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[US Sale] Can an alpha billionaire win over a curvy, independent woman’s heart…in just one night?

Carter -

One, two, three billion. I lost count a long time ago.
The money doesn’t matter to me.
What does matter to me is a certain curvy brunette who just put me in my place.
It’s not...

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Can a fake marriage save their careers? Or will their feelings turn everything real?

Small Town newspaper reporter, Tessa Randall, dreams of scoring a job with a big city newspaper. An interview with Benson Patrick, quarterback for the New York Giants, might be the opportunity she’s been lookin...

Frozen Peak is a perfect winter wonderland, but I'm all alone out here except for Erik. He's the mysterious mountain man who owns the cabin I'm renting for the holidays. Erik seems like a loner who keeps to himself, and I don't expect to see him at all during my trip, so imagine my surprise when the...

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A tall, dark, handsome stranger found me naked in his bed – Oops, awkward.
Now, fresh out of college, my first day on the job and he’s my new boss.
He’s nothing like the harsh, intense stranger I met years ago.
He’s even worse.
But I won�...

These hot billionaire brothers are out to protect the women they love and nothing will get in their way!

Billionaire Security Squad 1

Tara's never seen a guy like Carlo. And she has no idea what kind of danger she's in. Can Carlo and his security squad follow the clues to track down his kidnap...

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APRIL 20, 2023 Marked by Fire: Sons of Britain Series By Mia West

Eighteen-year-old Arthur burns for two things: a warrior’s ink, and Bedwyr, his older brother’s shieldmate. But when he abandons his training in the heat of battle, his reckless ambition costs Bedwyr his sword hand. Now Arthur’s only hope for redemption is to help Bedwyr fight his way back to ...

A Christmas Romance
When Rick Cassidy reluctantly agrees to spend Christmas with his family and attend his brother’s wedding, falling in love is not on his agenda.

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APRIL 20, 2023 Kai (Astral Mates Book 1) By Luna Hunter

General Kai cannot believe the naivety of the humans. From his cloaked ship the Dragan Warlord watches them walk straight into a trap — but when he sees there are females among their numbers, his throat tightens with anger.

Females should be protected. Treasured. Worshiped.

Especially one as...

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It ain’t easy running a speakeasy in the dragon roaring '20s.

Argyle Galloway always follows the rules, no matter the outcome. Without law and order to guide the Dragoncoat riders, the monsters and bugs swarming the Eastern Americas would destroy civilization. But when his dragon starts to shed...

Destiny throws her back in time. Can love make her stay?

Caroline Sutton doesn't belong here. Not in the Highlands, and certainly not in the fourteenth century.

Headstrong Caroline hopes an adventure will ease the pain of her parents' deaths. One minute, she's standing at the edge of a waterfa...