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Who knew investigating a murder could change your life forever? Twelve years ago, Molly Bellisario left Greywood behind. Not just that, but she left her best friend, Holly Bradford, and broke her heart. Molly is back in town. She convinces herself she’s only here to sign Harold Cronunberg, Greywoo...

Enjoy a romp through the Man of the House's dirty, perverted collection of TABOO short stories. He's stocked up on 20 distinct ways he imagines seducing, or being seduced by, his Little Brats and Princesses.

His dirty mind is the best source of TABOO fire, leaving you aching and sweating for more...

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OCTOBER 04, 2020 Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance By Krista Wolf

Stuck working Sleepy Hollow's Oktoberfest in upstate NY wasn't much fun, until a trio of gorgeous blond vikings burst into my life. Sure they were wearing Halloween costumes, but why shouldn't that just add to the fun?

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OCTOBER 04, 2020 Licked (L.A. Liaisons Book 1) By Brooke Blaine

As the owner of Licked, an eclectic ice creamery and bar, Ryleigh Phillips doesn't have time for that love stuff. Serving up Nibble My Nuts sundaes and Drunken Sailor boozy shakes are as close to an orgasmic affair as she's had in months thanks to her expanding empire—until the night of her ten-ye...

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OCTOBER 04, 2020 Burn So Bad By J.H. Croix

A hotshot firefighter & a heroine who favors overalls to lipstick battle wills in this frenemies to lovers romance. Levi - Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and hate can always turn into love. Lucy hates me. She especially hates how much I want her. And holy smokes do I want her. But she can’t...

OCTOBER 03, 2020 Monster: A Seven Sinners Novel By A.G. Henderson

[US Only Sale] Peace is a lie, there is only violence.

In my lungs. In my veins. In my soul.

Until her.

The scrappy temptress that fights like she also holds a beast inside her.

She’s everything I’ve waited on.

All that I need.

Somehow, someway, Josie is the answer to my darker...

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OCTOBER 03, 2020 Shameless and Yours By Bell Splendor

“There’s a distant noise somewhere, and I know the source: Maddox Andrews just made me orgasm so hard that my ears are ringing.” - Miranda Owen

Miranda Owen is Starberry Falls’ favorite hometown TV meteorologist—not weather girl, thank you very much. Whether she’s being a cheerful rai...

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OCTOBER 03, 2020 The Duke of Lies By Darcy Burke

Verity Beaumont has suffered domineering men most of her life, first with her father and then with her husband. Free from both men, she has finally found peace. Even meeting a kind and hard-working gentleman who just might be the perfect father her young son so desperately needs. But as she dares lo...

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OCTOBER 03, 2020 In Heat By Leigh Wyndfield

A mating ritual as old as time could be the death of them both…Jax refuses to go through his yearly mating cycle alone and in agony. And the beautiful slave Waverly is the answer to his prayers. He'll buy her at any price and after their time together, give her the one thing all slaves crave, free...

OCTOBER 03, 2020 The First Rule of Hook-Ups By Nina Crespo

Someone once told me that there are worst things than being left at the altar. Well, not many, in my experience. That was six months ago, though, and my life has moved on. Heck, I have a new job lined up and I'm leaving town. But, I can't deny that my love life kind of sucks.

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