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MARCH 24, 2023 The Whirlwind Rescue: A Paramedic Romance By Ginny Sterling

Natalie Allen is living the dream, launching her own bed and breakfast resort on the coast. She’s fascinated with the idea of being able to live in paradise and the peace it brings to her soul. Sand, sun, flowers, and gentle warm rain – it’s supposed to be the idyllic life. When a hurricane th...

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MARCH 24, 2023 Earth: Elemental Reverse Harem Quartet By Helen J Perry

One vampire. Five witches. One young woman alone in the world who doesn't know about her own power.
Five men who've promised to protect her.
Hot and dangerous from the get-go.

Of all the weird things that happened to me, dying had to be the worst.
Later, it turned out I wasn't dead after all, ...

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Rome, 35 AD
Every great love story has a beginning....

Rough and ready ex-soldier Marcus has now climbed to the heights of power as a Roman senator, but his life feels empty without a wonderful woman to share his success with.

Follow Marcus in this prequel to "Palatine Passion," Book 1 of Th...

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MARCH 23, 2023 Pretty Monsters: A Dark College Romance By Kimberly Carrillo

I am vengeance wrapped in a pretty package, but you can call me Sin, everyone else does. I’m a ghost made of flesh and blood. Legally, I don’t exist. Sold into slavery as a child, I exist as nothing more than a weapon, bringing death where the boss of our underground syndicate directs me.


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MARCH 23, 2023 Finding Alexei: Kauai (ACI Unleashed) By Olivia Sinclair

A steamy military age-gap romance with some adventure, a couple of Russian bad guys, and more than a few funny bits

How long do you hang on to hope before you realize you’re just prolonging the inevitable? I finally had to face facts, leave Florida and Alexei behind, and move on with my li...

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MARCH 23, 2023 Big Brother's Quarterback Friend By Izzie Vee

My best friend, Amy, had made it pretty clear in our girls' code,
Dating your bestie’s brother is totally off-limits and unforgivable.
Just so happens that I’m keeping a dirty little secret.
Her brother, the annoying star quarterback who made my life ...

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He says he’s no hero.

Army Ranger Jason Case has a closet full of skeletons that would rival any haunted house. The bitter amputee is no hero and just wants to be left alone. But Millie Prescott has other ideas. She doesn’t care that the gorgeous grouchy veteran with the stormy eyes is her po...

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`Tis the season to beat my fierce new competitor. `Tis NOT the season to fall in love with him.

Claire -
After letting my heart run wild in the wrong direction last year, I moved home to help revive my family’s struggling train business.

Everything would’ve been fine if Harrison hadn’t...

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MARCH 22, 2023 Whiskey Lies (Falling For Whiskey Book 1) By Brittanee Nicole

He says I’m his soulmate. But I’m also another man’s wife.

It was supposed to be a simple weekend away to forget the heartache caused by my cheating husband. But the man sitting next to me in 1B has different plans. Cash’s whiskey-colored eyes and easy smile beg me to dance beneath the st...

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MARCH 21, 2023 Slammed: A Bad Boy Sports Romance By Teagan Kade

My purity ring was perfectly fine until Nate ‘King’ Compton showed up. The star recruit of the Panthers, inked up and out of control—He’s the campus troublemaker I know I should avoid, but I can’t. Problem is, I’ve been given the ‘privilege’ of improving his GPA… provided I can fin...

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