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Shaw Gordon has been written off as a rogue by his entire clan. Shaw's new wife Margot and her father have frittered away most of the estate Shaw is heir to. Except that his cousin Drew is still very much alive. He returns from Waterloo and disowns him.

Shaw is now the black sheep of the family, ...

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A collection of divinely naughty, steamy stories set in Regency England. Featuring commanding, dominant Lords, losing their heads (and their hearts) to spirited, innocent and delightfully wanton ladies.

This box set of high-heat stories includes Dirty Dukes, light BDSM, domestic discipline, spank...

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AUGUST 20, 2023 Damaged Vows: A Fake Marriage Mafia Romance By B. B. Hamel

He wants a piece of my business and his ring on my finger.
Only he doesn’t know that I’m pregnant with his baby.

It may be the most cliche mistake ever, but I have the best night of my life with Nolan Crowley.

He’s a mafia prince, rich and handsome, dangerous in that scary-but-also-hot ...

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AUGUST 17, 2023 A Dangerous Passion (The Hellion Club Book 8) By Chasity Bowlin

He felt as if he’d been born to want the woman before him, as if desiring her was simply his destiny.

On a whim, the Hound of Whitehall saved widowed reformer, Honoria Blaylock, from a terrible fate… and in so doing, sealed his own.

Fierce, beautiful, willful, maddening and completely irre...

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As a refinement tutor, Mrs. Juno Langton helps young ladies develop the skills and confidence to secure an advantageous marriage. Her cheerful disposition never wavers no matter how challenging her assignment. When a house party provides an opportunity to match her difficult charge with a duke, Juno...

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Alexander Sinclair, the Duke of Ravenswood, has always been a rule unto himself. When Xan suddenly decides to do his duty and take a wife for the sake of an heir and spare, he invites 12 women to visit his palatial mansion and compete for the privilege of becoming his Duchess.

The weekend at his ...

The last thing Andrei wanted was a wife, but he will stop at nothing to possess and claim Cerise. He’s cold, brutal, and ruthless. The ultimate predator.

He frightens her.

She’s afraid there’s a place deep inside her that’s as dark and twisted as he is.

“Stop deluding yourself tha...

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Lucy Banks will never be mistaken for the belle of the ball. Her red hair, freckles, and reputation for surliness make that impossible, no matter how many coffers of coin her father procured on Wall Street. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t move across the Atlantic so Lucy could struggle to find a...

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Miss Madeley must choose between her reputation and the viscount who holds her heart hostage.

When roguish Viscount Brooking begs Miss Deborah Madeley for help, she finds herself ensnared in a world of intrigue. As whispers turn from Brooking to her, Deborah must face the complexities of society ...

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AUGUST 08, 2023 Christmas in the Highlands By Madelyn Hill

Laird Malcolm Sutherland needs a bride. He has few requirements of his new wife; demands he should have insisted with his former betrothed—namely, honesty, loyalty, and resources.

Lady Rossalyn Gordon will do anything to be rid of her tyrant father, even if that means deceiving the man who offe...