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Nash is a possessive older man who knows what he wants! And right now, what he wants is his best friend’s curvy, innocent little sister! No cliffhangers, wipeouts, or cheating to be found here. Just a quick and steamy ride on a tropical paradise.

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He's ten years older than me. He's also my enemy. So why do I keep checking him out?

George Mason is determined to hate me. Our families owned rival businesses for years, but after my family bought out his family's land, he's never hated me - and my family - more.

But now we have to work toget...

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She was the beautiful chorus to a hit song I hadn't written yet.

My spotlight was already beginning to fade. The success of my first album was dimmed by the lukewarm reception of the second. If my third album didn't shine, my career was over.

Cassie appeared with a sparkle I'd never seen befor...

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OCTOBER 10, 2023 An Alpha for Osvaldo: An M/M Omegaverse Romance By Allie W. Scott

A single dad Omega who has given up on love bumps into an Alpha eager to find the Omega who stole his heart all those years ago.

Osvaldo Aguilar lives life one day at a time. As the only parent to his son Johnathan, he has to make the best choices for their little family. And for Ozzy, that means...

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OCTOBER 06, 2023 Diablo: Dirty Sinners: MC Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

Can this devil atone for his many sins?

I was settling into a quiet life. Work, reading, and endless hours riding and living with my brothers of the Dirty Sinners MC.

Until Avery appeared. An innocent angel surrounded by sweetness and light.

A filthy rich man with an even filthier reputatio...

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OCTOBER 06, 2023 Grumps Gone Wild: The Complete Boxset By Regina Wade

You'll never look at a bodyguard the same way again.

From Amazon best-selling author Regina Wade comes the Grumps Gone Wild Boxed Set: Three spicy standalone instalove romances featuring feisty heroines and the grumpy bodyguards that protect their hearts.

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He’s a powerful mountain man who can own anything he desires. Delilah is a young executive assistant looking for a fresh start in life…

He’s my boss, and he’s a complete bosshole, if you know what I mean. He fired me on my very first day at work, just because I was ten minutes late!


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[US + UK] A fake engagement to the mountain man I’ve loved for two years… What could go wrong?

Edward Walton: billionaire by day, wilderness god by night. Strong, brooding, and irresistible. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted rolled into one perfect heartthrob of a man. But there is one tee...

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OCTOBER 04, 2023 Black Tie: The Kaleidoscope Series By Mia London

A collection of steamy quick reads --great for on the plane, on the beach, or right before bed.
Kaleidoscope...for when you only have time for a quickie.

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[US + UK] "High school sucked. But you made it bearable."

"Love's Distant Echo's" is a heartwarming lesbian romance novel that will make you believe in the power of love. This compelling story follows Lori, a successful children's book author, and Jenna, Lori's high school best friend, as they re...