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[US + UK] The grumpy tattooed gardener is really bad at his job.

Now I am stuck on this scary loner’s property trying to save a bunch of bees.

I specialize in honey bees. They are much easier than people. They don’t get mad when I am quiet or frustrated when I stutter. Bees are warm, patie...

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This fireman wants his curvy girl back!

Of course, Serena would be trapped on a mountain with the smoking hot fireman who had broken her heart. And yes, she probably should have let him explain, but her heart couldn’t take another beating. He’d found someone else. She didn’t need to hear ab...

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JANUARY 29, 2023 Daddy Fever (Daddy Sized) By Margot Scott

As a doctor, it’s Evan’s job to advise Natasha about losing her V-card. As her best friend’s dad, he should NOT be performing the deed. But this Dr. Daddy is hands-on about treating his curvy patient.

JANUARY 28, 2023 The Mountain Man's Second Chance By Clara King

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Life as a mountain man on Frozen Peak is perfect for me: it's quiet, solitary, and uncomplicated.
But there's always been something missing.
She was my first only love.
It's been so long since we saw each other, but I still think about her every damn day.
I broke ...

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To keep a promise and make my twins happy, I have no choice other than enter into an arranged marriage. Angel Clark is too young for me but the infertile curvy beauty wants kids more than she wants a husband. Which makes her the perfect bride for a man determined to never open himself up to the pain...

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Victoria has been claimed by the mountain’s apex predator. This over-the-top-obsessive alpha male would do anything to protect her, and that includes never letting her go…
This is a SAFE insta-love standalone novella with no cheating! You’re in for a richly sweet, high-heat HEA, as well as Do...

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An overprotective private investigator. A fearless waitress. One shared obsession.

One night at my diner was all it took to make the PI a regular. Ever since then, Nolan's sat at the same booth every single night. He might bring his work with him, but his attention is always elsewhere. Always on ...

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My best friend owes me a favor and I’m looking to lose my V-card. What could go wrong?

June Abbott -

I’m returning to town for my sister’s wedding. Since I’m looking to cash in my V-card while I’m there, I ask my best friend, Josh, for help finding the perfect guy. But after a sexy ...

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JANUARY 22, 2023 Baking Spirits Bright: An Insta-love Holiday RomCom By Melissa Williams

It all started with a runaway reindeer.

As a celebrity pastry chef, I’m constantly surrounded by sweetness and sugarplums, yet this year, I’m just not feeling the magic of the holiday season. Visiting family in Celebration, Florida seems like the perfect fix for my mistletoe melancholy. Takin...

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JANUARY 21, 2023 A Mountain Man for Christmas By Clara King

[US+UK] He's a lonely mountain man who never lets anybody get too close.
But this Christmas, a curvy ray of sunshine is about to set his cold heart on fire.

Holly -
Frozen Peak is a perfect winter wonderland, but I'm all alone out here...except for Erik.
He's the mysterious mountain man who o...

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