriams Book 1) By Ava Miles

An irreverent hero, two well-intentioned matchmakers, and a heroine as beautiful as a wild Irish rose.

Billionaire Trevor Merriam doesn’t like being ordered around by his older brother, much less to a sleepy Irish village to complete a business deal for their family company.

Worse: the owner...