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SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 Vampire's Kiss (Mafia Monsters Series Book 1) By Atlas Rose

He captured my wrist, smooth black leather against my skin. The kiss was hungry, and urgent. His hard chest pressed me against the bricks and before I knew it, my hand was rising to meet the wall. He had me. Gloved hand pinning my wrists above me. His finger at my temple. And his lips taking…takin...

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 Two Shots Down (Battle of the Bulls Book 1) By T. S. Joyce

Two Shots Down is blazing his way up the ranks as one of the top bull shifters in the Pro Bull Shifter Riding Circuit. He has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide, and everything to prove. With a dark reputation as a cowboy killer, he has wrecked every interview he’s done in his career. He’s the b...

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 The Bounty Hunter's Claim: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Sophia Sebell

[US Only Sale] He's a criminal, a massive and terrifying alien criminal. Now that we're alone together, what is he going to do to me? I found myself face to face with a wanted criminal. He was huge (in every meaning of the word), red, and had massive horns. He terrified me, but I found myself drawn ...

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 Halloween Boo (Holiday Hunk Book 1) By Sarah Spade

A ghost falling in love with a mortal? It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus…Dani - So, I think my apartment is haunted. No. Really. Spooky things have been happening to me ever since I moved in last year. At first, I ignored them. Later, I got used to the idea that I shared my place with a ghost. I...

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 Sturmir's Human Slave: A Scifi Alien Romance By Aya Morningstar

He licks the tears off my face, then throws me in a cage. I shudder at the wet heat of his alien tongue. I’m disgusted, but not because he’s licking me, but because I like it. I wait in the darkness. When will Sturmir come for me? What will he do to me?

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2020 Brazen Dragon: A Dragon Shifter Romance By Jada Cox

I saw a Dragon the other day. A Dragon, hunting and flying through the sky. They say I’m crazy, but I know what I saw. I also know what I saw right after.

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 The Cowbears of Curvy Bear Ranch: Box Set By Liv Brywood

Curvy Bear Ranch Books 1-7: The Complete Series. Get all seven of the bestselling Curvy Bear Ranch books in this complete series. Seven sexy bear shifters are on the hunt for their fated mates. They're ready to do whatever it takes to claim the curvy women they love. Filled with passion, suspense, a...

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 The Night Wolf: Gay Paranormal MPREG Romance By Van Cole

Do The Right Thing? Or Do What The Heart Wants? I always knew right from wrong. I guess, that’s why I became an FBI agent - to make sure there’s more good than bad in the world. My sister, Tiana, a political reporter, has always had a different approach to life.

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 Seraphim Academy 1: Wicked Wings By Elizabeth Briggs

[Not available in all regions] They think I’m half angel and half human. They think I have no magic. They think because I grew up in the human world I’m clueless about what to expect at Seraphim Academy. They’re wrong.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 Protecting Her: Marine Corps Bears By Scarlett Ray

I have never been so angry and so turned on at the same time…She is stubborn, crazy smart and as drop dead gorgeous as ever. How she ended up in the middle of a war zone looking me straight in the eyes, deep into my soul? FATE.

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