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APRIL 27, 2022 Dare to Kiss By S.B. Alexander

I had the perfect life. The perfect family. The perfect future.

Until one terrifying night when everything was ripped from me.

Now I'm trying to sew back the pieces, but it's hard when I'm haunted by nightmares and faced with a bully who does everything to shatter my future.

Then I met ...

APRIL 26, 2022 So Not My Thing: A Romantic Comedy By Melanie Jacobson

From USA Today bestselling author Melanie Jacobson comes this adorable romantic comedy!

I hated Miles Crowe more than itchy socks, “namaste” puns on yoga tank tops, and chigger bites. Combined.

26-year-old New Orleans native Elle Jones used to be the internet's most famous meme for rejecti...

Shane West is known around these parts as one that got away. Oh, he’s happy to take the ladies on long rides night after night, just as long as there’s no commitment. With his piercing blue eyes, and unflinching stare, he’s a man of few regrets, and no strings.

Until now.

Shane shouldn�...

APRIL 26, 2022 The Dragon Prince of Alaska By Elva Birch

An unplanned promotion to princess!

Carina was just trying to advance to manager at her accounting firm. Instead, she uncovered the dirty secrets of a giant bank, got framed for murder, and fled the country. Now she’s hiding out in a van with a stray dog in the kingdom of Alaska…

...And a gorg...

APRIL 25, 2022 Bare By Deborah Bladon

The first and last one-night stand I had ended with zero orgasms for me and my wallet gone.
I fell asleep after the man who called himself Kent rolled off of me and out of my life.
The only thing he left behind was a business card on the floor next to the bed.
Griffin Kent. Attorney at Law.

APRIL 25, 2022 Needing her Older Man: An Age Gap Romance By Lisa Freed

Can a hopeful younger woman convince a wary older man that home is where you make it?


Running a struggling B&B in Delaware was never my dream, at least not the struggling part. I’ve learned that dreams rarely come true and to not count on anyone except myself. Cheated out of my inherita...

APRIL 25, 2022 Morally Corrupt: A Dark Romance By Veronica Lancet

Bianca Ashby, a certified sociopath with an obsession for her husband, tries to juggle two lives - the demure NYPD Chief Commissioner wife, and the perfect Bratva assassin; all the while keeping her husband safe and blissfully unaware.

But when high-level corruption and a personal vendetta raise ...

APRIL 24, 2022 The Rejected Suitor: A Regency Historical Romance By Teresa McCarthy

Secrets, spies, and second chances hurl a duke’s daughter and a handsome earl into a world of danger and love. “Debut author Teresa McCarthy captivates with this amusing story replete with plenty of fun spying scenes and intrigue.”-RT Book Reviews 4 1/2 stars! When a handsome suitor reappears ...

They were the best partner team at the firm, and they fought like they wanted to destroy each other.

As soon as Athena joined Calvano Security she was assigned to work with her best friend and occasional nemesis Mac. They faced evil daily but facing love was something entirely different. When a s...

Billionaire Harker has everything he wants except a child.

His employee Alison is the perfect woman to have his kid. She's kind, compassionate and loving. She’s everything he’s not and he wants her more than he’s ever wanted a woman.

The only problem is she doesn’t see him as a man, at...