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Anything can happen in a college library... Anything.

Mason: Being the second-string quarterback for Moray College has its perks. Girls throw themselves at me and I get a free ride to college so I can get my education degree. It pays to be one of the big men on campus. Off-campus is a different s...

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JUNE 04, 2023 The Vampire's Fate By Zara Novak

Ivy Morgan has spent her entire life keeping her mysterious magical abilities secret. Now she wants to find out what she is and where she comes from. Traveling north to follow a rumor, she finds her life in the balance of dark entities infesting the forest. Death is imminent, until a mysterious savi...

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JUNE 04, 2023 Faking for Keeps: Book One By Morgan Hale

It's just me, my mom, and my adorable baby girl.

I don't even know her father's name, but it didn't stop me searching for him.

After four years, I've about given up.

Until he's sitting across a desk from me at the most important interview of my life.

Cold. Stern. This alpha billionaire C...

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Self-made billionaire Adam Nicolis has backed away from his pack of friends. He's focused on raising his daughter alone. After losing his wife in an accident, he's barely getting by after two years without her. Finding himself in a situation he can't get out of, he reluctantly goes with his friends ...

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JUNE 03, 2023 Foundation: A Grouchy Geek Romance By Lainey Davis

I don’t do relationships. I do calculations—and Nicole Kennedy is a problem I can’t solve.

When my family’s engineering firm sends me to investigate a sinkhole at her house, I swear I feel a tremor in the foundation of my world.

She’s loud and crass and has no time for nonsense. She ...

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An American spy on a simple mission to intercept a Russian courier. What could go wrong?

John Smith is a veteran agent. He has skills and won’t apologize for his old-school methods. That’s why the CIA assigns him when they need results. And this time he’s at a posh ski resort in Switzerland...

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Parent. Work. Football. That’s my life summed up in three words.

Sure, I used to be a pro NFL baller, but now I’m perfectly content with a quiet life in my small hometown of Peachtree Grove, Georgia.

That is until Bree, a beautiful blonde dating expert, gets tackled at my Pee Wee football ...

JUNE 02, 2023 Bound by Truth: An Island Bound novel By Suzanne Cass

Journalist Sierra Goldstein finds solace on the wild and beautiful Kangaroo Island after a devastating crash changes her life. But her sanctuary is shattered when a child goes missing and she becomes involved in the life and death search.
Reed Kapua is also looking for a simpler life when he starts...

JUNE 02, 2023 'Bought by the Billionaire' Box Set One By Simone Leigh

She Got More Than She Bargained For…
Student Elizabeth works in a dead-end hotel job to make ends meet. But she dreams of a better life.
When she foolishly decides to shower in the penthouse bathroom of one of the hotel guests, it has consequences she did not expect.
A Steamy Billionaire Romanc...

Author Ruby Bennett has a romance novel to finish. But when she gets word that the retirement community, she and her Irish Setter, Red, frequently visit is under fire for building violations, which if not fixed will displace all the residents, she jumps into action.

Drake Carrolton only has his f...