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JULY 02, 2020 Too Much To Love: A Ten-Book Romance Box Set By Cooper, Summer

Smart. Sexy. Sassy. There’s so much to love. Don’t miss out on this massive collection of romance stories by best-selling author Summer Cooper and Scarlet Wilder! 10 books! 1800+ Pages of steamy romance!

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It was love at first sight. For their dogs. Cody Jones didn't expect to ever return to Applebottom, planning a long life of military service and world travel. But a devastating injury in Iraq narrows his options, so he begrudgingly helps his mother expand her doggy bakery until he figures out what�...

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At forty years old, the Mustangs batting coach, Jake Tulleson, has spent a lifetime running from commitment. When he falls in love with a woman barely older than his daughter, he uses every excuse to justify leaving her when the season is over. It isn’t long before he realizes his mistake and head...

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He called himself Bad Boy Rich. The baddest boy in town. Not my town, but the land of Hollywood. A place where dreams come true, or—become your nightmare. I was stuck somewhere in the middle.

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A heart stopping, body throbbing anthology by 5 of today's hot NA Romance Writers.

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Seven years ago, Callie Kady crashed through my fence and into my heart. My love for her has only grown, just like our little family. But no couple is promised a smooth road, and a wedding ring isn't a cure-all for life’s challenges.

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It had been 13 years…but seeing him told her one thing. The wounds hadn’t healed. When Lisa ran to Europe to escape the heartache of first love lost and small-town conflict, she didn’t think she’d be back. It could not be avoided. She had to return. Her mother’s skill for getting on her la...

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LIMITED TIME SALE - I never thought I’d see my billionaire boss again. Well he’s back...and he wants me to pretend to be his wife! Aidan - Leaving Erica was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But I had to do it...for her own protection. Now I need help. My family and my fortune are in jeo...

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Sophia - They say every girl loves a bad boy, and there's undoubtedly a reason for that. Bad boys rock your world, but then they break your heart. So, I made a solemn vow to put my bad boy dating ways behind me. Now I have an itch that I just can't scratch. If you know what I mean. Enter Bax, my bro...

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JULY 01, 2020 Roman (Raleigh Raptors Book 2) By Whiskey, Samantha

I’m one of the fastest running backs in the NFL, but I can’t outrun my feelings for my best friend. I’ve wanted Teagan Hall for over a decade, but I’ve never been willing to risk our friendship. Then she shows up at my doorstep, fleeing her abusive ex, and everything changes.

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