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SEPTEMBER 24, 2023 Falling for the Cassidy Brothers: Series By Melinda Swann

[US + UK] All the Falling for the Cassidy Brothers short stories together in a collection of steamy, instalove, happy ever after romances.

Sophie was discovering that liking him was even scarier than loathing him.

The minute Brett set eyes on Sophie he wanted to carry her away to his man cave....

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[US + UK] He's a daring cowboy who isn't scared of anything...
Except losing the curvy girl he loves.

I always told myself I'd never date a bull rider. But when Luke Ryder asks me to help organize a rodeo on his ranch, I'm tempted to start bending my own rules. This handsome cowboy has a heart o...

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Flirt Like a (Fake) Groom: A Fake Dating Romance By Kara Kendrick

I’ve been called a flirt.
A ladies’ man.
A perpetual bachelor.

And they’re not wrong.

I like to keep my options open.

When my buddy asks me to be the Best Man in his Vegas wedding, I never expected to end up on the other side of the altar.

After one raucous night and a huge misco...

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 The Kiss Catcher: A Billionaire Romance By Melissa McClone

Dating a coworker is never a good idea. But…maybe this once, she could make an exception?

Chief Product Officer Selah Burton is great at her job. Still, she never expected her boss to ask her to help a friend with his product launch. She didn’t think she’d be attracted to the handsome tech ...

She's sweet, innocent, and way too good for a man like me.
I should stay far away. But she's tempting me, playing a dangerous game.
And tonight, she pushed me too far...

Ellie is ten years younger than me and completely inexperienced with men.
Which is exactly why I'm the wrong guy for her.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Down to Puck: A Steamy Sports Romance By Regina Wade

I just broke my biggest rule.

Never fall in love with a patient.

Emerson Stone is the best forward in professional hockey. His speed and agility are legendary. His smile can melt the iciest hearts. He’s sweet both on and off the ice.

And his career is in my hands.

My new position with ...

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She's my enemy's daughter and my new obsession…

After three years inside, there's only one thing I want: revenge.
But when a retaliation goes wrong, I find myself with a fire cat captive—Scarlett, my enemy’s daughter.
She’s half my age and dripping with innocence. Scarlett becomes my re...

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 Never Date the Boss: Age Gap Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

I wanted to focus on my career, and move up the ranks on my own. Then I was talked into one little “business date” with my sexy boss, and everything changed in a heartbeat. Or rather, a flutter of them.

Watching my family had taught me the wrong way to do things, and I never wanted to follow ...

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 A Rebel's Seduction: A BBW & Military Romance By Lana Love

[US + UK] One grumpy landlord + One curvy and sunshine-y neighbor + One storm that brings them together = A blue collar ex-military romance that delivers all the feels!

There's a curvy bombshell living next door to me in my duplex, but I've held back whenever we've spoken, no matter how tempting ...

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I've been captured by a monster...and I just might let him keep me.

One night out, one innocent conversation, and now I'm lying on the ground fighting for my life. No one realizes I'm missing. No one's coming to save me.

Until a brutal winged beast eviscerates my attackers, saving me in a spra...

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