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APRIL 04, 2024 Into the Light: Shapeshifter Romance By Tami Lund

Despite the animosity between their species, shapeshifter Tanner Lyons rescues Lightbearer princess Olivia Bennett and heads cross-country to return her safely to her magically hidden home.

Easy enough, if only his heart would stop suggesting crazy ideas like slipping down to the beach and strip...

Posey Jensen: friend collector, boyfriend avoider, and thrill seeker.
When someone posts in a group chat looking for a wedding date to Bermuda, Posey jumps on the chance to prove that she’s the reigning queen of adventure.

But even she is unprepared for Brent Faulkner: Olympic swimmer, Norther...

APRIL 03, 2024 Finding Hope: A Small Town Beach Romance By Erin Brockus

Two damaged hearts, one island paradise.
Can their wary spark ignite an unbreakable destiny?

Hope Collins is in a rut, but her dreary Chicago existence gives her the safety she craves. Until her life is turned upside down when she unexpectedly becomes the owner of a scuba diving resort on the Ca...

Lord Silas Sinclair’s only task is to keep his best friend’s sister safe….but, with attraction flaring between them, who will protect her from him?
Silas Sinclair, the brooding Earl of Windham, has vowed to keep his distance from his best friend’s innocent young sister, Honora Seton. There ...

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APRIL 03, 2024 Professor: A Forbidden Romance By Autumn Gaze

You cannot escape the reality of tomorrow by evading it today…

Whitney Dahl only wanted one thing—freedom.

Freedom to explore, to travel, to live a life outside the confines of her family's elite inner circle of billionaire business moguls and upper East Coast socialites. Freedom especiall...

Facing society's whispers, can Rachael and Hugh's partnership in truth turn into a perfect romance?

Miss Rachael Simmons is struggling to keep her head high. When a rumor spread last year about her engagement to Lord Blackmore, she was shamed into retreating to be with the other wallflowers and h...

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He’d kidnapped her to protect her. To protect his son. To reclaim what is his. But now, she’s a pawn in a dangerous mafia war that won’t end until his rivals take out him and his heir.

Tristan Callahan disobeyed the family when he didn’t honor the arranged marriage to a rival family’s p...

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★★★★★ “Alastor is absolutely smoking”
★★★★★ “emotional, raw and sexy“

A dark demigod determined to find his brother’s murderer hunts an Underworld assassin who is either a key witness… or the killer.

Demigod Alastor Krayl's world shattered when he learned tha...

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Don't let their small town charm fool you - these men are anything but innocent.

When a radio show contest in a quaint town on the Oregon coast goes viral, women from all over the region are vying for a chance to win a date with one of the five sexy bachelors. But on Valentine's Day, when the cho...

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Connor is my brother's best friend and the most gorgeous man on earth.

This is not a beauty-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder statement.
It is a truth accepted by at least two million online followers.
The fact that he's a self-made millionaire only adds to his appeal.
I have been in love with Con...

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