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Everyone knows Montgomery men are doomed to love only one woman. Even if she hates the mountains, which we can’t leave without.

I don’t believe in curses, however, I’m not the type of man to stake my peace of mind on flimsy serendipity.
I choose a marriage of convenience. A cold contract d...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2023 Gage The Mountain Man: An Insta-Love Romance By Raven Moon

My best friend Jess is always trying to play matchmaker.
Come kayaking with my fiance and his friend, she said.
Nope. For a city girl like me, this is hell.
Mainly because the man she's brought for me is a freaking prick.
When we flip our boat, I swim to shore rather than float another second wi...

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[US + UK] I haven’t been able to forget my sister-in-law’s best friend since I met her.

Aiyana is way younger than me but the zoo vet has the hottest curves I’ve ever seen.

And like me, she’s only interested in casual relationships, which seems like the perfect Christmas present.


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One look at Ash's broad back in the ring, and I knew my life was about to be knocked off course.

Rugged. Elusive, Undeniably captivating. Ash is nothing like the small-town men I know. When he locks eyes with me across the ring, it's electric.

His opponent might be knocked out, but I'm knocked...

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When the career Vanessa had chosen kept hitting dead-ends, she accepted a nanny job from her daddy’s billionaire boss.

Still untouched and V-card intact, she figured all her hot and needy feelings for her dad’s boss were just a young girl’s cru...

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NOVEMBER 22, 2023 Saved by my Dad's Best Friend: An Age Gap Romance By Haley Travis

With one simple favor, I fell for the sexiest woman in the world – my best friend's daughter.

Lena is gorgeous. Sweet, sensual, fascinating.
An angel who should not be staying with a much older, rough man, even if it's at her Dad's request.

Protecting Lena for a few days should solve her st...

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My sister's wedding is at a mountain ski resort, and I've never felt more out of place.
If I had it my way I'd be home, wrapped in blankets, nose buried in a book.
But it's her big weekend, and I promised myself I'd try to enjoy myself.
And I almost managed to, until the best man tricks me into s...

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[US Sale] Can an alpha billionaire win over a curvy, independent woman’s heart…in just one night?

Carter -

One, two, three billion. I lost count a long time ago.
The money doesn’t matter to me.
What does matter to me is a certain curvy brunette who just put me in my place.
It’s not...

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NOVEMBER 17, 2023 Fake Summer Fiancé: Age Gap Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

A sexy tattooed beast of an older man is the perfect fake fiancé for a sweet waitress who needs help.


Brooklyn is my unexpected savior – his huge presence is a shield against the customers who constantly hit on me at work.

I have to prove myself to get better shifts. Rent doesn't...

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NOVEMBER 16, 2023 In Her Doctor's Arms: Age Gap Instalove Romance By Lara Silver

Is it kidnapping to take an unconscious girl home?


Lust. Fire. Instant Obsession.
I should not feel this much for a patient.

Especially since she's not even an official patient, just a breathtaking, helpless girl who passes out in my arms in the drugstore.

She's mine. I feel it ev...

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