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When my best friend ropes me into organizing a charity auction, I see it as the perfect excuse to spend more time with him. I’ve been carrying a torch for Bear practically forever. He’s the one who sets my soul on fire, even if he’s clueless about it and shattered my heart once before.

[US + UK] Building Eternal Tattoo Shop’s reputation is all that matters to owner Theo Jenkins… until the janitorial company sends Serena Falco, a shy part-time maid who's about to throw off all of his carefully laid plans.

My reputation is hardworking. No BS. Tattooing saved my life. Be...

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5 Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove, Mountain Men Romances discounted!
A Blacksmith, a Sheriff, and more! This series has a bit of everything for all tastes!

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He’s still recovering from his past. She might just be able to heal those old wounds.

It’s been five years since I lost my wife in a car accident.

Five years filled with lonely nights.

If not for my job on the logging crew, I’m not sure how I’ll get by.

But there’s a beautiful ...

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Meet the curvy brides of Blossom Ford, Arizona and the broken men whose lives change when they fall hard for them.

Marrying The Protective Professor

Ella is the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. She’s also kind, sweet and way too young for a scarred, divorced, grizzly mountain of a man like me...

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Clockwatchers used to bother me, until a sexy investment guy changed my mind.
Many people are a bit uptight. Maybe that's why I was constantly analyzing my friends' relationships instead of finding one of my own. Maybe that's why I often felt like switching cities, to run away.
Then I met Asher. T...

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MARCH 21, 2024 Harbor Master (Sweet Cherry Cove Book 1) By Cassie Mint

He finds me curled up and shivering in a rowboat after a summer storm.

The harbor master saves me… whoever I am.

Nudged awake in a tangle of fishing nets, I have no idea how I got here. I don’t recognize this beachside town, or the soaked dress I’m wearing. I don’t remember my own frea...

Can the attraction between a determined young woman and a sweet older man turn into more?


When I get dumped, I’m relieved more than anything. We never would have made it long-term, especially since I find myself growing closer to another man. Yet how can I tell Greg that he’s the o...

MARCH 18, 2024 Sentinel: Satan's Disciples MC Book 1 By Elyse Kelly

Bad girls don’t get what they want, Emma. Bad girls get punished…

I thought coming to this unknown town would keep me out of trouble, that it would be the perfect place to hide and start a new life. Instead, I found myself a different kind of trouble. The kind of trouble that makes good girls...

Mikki has two great loves: pizza and her best friend, Jared. Both are piping hot and utterly delicious.

As the owner of Mercury Slice, Mercury Ridge’s best pizzeria, I have a love/hate relationship with St. Patrick’s Day. It’s one of our busiest days of the year, which means it’s good for...