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Harper -

I don’t know why Knox, the local hiking guide, hates me. Every time I see him and say hello, he ignores me. What did I do to him to be treated like this? I decide to close my bakery for a couple of days and sign up for a private trip to a hidden waterfall with him as my guide. It’s ...

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MARCH 02, 2023 Summer Shores: A Clean Beach Romance By Ivory Fields

Trinity Waters hates the ocean.
But when she’s called out of the blue to help her younger sister, the 41-year-old artist exchanges her eclectic Coyote Moon Commune in the Nevada desert for the sunny shores of Cocoa Beach, Florida. But when she arrives, she finds her sister missing.

Falling in ...

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MARCH 02, 2023 Life Model (Teacher's Pet Book 3) By Cassie Mint

It’s terrifying enough modeling for an art class in the city.

Then my professor walks in.

I’ve wanted my art professor since the day I met him. He’s so calm, so assured, so stern.

But he’s only ever been distant. Polite and professional. That all changes the minute I drop my white r...

MARCH 02, 2023 Dad Bod 2.0: Large and in Charge Series By Violet Rae

Can the vivacious, big-hearted sales girl teach the lonely billionaire grump that there's one thing money can't buy?

Eva -
I'm no stranger to hardship, but I refuse to allow life to drag me down. I love my job as a salesperson at the prestigious Sutherland's Department Store, even if it will ne...

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FEBRUARY 28, 2023 Trick of the Moon's Light: A Paranormal Romance By Lavinia Roseknight

We would not fall under the warlock’s spell ever again. As mates, we were united, whole, fearless.

I had always been in love with my best friend, Agnes. Ever since her 18th birthday, I’d known she was my fated mate, but she hadn’t realized it yet. One day, a malicious warlock captu...

Letting a man hurt me is not my style. I learned that the hard way. But when I meet my new boss, I’m not sure I can protect my heart.

Caleb Cooper is sexy as sin but he’s way out of my league – older, richer. And he’s not the staying type. To make things worse, he’s my boss.

I’m do...

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[US + UK] Millie -
It's just another day in Desire Falls when I set eyes on Cole Henson at the summer fair. The gorgeous girl dad takes my breath away, but I don't expect to see him ever again. Then I get a Facebook notification that changes everything ... could this sexy older man be the one for ...

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[US + UK] A doctor should never stalk his patients.

Meeting single mom Lacy turns me from professional to psycho. One year of sessions together has worn out my patience, and tonight when she finally has a night out for the first time in years, I’ll make her mine. I want to be the man to m...

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After a two-month trip to Australia, I’m back in Mercury Ridge. Home Sweet Home.

But a lot’s changed since I went away. Not least of which is the gorgeous squatter who’s sleeping in my bed.

I’ve never kicked a pretty girl out of my bed, and I’m not going to start now. The beautiful s...

FEBRUARY 25, 2023 The Girl in the Hockey Jersey By Ainsley Booth

When a mystery girl wearing my hockey jersey and a matching toque to mine tumbles out of a post-game party, I have to follow her. When we end up at the bar, trading stories and laughs? I have to make a play for the rest of the night. That she only wants one night, and doesn't want to give me her nam...