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JUNE 24, 2022 Woke Up Wed By Cassie Mint

My boss can barely stand five minutes with me.

But I wake up wearing his ring.

We had two goals for this business trip: to land a major client, and to make it through forty eight hours without killing each other. So far? Only the client is a sure thing.

Because we wake up together, hungover...

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Working in the coffee shop bakery of Brody’s Books was an incredible job, and I loved that it allowed me to deliver baked goods to the local homeless shelter.

My life was quiet and stable, just the way I wanted it. But if the most incredible man you’ve ever met asks you out, you say yes. Espe...

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Will the loss of a friend finally make an older man realize it’s not too late to find love again?

My life is good. I have an amazing best friend and a great job as a preschool teacher. The only thing missing is that special someone. Shame I’ve already found him and as my BFF’s d...

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JUNE 20, 2022 Taken by the Bratva Prince By jailaa west

Hannah saved her friend from an arranged marriage... but who will save her?

Hannah grew up witnessing the brutality of the Bratva. How could she resist helping her friend get away from a merciless arranged marriage? It worked. Yelena married Aiden Savage and was living happily ever after. Will Ha...

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My hot new boss is a dream come true.

His first assignment turns into my worst nightmare.

Walker Hale is everything I never knew existed.

Tall. Tattooed. Dangerous.

I’ve got one shot to impress my new boss.

Shouldn’t be too hard to create a buzz.

Especially since I work for the...

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JUNE 19, 2022 Hush Baby Hush (Daddy Loves You Book 3) By Margot Scott

Hush, little baby. Daddy’s here...

I could tell McKenzie Sommers was a fighter from the moment we met. Two broken ribs, countless bruises, her bare feet scraped to hell. She’d stared Death in the face and lived to describe him to a sketch artist.

Now that the danger has passed, she’s str...

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I’m a double-dipped disaster.

He’s two scoops of pain in my ass.

He gives me a jaunty wave.

I flip him the bird.

That sums up me and Simon Adler in a chocolate-dipped pistachio shell.

Everyone has a dream.

Mine is to make the world’s best ice cream.

There’s only one thin...

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She’s a rule-breaker. He’s the cop who’s going to tame her and enjoy every second. A grumpy meets sunshine, steamy rom-com novella.

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He’s her boss.

Her very rich, very straight-laced, very professional boss. She has no business imagining him at all, much less naked. But then their work calls turn hot and steamy and everything changes. With his husky voice in her ear, she’s suddenly sharing her deepest fantasies. Now he wan...

The new girl in town is forced to get over her stage fright – while singing, and when speaking with the quiet, sexy man who can’t take his eyes off her.
I’ve been told that things heat up in Sunset Ridge the weekend of the annual rodeo.

Moving to the country to live in my grandmot...

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