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My hockey obsession is a little much.

But there’s nothing little about my obsession for the older man on my favorite team.

And when this younger woman goes to the team’s pre-season autograph signing for diehard fans, it’s not hard to notice that there’s one very big statistic they left...

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She’s a single mom with the world on her shoulders. He’s a mechanic who wants to help. Will they slam the brakes on their love or find their way down the road to happiness?

To say I’m addicted to becoming a doctor is an understatement.

But the real reason why I was called to this profession and not any other is because of the only doctor I knew growing up.

My dad’s best friend. Doctor Daniel Hart.

But once I get a chance to prove to him I’m an adult, I�...

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I went to Vegas for the weekend and ended up with a ring on my finger and two lines on a little stick.

My lawyer says that in order to get my trust fund I need to be married before I turn 30. I’ve checked that off the list but my stripper ‘husband’ who lives in Las Vegas wants to get a divo...

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It’s my 30th birthday and I NEED to let loose.

I’m celebrating in style by traveling with my five besties to none other than Las Vegas.
They have a surprise gift for me that I could not have seen coming. My biggest fantasy come true.
Except when HE enters the picture, giving me the best nig...

MAY 24, 2024 Rock My Girl: Rock My World By Haley Travis

She was the beautiful chorus to a hit song I hadn't written yet.

My spotlight was already beginning to fade. The success of my first album was dimmed by the lukewarm reception of the second. If my third album didn't shine, my career was over.

Cassie appeared with a sparkle I'd never seen befor...

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Can the shy curvy girl reach the heart of this scarred hero?

I've had plenty of random jobs, but never one like this.
Now I'm responsible for feeding six hungry firefighters and they're more than a handful.
But Brock, the chief, keeps himself closed off.
He's huge, brooding and hot like a furn...

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The Duke is awful. The worst. And possibly her only hope?

Emma Hanover is so close to achieving her academic dreams when an accident forces her to accept help from her nemesis, the Duke of Eastfield.
Matthew fell utterly in love with Emma the moment they met. Now he has one chance to make her se...

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[US + UK] He watches me every day, my landlord.

I moved to the city with nothing but a suitcase and a dream. With no one to lean on, I’m set to walk a difficult road.

That changes the moment I meet Wilson Adams. The man who rents out the cheapest apartments around. The one who can’t keep h...

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MAY 20, 2024 Rescued by the SEAL (Black Ops Book 1) By Fiona Davenport

Huntley Reed was convinced that military relationships were doomed to fail. He’d seen too many marriages go down in flames to think he could make one work. But he didn’t feel as though he was missing out until he met Cora Davis.

Huntley tried to stay away from the gorgeous bank teller, but ...