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He can buy or steal whatever he desires. Until her.

Phillip Turner isn’t your typical billionaire.

Yes, he’s dripping with wealth.
He’s irresistibly hot.
And. He’s a thief.
Everyone needs a hobby, after all.

It took one chance encounter with the mysterious stranger for Lena to qu...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2023 Revealing Destiny By C. J. Corbin

Michael placed a ring on Elizabeth's finger, and you would think that would be The End.

This sequel to the sizzling romance Eagle's Destiny continues in the vibrant city of New Orleans during the wild and colorful festival of Mardi Gras.

Secrets are revealed and trus...

The men of the mafia can be cold, heartless, and brutal. They stop at nothing to secure their territories and are willing to spill rivers of blood along the way. Until a certain woman comes along who can bring them to their knees. Grab this collection of 10 steamy books about bad boy mafia men who w...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2023 Kiss Me First: A Coming Of Age Sports Romance By Anna B. Doe

I fell for Katherine Adams the moment she moved to my small town.

My life has always revolved around three F’s – family, friends and football. But when she showed up, I had to think about expanding my list.

Seeing her for the first time was like getting hit in the head by a football. I'd k...

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Flirt Like a (Fake) Groom: A Fake Dating Romance By Kara Kendrick

I’ve been called a flirt.
A ladies’ man.
A perpetual bachelor.

And they’re not wrong.

I like to keep my options open.

When my buddy asks me to be the Best Man in his Vegas wedding, I never expected to end up on the other side of the altar.

After one raucous night and a huge misco...

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 The Kiss Catcher: A Billionaire Romance By Melissa McClone

Dating a coworker is never a good idea. But…maybe this once, she could make an exception?

Chief Product Officer Selah Burton is great at her job. Still, she never expected her boss to ask her to help a friend with his product launch. She didn’t think she’d be attracted to the handsome tech ...

I hunt demons.
I don’t work for them.
And I promised my mom one thing before she was murdered: Under no circumstances, would I ever go near the high demons.

But I’ll break that promise over and over again if it helps me avenge her death.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Beyond Heat (The Beyond Series Book 2) By Ashley Logan

Two strippers, some sizable secrets, and a lick of paint.

Scarlett Warner is a pain in Bruno's ass.

She's sexy, and feisty, and he's a defensive jerk around her to keep her at a distance, because he's beyond smitten.

If she gets close enough to learn how he really feels about her, she'll ru...

She's my enemy's daughter and my new obsession…

After three years inside, there's only one thing I want: revenge.
But when a retaliation goes wrong, I find myself with a fire cat captive—Scarlett, my enemy’s daughter.
She’s half my age and dripping with innocence. Scarlett becomes my re...

Twelve teams. A race across America. Half a million dollars up for grabs. And there's one guy I just can't stand.

When I'm paired with Noah Lockwood for the inaugural "Chasing the Mistletoe" reality TV show, I know I'm in for a challenge. Our first encounter? I yelled at him right in the middle o...