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My boss Grant O'Connell, the CEO of O'Connell, Thompson, and Taylor Enterprises, is sexy as sin. Too bad he's also a tyrannical jerk. For the past year and a half, I've worked my ass off for him and obeyed his every command. But one day, out of the blue, he fires me. I later discover it's because he...

One dangerous military bad boy + One curvy florist + One older brother who insists his sister needs protection = A Brother's Best Friend Off-Limits Military Romance!

MAY 11, 2024 Roped by The Cowboy: Iron H Ranch 2 By Dee Ellis

Jacob Walters

Being the new guy at the Iron H Ranch means I am low man on the totem pole. They all still haze me a little, but I don’t mind. It’s a hell of a lot better than where I came from. When Cody tells me they want to auction me off, I decide he’s gone too far. Until I hear the stori...

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I thought a two-day trip into the mountains would help with my anxiety.
It’s an easy credit for my geology course and a chance to get some fresh air.
Unfortunately, a guy from my class can’t take a hint.
He won’t leave me alone, and my patience is wearing thin.
It gets so bad that I walk a...

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The new online show where total strangers pretend to be lovers!
I needed to make some extra money fast, so here I was – applying to be a contestant on a show where I had to lie to professionals and pretend that I was half of a happy couple.

I overheard a huge, rugged man tell the producer that...

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The girl next door is the woman of my dreams. It’s a shame she hates me.

When Avery George moves into the house across the street, I can’t stop staring out my window. She’s a knockout with more curves than a country road, fiery red hair, and adorable cat-eye glasses, and I’m just waiting ...

MAY 09, 2024 Mountain Men Love Curves By Jenna Cook

Sam Walker took a vow of solitude, moving to the mountains to be alone.
But when curvy Alice crashes into his life, he finds himself breaking all of his old rules...

I get called a lot of things. Grump. Jerk. Antisocial mountain man.
And the truth is, I'm all of the above and more.

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Her job is to keep an eye on the sexy contractor. Problem is, she can’t keep her eyes off him.

This is my dream job. Free room and board at a resort center, plus I’m being paid. All I have to do is keep an eye on the hunky contractor who was hired to renovate the place.

Soon, that becomes ...

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"If you’ll excuse my bluntness, I’m a whore, not a PR manager."

Teddy Monkhouse is a billionaire dragon shifter with a problem...

After the death of his first mate he has become withdrawn, and now people are starting to worry. Investor confidence in his various companies is falling, whic...

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[US Sale] Forever cherished, forever his, forever inked.
The last thing Marley expects when she enters Skin Sins tattoo shop is to find a new life, but that's exactly what happens when she meets Rogue, the biker tattoo artist, who sees past her scars.