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Can an inexperienced hero convince a Vampyre widow to open her heart again? A steamy romance from a USA Today bestselling author!

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JULY 19, 2023 Too Dam Good: A Smalltown Romance By Avery Snow

This wedding planner is about to wade into uncharted waters.

Sarah is a successful wedding planner, known for her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to make every couple's dream wedding come true. But when she meets Jake Hart, an offshore diver, her world is turned upside down.


Isabella eloping to Gretna Green with her childhood friend to break free from their parents isn't happily ever after, but a bitter end when highwaymen attack their carriage and kill her fiance. Can the dashing Drew save Isabella from certain ruin?

Drew , Earl of Galloway, spends all his time ca...

[US Sale] She needed a vacation to heal from her past. He offered his home for the both of them.

Chloe Blake needs a break from life. After divorcing her high school sweetheart, she struggles to get back into her daily routine.

She gets an offer from her friend at work that’s hard to turn do...

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JULY 18, 2023 Leopold (The Lion's Den Series) By Dania Voss

Rejected? Not this alpha.

Returning home newly divorced from the jerk her family warned her about, Brianna Palermo lands her dream job at The Lion’s Den, a hot new nightclub chain that features live big cats like tigers, leopards, cougars, and lions. It’s an amazing place to work, except Bria...

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Being a billionaire has its perks. Andrew Whitaker can have anything he wants—except the one person he has desired since he was sixteen. Emilee Waters packed her teenage crush on Andrew away with her boy band albums.

When their matchmaking mothers convince them to reunite for a dinner date, And...

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I thought I’d moved on from my obsessive teenage infatuation with Lorcan O’Connor, even though I’ve never met anyone hotter than him. But when a traumatic incident brings me back into his life, I realize my heart has never let go. However, Lorcan is still way older than me and my brother’s b...

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JULY 18, 2023 The Lost Letter: A Novel By Donnie Stevens

What happens when a love letter is delivered 35 years late?

Despite the heartbreak of her youth, Trudy Quinn has made something of herself. Being a mom to her college-age daughter, April, and now the president of a foundation that enables impoverished young women to go to college fulfills her. An...

JULY 18, 2023 Hard Rock Promise (Cherry Lips) By Athena Wright

I thought it'd be an easy job when my friend asked me to "babysit" her out-of-control brother — her playboy, arrogant, sinfully sexy older brother.

As the bassist in the rock band Cherry Lips, Gael's had more than his fair share of women. But his dirty, sexy words ignite my body, just as his pr...