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SEPTEMBER 17, 2023 Portrait of the Duke By Alexa Aston

Welcome to Suddenly a Duke—the new Regency romance world from USA Today bestselling author Alexa Aston.

Eight titled peers who never expected to become dukes do just that—and are attracted to females whom Polite Society does not believe worthy of the title duchess, due to their desires to be ...

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I stole a kiss that wasn’t mine to take.

From a man cloaked in pain, scars, and mystery.

Deadly and beautiful, twelve years my senior, a killer for the Irish Mafia.

...And my best friend's older brother.

But if we're going to point fingers, I refuse to take the full blame.

You see, ...

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 Paved in Blood: A Dark Mafia Romance By Sonja Grey

[US + UK] The only way to keep her safe is to keep her by my side…or on her knees.
To everyone else, she’s my pet, the woman who belongs to me.
To me, she’s everything, and I’ll do anything to keep her safe.

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Welcome to the fabulous new series Lords of the Masquerade by USA Today Bestselling Author Jade Lee.

LORD LUCIFER - Twelve years ago, Lucas failed to protect the love of his life from being forced into an arranged marriage. The day she wed another man, he left England to join the fight against Na...

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2023 The Rampant Rake: A Regency Romance Novel By Jacinta Carey

Neeve Kerr has had a hard life thanks to her spend-thrift brother, and is in danger of being left an old maid. When her cousin James offers the seven young women in the family a Season in London, she's delighted, but knows she has her work cut out for her. Each of her sisters and cousins are gorgeou...

SEPTEMBER 06, 2023 Fireflies: A Celtic Romance Series By Shea Hulse

When two complete opposites find themselves in a magical world neither knew existed, sparks fly! Fireflies tells the story of a beautiful loner and a handsome recluse who discover that they have more in common than they thought. As they navigate a dangerous new world with unexpected allies, will the...

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[US + UK] He must marry, or risk his fortune.

The whole of London Society has long assumed Lord William Hartwell will marry his childhood best friend, Lady Rebecca Warrington. After two Seasons, Hartwell remains quite content with bachelorhood--his parents do not. When Hartwell learns they intend...

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2023 Before the Norsemen: A Viking Romance Short By Alice Ballard

In a world bound by societal expectations, Sigrid is a breath of fresh air. Fiercely independent and headstrong, she's determined to live life on her terms, even if it means defying her father's wishes to see her wed. Just when Sigrid thinks she's cornered by fate, the notorious playboy Magnus steps...

Fall through time...

Vacation to England.

Haunting castle ruins.

Proper English lord for a boyfriend.
Well, almost check.

Be careful what you wish for…

Lucy Merriweather’s supposedly perfect boyfriend attempted to murder her during a visit to Blackford Castle. Fal...