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AUGUST 10, 2022 Good Girl: A Bad Boy Steamy Romance By Vonne B

Marta -
These men think they have me pegged—a young, beautiful, sweet, naive girl from the country. Their only concern is grooming me to be the perfect escort. Arm candy they can flaunt in front of their equally wealthy and high-profile friends. When in reality, what they should watch is their w...

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AUGUST 10, 2022 Adore Me (Rough Edges Book 1) By Ashley Zakrzewski

The last thing Tessa Rogers needs or wants, is a hero.

When single mom Tessa's apartment burns down, she's left with nothing but ashes and nowhere to go.

Hunky firefighter Damon Jackson has been battling depression since his wife's passing, but he still has an enormous heart and offers Tessa a...

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AUGUST 10, 2022 Throw Like a Girl: A Sports Romance Novella By Tina Gallagher

It’ll take the perfect pitch to convince him to give her his heart…


I don’t do long-distance romance. Which means getting involved with a player’s sister is out of the question. Penny Montgomery's life is on the road, and her dreams are bigger than any one town could ever cont...

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AUGUST 10, 2022 Out of Bounds: Sexy enemies to lovers romance By Kris Pearson

Who will save who?
Jetta Rivers has inherited half a dilapidated bungalow. Big problem: she's forced to share it with the unknown co-owner, Anton Haviland, and her past has left her terrified of men.

Gorgeous Anton is a confident sexy architect, and he plans to demolish, rebuild, and make a mill...

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Asher Torrance finds peace in cutting down trees for lumber in the woods of Georgia. He figures it’s about all he has earned along the dark path of destruction he left behind. When his new boss’ daughter starts making eyes at him, he has to keep his distance—or risk destroying her too.


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AUGUST 10, 2022 Long Hot Summer Series By Cassie Mint

Every night, I float on the pool.

And every night, he watches me.

The caretaker is scarred. Surly. He walks with a limp and barely speaks. Most residents in our building are afraid of him, but not me.

I want him closer.

Feeling his eyes on me every night at the pool--it brings my body su...

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AUGUST 10, 2022 Snowfall: A Stargazer Ranch Mystery Romance By Suzanne Cass

French pastry chef, Stella Pereira has come to Stargazer Ranch to spend a year working as the assistant cook, hoping to sort out her troublesome feelings of restlessness and get back to living her perfect, planned life…until she meets Wyatt.

Fresh out of prison—accused of a murder he didn’t...

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The first time I met Vivi, I saved her life. I own her apartment, the building, hell, the whole block. Now I need to possess the curvy redhead. Her innocence is the only thing in danger around me.

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Rain was the worst, especially when it attacked me on the way to a job interview.

Yet a huge, gorgeous man appeared out of the gloom to save the day. Maybe it was the enticing good luck kiss from a stranger, but I got both the job and an instant boyfriend.

Trent was the most incredible (and on...

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AUGUST 09, 2022 The Wild Child (The Bride Trilogy Book 1) By Mary Jo Putney

The younger son of an earl, Dominic Renbourne is offered an irresistible bribe by his arrogant, identical twin brother, Kyle, who is heir to the earldom. All he must do is take Kyle's place at Warfield Manor, where he is to politely court Lady Meriel Grahame, the orphaned and wealthy heiress Kyle is...

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