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MARCH 26, 2023 Romance in NYC: The Billionaire Collection By Angel Devlin



THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE VIRGIN: Can widower H put his past behind him and move forward for love?

THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE BARTENDER: A crazy bet leads to Eli pretend dating an adult movie actress. It is pretend, isn't it?


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I inherited an NFL football team. I understand the business side of everything, but I've never liked anything about football. Except the pants. I don't understand anything about my attraction to the star quarterback, except that I can't date him... Can I?

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MARCH 26, 2023 COLLIDE: Book One of The Gladewater Series By Dallas Ryan

ICU nurse Dani Davis has it all: a coveted job, a great condo, a surgeon boyfriend—though admittedly, things are a little shaky with the boyfriend. None of that matters when the beloved aunt who raised her falls ill. Dani races straight home to small-town Gladewater, Texas.

She almost doesn’t...

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MARCH 26, 2023 Snared by Saber: A Paranormal Romance By Shelley Munro

When a feline virus on Earth wipes out much of his race, Saber Mitchell moves his shifter family to the jungle planet of Tiraq. To provide an income—and keep the testosterone-fueled males from killing each other over the lack of mates—Saber opens Middlemarch Resort, specializing in women’s cap...

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He's the boss...
And he's not leaving until he gets what he wants.

I’m tired of working at the Astor Hotel. My job sucks and my manager hates me. But everything changes when the billionaire CEO shows up for an inspection. Mark Astor is devilishly sexy, and it looks like I’ve caught hi...

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[US + UK] All I need is one time with her. One time and she’ll be out of my system... Turns out one time will never be enough, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her by my side, even if that means tying her to the damn bed.

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"SHORT READ" book lovers, this collection of 7 stories from The Alphabet ALPHAS series is made-to-order for you!

She swears she'll be over me in a day. I bet her she won't. And I intend to make sure of it.

She's strictly off-limits. So why does the need to kiss her...

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An emotional homecoming that will tug at your heartstrings & inspire you to believe in happy endings.

Wendy vowed never to return to the small coastal town where her parents abandoned her. But when she inherits the family inn at the beach, she must come home and face her past. Will handsome milli...

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He's the president of a motorcycle club. She's the girl next door and completely off limits. But when she turns to him for help because someone is stalking her, all bets are off. A scorching age-gap romance with a twist of romantic suspense.

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MARCH 25, 2023 The Billionaire's Unexpected Wife #1 By Ali Parker

I thought this Vegas fundraiser would be boring—another obligation to keep the family business alive. Wrong. I don’t remember a thing about the night we spent together, other than how good she felt against me like she was made for me. We woke up the following day with more than we bargained f...

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