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The past never stays buried forever...
The past caught up with Harper Carrington in the cruelest way. After tragedy summoned her home to Virginia's Blue Ridge mountains, she was confronted with another twist of the knife – Wyck, her first love who abandoned her fifteen years before and disappeare...

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He thought he’d reformed. But maybe he was just destined to be a rogue forever…

Inheriting the title of marquess saved Daniel’s life. Literally. Without it, he would’ve remained in London, indulging in all the vices that plagued him. Now, he can finally focus on his responsibilities and b...

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[US + UK] Not everything was as it seemed.

Miranda -
I thought Henry Walsh wasn’t like the other rich upper classmen. He had a heart, was kind and made my heart beat faster.
Then Victoria happened. He was hers; I was trash, and she made my life hell.
One crazy evening after school changed t...

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I really hate injustice… and Ryker Grayson.
Well, especially Mr. Grumpyson, because he is the personification of everything that is wrong with this world:

Arrogant billionaire,
egomaniacal bosshole,
ruthless breaker-of-hearts,
and because the universe is an exceptionally cruel place, he’s...

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To say the gorgeous single dad staying in my home for the summer is more than I bargained for is an understatement.

He may be good-looking and all that, but he’s an unfriendly jerk with a daughter in tow.

So I’m not sure why I make it my mission to show him my charming small town with its ...

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A blisteringly steamy, Dark Mafia, Grumpy/Sunshine, Marriage of Convenience standalone romance by bestselling author, Jagger Cole.

To save my father’s life, I’m being forced to marry a monster.
The world sees Gabriel Black as a golden god: successful, gorgeous, charismatic, and untouchable.

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[Small town girl in New York and a lone-wolf alpha billionaire; a steamy romance of redemption and second chances; with a Happily Ever After]

Who's the fiery artist captivating my gaze, igniting desires I thought long extinguished?

Stepping into Sophia's world of vibrant colors, I'm entranced ...

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Lucas Walsh thought he had left the horrors of war behind when he returned home to London after Napoleon's exile to Elba, but little did he know that his promised peace would be shattered by his noble father’s mysterious death.

While his elder brother, the Marquess' heir, sees to affairs in the...

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APRIL 04, 2024 Into the Light: Shapeshifter Romance By Tami Lund

Despite the animosity between their species, shapeshifter Tanner Lyons rescues Lightbearer princess Olivia Bennett and heads cross-country to return her safely to her magically hidden home.

Easy enough, if only his heart would stop suggesting crazy ideas like slipping down to the beach and strip...

Posey Jensen: friend collector, boyfriend avoider, and thrill seeker.
When someone posts in a group chat looking for a wedding date to Bermuda, Posey jumps on the chance to prove that she’s the reigning queen of adventure.

But even she is unprepared for Brent Faulkner: Olympic swimmer, Norther...