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AUGUST 07, 2022 Thicker Than Water: A Second Chance Mafia Romance By Michelle St. James

Nolan Burke was never really a criminal.

He’d joined the Syndicate to learn how to be a man. Pissing off his socialite mother was just a bonus, as was hanging around South Boston with Bridget Monaghan and his best friend Will. But that was before Bridget dumped him without explanation. Forced t...

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AUGUST 07, 2022 The Lady and the Spy By Debra Elizabeth

Viscount Alesbury, a seasoned spy for the Crown, wants to scale back his missions after his current assignment is complete. It was time he looked for a wife and he knew just the young lady he wanted to be his viscountess, Miss Violet Bainbridge, the sister of London’s spymaster.

Miss Violet Bai...

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AUGUST 07, 2022 Crossing Old Lines: A Small Town Romance By Leah Smith

Carter Fleming broke my heart right after our first kiss.
Years later, we found a way to be best friends again.
Until I blurt out to my evil stepsister that Carter is my boyfriend.
To avoid humiliating myself further, I ask for his help in maintaining a two-month-long charade.
My grumpy, commitm...

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AUGUST 06, 2022 The Game: A Sinfully Tempting Sports Romance By Alexia Chase

Can a quarterback put the game on the sidelines for love?

Dani -

I don’t date football players. Been there, done that, WAY over it. Considering I'm around players all day as a trainer, you'd think that would be hard. But heck, after my ex trashed my self-esteem, I don’t date at all. I'm j...

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Barrett’s been my friend since middle school. In fact, I’d go as far as to he’s my best friend. With his out-going personality and willingness to try anything, Barrett is the complete opposite of me. So, it’s baffling that we’ve managed to stay so close. But nonetheless, we have a connecti...

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Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals. Make no mistake: This is no academy. It’s a prison. Witch Paige Larson gets sentenced to two years at the academy for breaking supernatural laws. Things seem to be going well, until a hot dragon shifter, an irresistible, broody vam...

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Nick -

A man like me has certain tastes.

And needs.

I’ll pay top dollar for whatever I’m craving.

No price is too high if it means I get what I want.

What I desire.

Until one day when a certain blonde walks in and turns my life upside down.

All I need is one month to get he...

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AUGUST 05, 2022 STEAM: A Contemporary Firefighter Romance By MacKenzie Stowe

The temperature's rising in the little town of Easton.

Eliza Gardner never thought she'd come back to Easton - much less divorced, broke and humiliated. But after her husband ran off, she had nowhere else to go...

Nowhere except the small town she grew up in - the one she once couldn't wait to...

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AUGUST 05, 2022 Blue Harmony: A Second Chance Romantic Comedy By Mary Kelly Reed

My Day: A chance to confront their past and change the rules of the game.

Amy is tired of sabotaging all of her relationships because of Ethan. He broke her heart years ago, and she let him get away unscathed. It's time for her to confront him and rewrite the past.
Determined to set things right...

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AUGUST 04, 2022 Brute Force: A Rough Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Lizzy Bequin

Stripped of my dignity and locked in a cage.
My only chance for freedom?
A savage alien brute...

I am the rightful queen of Xaridia. In theory at least. But in reality, I’ve been betrayed by those closest to me. Locked away in a cage.

I am not alone, however.

My new neighbor is a captur...

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