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SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 Valentine Veto: A Small Town Second Chance Romance By Claire Wilder


I left Sycamore Mountain a broken man—one of the Malone boys, a family never spoken about without a sneer. But I didn’t just leave my past behind—I left Callie McIntyre, the good girl I was never good enough for.

Now Callie’s mayor of our town, and I�...

SEPTEMBER 18, 2023 Love, Daddy (Daddy Sized) By Margot Scott

I tracked down my ex-cellmate’s daughter to tell her the truth. All those letters she received from her dad in prison? They weren’t written by her father. But they were from Daddy.

Whatever stupid courage that compelled me to hike this mountain alone is gone.
The sun has beat it out of me.
The bugs have buzzed me to insanity.
And when I find myself dangling from the edge of a cliff, I’m convinced the canyon far below will end it all.
Not if Colt has anything to do with i...

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As if falling asleep against a stranger’s shoulder during my flight back home isn’t bad enough, I wake up with my hand on his crown jewels. I’ve never gotten off a plane so fast, hoping to put this embarrassing situation behind me as soon as possible. But when the same guy saves me from ...

A bear shifter, a long lost friend, and a romance written by fate.

When bear shifter Sasha attends the monthly fated mate ritual in her hometown, she never expected to run into her long lost childhood friend and crush, Matilda.

Back from living abroad, Matilda returned to Crescent Valley in th...

SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 Puck Me Harder (Snowhawks Book 1) By Regina Wade

Kai Mita is hockey’s resident bad boy.

He’s also the key to my career.

An assignment covering the Houston Snowhawks is a rookie sports journalists’ literal dream come true. There’s only one problem— My new position depends on me getting the scoop on Hawks’ defenseman Kai Mita.


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SEPTEMBER 09, 2023 The Meet Queue-t: A Sweet Rom-Com Novella By Cassidy Hart

After her fiancé cheated and her mother passed away, Tessa Nelson is quite happy to be alone, thanks. Well, not happy, exactly, but determined. Going it alone means never getting hurt. So, when she joins London’s famous Queue, her mission is simple: pay her respects to the Queen and go back to he...

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Someone just threatened my life—

And I couldn't be happier.

Miles Cross is my boss—and my temporary body guard.

Gruff, stoic, and stern, he’s also the man of my dreams. I’ve saved all of my firsts for the day he makes a move.

Everyone knows how much I love him.

Everyone except...

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2023 Big Grumpy Mountain Man (Wolfe Mountain Curves) By Jenna Cook

He's ten years older than me. He's also my enemy. So why do I keep checking him out?

George Mason is determined to hate me. Our families owned rival businesses for years, but after my family bought out his family's land, he's never hated me - and my family - more.

But now we have to work toget...

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2023 Before the Norsemen: A Viking Romance Short By Alice Ballard

In a world bound by societal expectations, Sigrid is a breath of fresh air. Fiercely independent and headstrong, she's determined to live life on her terms, even if it means defying her father's wishes to see her wed. Just when Sigrid thinks she's cornered by fate, the notorious playboy Magnus steps...