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What do you get when you mix a rich Dom with a curvy, single mother of three who's afraid to surrender to her desires? A sizzling romance that'll heat your sheets and melt your heart.
Terry is rich, attractive and all Dom.
Maggie’s completely out of her element at the sex club. He can’t wait ...

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From the second I meet Rose, my obsessive nature shifts into overdrive.

I want to write a song about the three tiny freckles forming a constellation over her eyebrow. The way the curve of her deep pink lips alters the rhythm of my heart. How her bright blue eyes have started a storm brewing insid...

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He’s her brother’s best friend, her childhood crush…
Now this possessive mountain man is back in town, and he’s ready to claim his girl.

I’ve had a crush on Lincoln since I was a kid, but he left to join the military over a decade ago. I never forgot about him, so when he stroll...

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Hockey is all I have ever been good at. Well, that and hurting people. They go hand in hand of course, but I tend to hurt people on and off the ice. Off the ice I keep my distance from people I will just wind up hurting. It makes for a lonely life, sure, but it is a life I made for myself.

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APRIL 15, 2024 Dad Bod Monster Series By Violet Rae

Brace yourself for a wild ride as your favorite authors sharpen their claws and unleash a ferociously fun series. Get ready for burly, grrrowly, furry mayhem, proving the best things in life often come with a little extra bite.

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No one calls Celaeno a harpy anymore. Not when she has three possessive gargoyles ready to kick their asses.

Being pregnant and adored by her sexy gargoyles doesn't sound like a problem, but it can get a bit frustrating when she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Celaeno is, after all...

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Terry is rich, attractive and all Dom.
His women are hot, successful and experienced in BDSM.
Until he meets Maggie.
She’s not at all his usual type. She’s a round, lush, hot mess of a woman.
It’s obvious she doesn’t belong at the Club, and he can’t help following her. She needs some...

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My heart nearly stopped when my new boss came striding down the hallway toward me.

No man had any right to be that gorgeous.

But Nathan Wentworth was gruff, fussy, and unappreciative of my help.

With a body built for sin and a face made for the camera, women should be lined up at his office...

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He's her boss. She's a delectable temptation going through a rough time. Will tragedy cause their love to wilt before it has a chance to grow?

I always knew I’d be wealthy.
Going from trailer park kid to successful business owner should have fulfilled my every dream.
But now that I’m ...

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The moment I laid eyes on Stella at the gym, I knew I had to claim her. An instant forbidden attraction too hot to deny. Her curvy backside and seductive smile weren’t just amazing—they were a challenge I couldn’t resist.

Our flirty banter quickly turned into the most erotic night of passio...

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