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OCTOBER 04, 2023 Black Tie: The Kaleidoscope Series By Mia London

A collection of steamy quick reads --great for on the plane, on the beach, or right before bed.
Kaleidoscope...for when you only have time for a quickie.

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[US + UK] "High school sucked. But you made it bearable."

"Love's Distant Echo's" is a heartwarming lesbian romance novel that will make you believe in the power of love. This compelling story follows Lori, a successful children's book author, and Jenna, Lori's high school best friend, as they re...

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 Pucking Wild: A Steamy Sports Romance By Regina Wade

Parker Knight and I have one thing in common.

We both take a lot of shots.

My new job as team photographer for the Houston Snowhawks comes with a lot of perks. The biggest one? Taking as many pictures of Parker as I want.

The rookie forward is everything I’m not— tall, quick, and outgoi...

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She's not intimidated by my size.
Even has the nerve to tease me.
Yet she's teasing me more than she realizes…

Sonya is gorgeous, sweet, and wickedly smart.
She deserves better than a six foot seven ex-security guard lumberjack.

But I'm already fixated on her, already obsessing over every...

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 Locked Up by The Libra: Spicy Astrology By Dee Ellis


Spoiled Brat. Princess. Black Sheep. Rebelling Rich Kid. Phony philanthropist. The media calls me all kinds of things, but that last one stings. They talk about my youthful party days but not about the grasslands I fight to protect. They say I am blowing my granddaddy’s fortune—but don�...

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Who knew my rescuer would be a hunky blacksmith straight out of the books I write?

When I get lost in the wilderness, I'm sure it's going to be one embarrassing rescue. Until I lose consciousness and open my eyes to an older, muscle-bound blacksmith in the same bed I'm in.

But Dylan's not just...

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 Second Chance Husband: A Curvy Girl Romance By Jenna Cook

I’ve been trying to divorce him for ten years.
My enemy. My husband.
But he’s determined to win me back, no matter what the cost.

Maddie -
Ten years ago, Leo Montgomery broke my heart.
Ever since then, I’ve been trying to divorce him.
But with our iron-clad prenup, that’s easier s...

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Artem Bradford seems to have it all: fame, fortune, a successful company. But it comes at a cost: any sort of personal life. He knows things have to give if he's ever going to be truly happy. They do, in every sense imaginable.

For one moonlit night, a mugger with VERY sharp teeth suddenly sets h...

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 Tempting The Tutor: Back in The Day By Dee Ellis


Memories can be unkind. Unforgiving. And unforgettable. Who wants a reminder of the worst time of their life? Not me. Yet when I get the invite for my High School reunion, I decide to go. If just to show myself and my old bullies that I survived them. They did not ruin me. I am stronger, br...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Rooftop Rendezvous By D.M. Holland

The roofer saw me completely naked thanks to one poorly placed skylight and an ill-timed shower. With one look, he made me feel things that I never thought possible. I fell head over heels for him before we exchanged one word. My life used to be simple: I went to school, to dance practice, and avoid...

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