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FEBRUARY 10, 2023 Diablo: Dirty Sinners: MC Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

Can this devil atone for his many sins?

I was settling into a quiet life. Work, reading, and endless hours riding and living with my brothers of the Dirty Sinners MC.

Until Avery appeared. An innocent angel surrounded by sweetness and light.

A filthy rich man with an even filthier reputatio...

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FEBRUARY 10, 2023 Mr. Pink (A Mr. Billionaire Short Story) By Dee Ellis

Meet....Mr. Pink

Holden Hill's life was the stuff legends were made of -- until his world was darkned by tragedy. Now his little girl needs more than his billions can buy. They both do.

When he hires a nanny for his daughter he doesn't expect her to help him too. But, all Emrie's bright colors...

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I just graduated from the nursing degree I always wanted to do and can't wait to travel the world when the sexiest man I've ever seen moves next door. The moment Hunter Wilson meets me, he proposes. I’m certain the psychological thriller author is a madman – he’s way older than me and I’m no...

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FEBRUARY 07, 2023 His Curvy Possession: A Curvy Girl Romance By Jenna Cook

Turn up the heat with this short and steamy romance about a curvy, sassy graphic designer and her grumpy alpha boss!

Emmett -
Her name is Charlotte, but she goes by Charlie for short.
Not the most conventional name for a woman, I guess.
But then, nothing about this woman is conventional.

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FEBRUARY 06, 2023 Stay With Me (Hotel D Book 1) By Nika Stone

Can a one night stand lead to true love?

Relaxation isn’t in my vocabulary, let alone on my radar. Busy single mom lawyers don’t get that luxury. So when my sister sends me to an event she promises will change my life, I’m skeptical at best.

Then I meet him. Theo Kearney, the gorgeous pr...

When I win tickets for a luxury Caribbean cruise and find myself staying in a cabin next to Tommy Astor, I can't believe my luck. Tommy is the sexy billionaire owner of Astor Cruises, and it looks like my curves have caught his eye. The only problem? I may have told him that I'm a billionaire heires...

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FEBRUARY 03, 2023 Iron Giant: A Steamy Instalove Romance By Cassie Mint

He’s older and off limits. A village outcast.

And when he looks at me, I burn up hotter than his forge.

When the gruff blacksmith rescues me from a thunderstorm, what does my father do? He shames the man. He publicly warns him to stay far, far away from me.

I could die, especially since t...

FEBRUARY 03, 2023 Never Date the Boss: Age Gap Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

I wanted to focus on my career, and move up the ranks on my own. Then I was talked into one little “business date” with my sexy boss, and everything changed in a heartbeat. Or rather, a flutter of them.

Watching my family had taught me the wrong way to do things, and I never wanted to follow ...

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Germania, Roman Army Encampment, 31AD
Every great love story has a beginning....
Follow Marcus, Quintus and Lucian, the heroes of Books 1, 2 and 3 of The Ravishing Romans series, in this gripping prequel.

Marcus, Quintus and Lucian, serving in the Roman army in Germania, have a dreadful brush ...

Why, of all of the new accounts, did I finally have to get a guy who makes me so crazy I can’t think straight? There’s no way a hot billionaire tech guru would be staring at a mousy, big-hipped, slightly shy and nerdy junior PR girl. Right?

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