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6 full-length novels filled with sweet stories, beautiful romance, faith, family, fun and always a happy ending!

This collection contains books from several of Jessie Gussman's beloved series. Be swept away by cowboys, enjoy some relaxing time at the beach, and feel the cozy warmth of small town ...

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Alien invasion? Check.

Hot aliens want Earth women? Check.

Traitor to my planet? Whoops.

Things have gotten completely out of control. One minute I’m a college student waking up to the worst day of my life, the next I'm being swept off my feet by eight foot tall monsters who w...

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Caught in a Fake Engagement with My Best Friend? Hell, Why Not?

Since being named Aspen’s “Most Eligible Bachelor”, there are countless women vying for my attention and money. But secretly, all I have ever wanted was Aubrey, my best friend since childhood. She is the perfect woman to me. Bu...

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Introducing the captivating world of the Echo Series, where timeless romance meets the indomitable power of friendship. Dive into a collection of standalone novels, each centering on a different couple, as they embark on an extraordinary journey of love, self-discovery, and triumph over their deepes...

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Haunted by a tragic shipwreck and the ghosts of a friend he couldn't save, Charles, the reclusive Duke of Northwood, has built walls around his heart and his grand estate. But an invitation to a neighboring summer house party opens a gateway to the unexpected.

Miss Lydia Waverly, radiant and kind...

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MAY 25, 2024 My Señor Grumpylicious By Luna Stone

A journey to Europe isn't part of Emma's plans for this year, nor is falling in love abroad, but the universe seems to have other plans for her.

Emma Ashton is a 21-year-old party-goer, coffee lover, and student of Art History. She goes to a student exchange program in Barcelona where she meets a...

A collection of divinely naughty, steamy stories set in Regency England. Featuring commanding, dominant Lords, losing their heads (and their hearts) to spirited, innocent and delightfully wanton ladies.

This box set of high-heat stories includes Dirty Dukes, light BDSM, domestic discipline, spank...

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When I got off the plane at LAX, I knew something was looking for me.
I could feel a vibration in my core that hugged my soul.
It demands something, something primal and pure.
Everything changes in an instant.
Shapeshifters? Oh, yeah, I guess they’re real.
And one of them is feral, and it rea...

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A Lord on the brink of ruin…

An aspiring artist, with a dark secret…

A sham marriage to solve all their problems.

He is in want of money.

In dire need of funds, Henry Thornton struggles to provide for his five sisters after the untimely demise of their parents. Facing the debtor’s ...

I anticipated a tranquil mountain retreat with just my daughter, but fate had other plans when I rescued Harper Jones from a crash - the relentless attorney who represented my ex in our divorce.

Now stranded together, tension crackles between us. She certainly looks down on my blue-collar lifesty...

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