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JANUARY 18, 2020 Forever Dreams (Montana Brides, Book 1) By Leeanna Morgan

She came to Montana looking for answers...and found forever.When Gracie Donnelly, a school teacher from New Zealand, arrives on a Montana cattle ranch, she has more on her mind than mending fences and feeding chickens. She's secretly searching for her father and answers to questions that could destr...

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JANUARY 18, 2020 Krayter (Mated to the Alien Book 5) By Kate Rudolph, Starr Huntress

Welcome to Earth. Try not to die. When his brethren begin to discover human mates, Krayter knows his best chance at surviving the Denya Price is to journey to Earth and find the woman he’s been waiting for. Otherwise, he’ll waste away and die by the age of thirty like most other Detyens. But when hi...

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A SEXY STANDALONE ROMANCEI’ve never had a problem getting women on my arm or in my bed.Except for Jenna Montgomery. She’s the woman I want. The woman I’ve craved my whole life. But she’s been my best friend since childhood, and that’s a line I can’t cross.Until one wicked night changes everything.No...

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JANUARY 18, 2020 Eternal Vampire (Council of Seven) By Juniper Hart

A spell that defies all rules could cost Lane and Henry their lives and change the course of history. </br>Hidden away from the world and the Enchanted for years, Lane Aldwin is finally permitted to take her seat on the Council of Seven, replacing her grandmother: Miriam. Although Lane was born to a...

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Enjoy 5 lurid stories about Men of the House and their Little Twinks acting out their most forbidden fantasies. Dirty on so many levels, these men give into their most base instincts, letting lust and desire consume them and build bonds between them far more intimate. Just as long as they both get o...

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JANUARY 18, 2020 Saving Stacey (Florida Veterans Book 2) By Tiffani Lynn

On the run from her abusive ex, Stacey Allen spends her days refilling coffee and wiping down tables, instead of using her finance degree crunching numbers. A low profile life is the only way to survive as she struggles to divorce her cheating husband. Having nowhere else to turn when trouble tracks...

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JANUARY 18, 2020 Anniversary Boxed Set By Sawyer Bennett

Celebrate SEVEN years of publishing with this Sawyer Bennett Anniversary Boxed Set! Known for her hot heroes, strong heroines, and ability to capture the hearts of her readers no matter the trope, Sawyer Bennett is offering this boxed set featuring seven of the titles that have made her one of the b...

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JANUARY 17, 2020 HOT Valor (Hostile Operations Team - Book 11) By Lynn Raye Harris

They told him she was dead.

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Launch Sale! Save 90% on the regular bundle price of $9.99. Also, FREE with Kindle Unlimited for a limited time only WARNING: Many of these books feature multiple scenes of an adult nature. These collections are only suitable for adults. Book 1 P.S Im a wolf – Ellie Valentina - A SEXY Werewolf Roma...

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JANUARY 17, 2020 Operation Phoenix (Nova Force Book 1) By Susan Hayes

He’s guarding the galaxy. She’s guarding her heart.Commander Dax Rossi lives by one rule: mission first. But when an old flame puts that code to the test, he needs to make a hard choice--the job, or the woman? Lieutenant Trinity West wants answers. Someone’s been stealing DNA from her top-secret res...

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