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SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 Clear Skies: Stormcloud Station Series By Suzanne Cass

Daisy’s in trouble. Her car is stalled in the middle of a flooded creek, with the water rising quickly.
Dale is in no mood to rescue the woman about to be swept away by a raging tropical storm, who’s clearly a city girl, unfamiliar with the country roads, and driving a completely unsuitable car...

They call them the Serpents.

Knox, Mason, Silas.

These sick, twisted psychos are the untouchable elites at Cinderhart Academy.

I'd never get involved with such dangerous guys despite how gorgeous, rich, and influential they are.

But after I witness them committing a sadistic crime, I'm d...

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 Silver Saints MC: Volume 1 (The Silver Saints MC) By Fiona Davenport

The members of the Silver Saints MC are ready to claim their women.

This collection includes the first three stories in the Silver Saints MC series, plus 3 brand-new epilogues.

Mac: When a member of a rival MC puts one of his brothers in a coma, Mac will do whatever it takes to get answers—i...

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 The Black River Pack Series By Rochelle Paige

Meet the Tate brothers... and the mates fate has in store for them.

Crying Wolf
Grace Shaw is on the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend who refuses to believe their relationship is over. He's a cop and is willing to use police resources to track her down. So Grace comes up with a plan and tricks h...

To win his mate, he'll have to put his foot down.

Flamingo shifter and philanthropist, Frank has been going through life like one of his own clockwork sculptures, not sure of his purpose until he meets the plucky baker who captures his heart and assumes he's a janitor. Trapped together with his f...

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 The Dragon Lords (Bonded Wings Book 3) By Anita Primrose

Love can be blind, but it can also be deadly.

Abigail never expected to make it this far. Now, here she was, standing before the royals of the court, having her magic examined by the King and the First of the Arcanum.
She was supposed to design the queen's wardrobe.
She wasn't supposed to be so...

SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 Not Over You: A Second Chance Romantic Comedy By Whitley Cox

She's thankful for many things this year, but her ex moving back to town isn’t one of them.

Four years ago, Officer Jordan Lassiter swept Rayma Young off her feet, making the twenty-year-old finally feel safe and loved. His quiet, calm, take-charge attitude made it easy for her to trust him wit...

Everyone needs a forever home. At Double Dog Ranch, four business-minded cowboys find love and family where they least expect it.
Kyle Reynolds can’t seem to convince his best friend to sell his failing ranch and pocket the proceeds. As a real estate broker, he sees the value in the land the Doub...

SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 Shifter's Heart: A Paranormal Romance By Laura Greenwood

Will trusting someone from her past help a tea witch find a home?

When Zoe agrees to meet her sister at a tea witch retreat, she knows it's going to be a hard journey, even with the support of her best friend. But things look to change when an old classmate asks to travel with them.

Kestrel sh...

SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 Valentine Veto: A Small Town Second Chance Romance By Claire Wilder


I left Sycamore Mountain a broken man—one of the Malone boys, a family never spoken about without a sneer. But I didn’t just leave my past behind—I left Callie McIntyre, the good girl I was never good enough for.

Now Callie’s mayor of our town, and I�...