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When Esther Bailey boards the RMS Titanic as its first female officer, her welcome is lukewarm—and no one is more unwelcoming than her own mentor, Officer Murdoch. But as the line between duty and attraction blurs, the officers find themselves questioning what matters most: their careers, or the f...

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Can one fateful charity gala lead a young woman to meet the love of her life?

Brad Stone seems to have it all, except for a decent woman he can share his life with. Someone trustworthy and passionate. He's tired of phony gold-diggers only after his money, using fake sexual charms to try to get it...

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He’s supposed to kill Prince Julien. Not fall for him.

Whisper doesn’t remember his real name. All he knows is the elite assassin guild that raised him—and controls him with blood magic. Whisper can’t refuse assignments, even when his new job doesn’t make sense: Infiltrate Prince Julien...

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APRIL 16, 2024 Pawn: A WhyChoose Omegaverse Romance By London Lennox

Omegas are pawns in an alpha's game. But she's about to remind the most powerful gang in Pacific City that the queen is the most dangerous piece on the board.

In Pacific City, the world revolves around sin.

I'm just a footsoldier in the war over who controls Pacific City—my gang, the Angels,...

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One Fanciful Lady and One Fed Up Lord.

Lady Beatrice Bennington, the eldest of five daughters of the Earl of Westmont, is poised to take her place among the ton. The Benningtons are on their way to Portland Place and Beatrice is coming prepared. Her dear aunt, Miss Eloise Mayton, a lady who has r...

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He dragged me from the altar straight to his bed.

I have to marry the man that killed my father.

He’s Jayson Costa, mafia prince, obscenely wealthy, emotionally distant, and sinfully attractive.

I don’t care how good that control freak looks in a suit: Jayson’s everything I despise.

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Daughter. Cam girl. Hot mess. And now, syndicate plaything.

I made a deal with the devil I know--my father--and now I've been bound, gagged, and tossed to the dogs as a political hostage.

Stone, River, Rafe, and Dominick are dangerous deviants who launder money for the Kings--and now they're m...

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He’s her brother’s best friend, her childhood crush…
Now this possessive mountain man is back in town, and he’s ready to claim his girl.

I’ve had a crush on Lincoln since I was a kid, but he left to join the military over a decade ago. I never forgot about him, so when he stroll...

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APRIL 15, 2024 Dad Bod Monster Series By Violet Rae

Brace yourself for a wild ride as your favorite authors sharpen their claws and unleash a ferociously fun series. Get ready for burly, grrrowly, furry mayhem, proving the best things in life often come with a little extra bite.

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Can you find love while living on the ruthless Frontier? Follow four passionate romances as they try to find happiness in the dangerous untamed wild west.

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