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A single dad who needs love. A child who needs courage.
Sounds like a job for a fairy.

When Nate Hawthorne meets Asher Dane, the huge, tattooed hunk embodies Nate’s dreams – and his daughter’s nightmares. Delly’s terrified of big men.

Then Nate and Delly find The Fairy Shop, a mysteri...

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Christmas is the perfect time to fall in love—unless you’re pretending to be your twin sister.

Cassandra Bell is happy to stay in the shadow of her poised and proper twin sister. After all, her only goal for the Hastings’ Christmas house party is to not make a complete fool of herself. Vivi...

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NOVEMBER 28, 2023 Blissful Masquerade: A Dark Why Choose Romance By Elira Firethorn

♡ Why Choose ♡ Dark ♡ High Heat ♡ Millionaires ♡ First in Series ♡ Novella ♡

Wren doesn't think the three regulars at her coffee shop will recognize her at a masquerade ball, but they can't take their eyes off her. This is their chance to finally be with her, and they quickly realiz...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2023 Haven: A Sci-Fi Romance By Jessica Marting

One stupid decision leaves Cressida stranded on Haven, an uninhabited planet on the edge of nowhere.

But it isn’t totally empty.

And Lukas, the cyborg living there in secret, is fascinated with her and has no intention of letting her leave.

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You’ve heard the story about the best friends since childhood, the boy and girl who secretly love each other but are too scared to admit it, right?

Well, have you heard the one where the twin brother of the boy steps in and kisses the girl to make his brother jealous?

Then let me enligh...

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It’s the moosed wonderful time of the year!

Turner has a gym full of sugar-fueled kids and a big red suit to fill when Santa Claus fails to check in for the Green Valley Christmas Pageant dress rehearsal, but more disaster is on the program when he falls at the feet of his fated mate.

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A binding contract. One year of my life…for a million dollars.

He’s the country’s wealthiest, most eligible bachelor. And yet he won’t tell me why he’s looking for a wife for hire.

But I don’t care. I’m desperate for money, and for a way to escape my troubled past.

Besides, Li...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2023 Gage The Mountain Man: An Insta-Love Romance By Raven Moon

My best friend Jess is always trying to play matchmaker.
Come kayaking with my fiance and his friend, she said.
Nope. For a city girl like me, this is hell.
Mainly because the man she's brought for me is a freaking prick.
When we flip our boat, I swim to shore rather than float another second wi...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2023 Dark Hunter: A Dark Steamy Romance By Logan Fox

His obsession is her addiction.
After a torrid evening spent with the billionaire founder of her rehab institute, Clover expects a gourmet breakfast in bed.

Instead, she finds herself abandoned in an overgrown forest, an unwilling participant in a twisted game.

He claims all she has to do is ...

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Bella Abbascia has returned to Seaside Cottages, as she does every summer. Only this year, Bella has more on her mind than sunbathing and skinny-dipping with her girlfriends. She's quit her job, put her house on the market, and sworn off relationships while she builds a new life in her favorite plac...

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