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I want you, Hailey. Never doubt that.

He’s a means to an end.

A way to right a wrong done to my family.

But I can’t deny the desire I see in his eyes,

Or the need to see what it would be like in his arms.

Can I give myself to my stepbrother without losing myself in the pr...

She’s neat. He’s not. Will his trail of disaster lead to her heart?

He carves a trail of destruction through her carefully ordered office. He tells dreadful jokes. He’s Irish. He can charm rocks into talking. And he was supposed to be a woman … and she’s to blame because he’s not!


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[US + UK] He’s the son of an alpha. I’m not even a shifter. He’s 22 years my senior and his sister is my boss—but I want him, and I know he wants me.

Julian says he’s broken. Alcohol, narcotics, and a traumatic past. But I’m broken enough to take a bet on a losing dog.

When I escap...

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APRIL 19, 2023 Nora Roberts Land By Ava Miles

A “witty and charming” series starter (#1 New York Times bestselling author Barbara Freethy) with over 8,600 five-star ratings on Amazon: Her ex blamed their break-up on her reading too many romance novels. She set out to prove him wrong. Discover the International Sensation with Nora Roberts' b...

APRIL 19, 2023 Captured by the Fae Beast By Mallory Dunlin

I never intended to become a princess. Or make a deal with a monster.

Lost in the wilderness, I thought the handsome stranger was my salvation—until I looked into the eyes of a beast. They say not to bargain with the fae, but there was no other choice.

The deadly prince of Stag Court claims ...

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He thinks I’m a corporate spy. Me—plump, boring Mia James. Yes, I omitted an advanced degree on my resume, but being overqualified to be able to pay rent wasn’t how I was going to start my newly single (okay, newly dumped) life.

Do I regret doing it? Seeing as how I got a junior secretary p...

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I do what's necessary to survive. I’m not ashamed and I won’t apologize. Selling my body is only temporary anyway — a way to pay my bills until I finally graduate.

It’s easy, so long as I stay detached. More than anything I need to maintain an emotional distance from my clients.


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When her perfect life collapses, will the disaster lead this fierce young woman to an enchanted future?

Nerissa Tracey hates taking charity. But after her foster mom dies and her pervy boss cheats her out of commissions, she finds herself totally broke and homeless. So when she learns of an inher...

Granger -

I was the king of the campus. I had an ideal girlfriend. I'm captain of the hockey team, and popular. I want nothing to do with anyone after too many bridges were burned. I don't care until she comes along. Pink hair, sassy, and skates so beautifully I can't look away. I can't stay awa...

What late-bloomer Madison needs is a pack of no strings attached alphas… so why is it the pack’s beta who she’s falling for?

Alphas Lucas and Grey want an omega to spoil, steady their pack’s dynamic, and eventually, start a family with. But they’ve been burned in the past: omegas aren�...

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