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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 Double Dog Dare (#SavetheFuzzBalls) By Kameron Claire

"I dare you"

Three little words I can't say no to--they have gotten me into plenty of trouble over the years, but this time I think I'll like the consequences.

Mara: This is my first big event planning job--an Animal Rescue Charity Ball--and I'm hosting it in the hotel of the hottest man I've ...

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 Rebel Spell: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel By Lisa Carlisle

[US + UK] A hapless witch. A broken vampire. And a mysterious death that brings them under the same roof. When I learn I've inherited a house in Salem, I'm sure it's a mistake.

Besides, I have zero desire to return to a town where I'm an outcast.

The surprises continue when I meet my tenants, ...

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 Rise Again (Phoenix Rise Series Book 2) By Lydia Chelsea

Her life is in San Diego. Or was.
Now she's in Arizona, hiding from her stalker ex, sorting through her parents' estate.
None of this was part of the plan.
Not finding out she was adopted.
Not finding out she has a half-brother.
Not meeting his handsome adoptive father.
Sparks fly.
Danger lur...

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What if your arrogant boss hired you just to spite you?

Harper -

Quitting is not an option because I don't want to give him the satisfaction.
Besides, I need the job and the experience.
And I like the challenge.
I can handle the work despite my cocky boss's unreasonable demands.
I'll do a...

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 Liam: A MM Mpreg Shifter Romance By Fel Fern

One pregnant runaway Omega and one sexy growly Alpha make for one sizzling combination.

Eli wants out of his gilded cage. When he finally tastes freedom, he wants to hold onto it for as long as he can. Bumping into a growly Alpha grizzly shifter isn’t part of his plans. Neither is falling in l...

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 In Too Deep (Love Undercover Book 1) By LK Shaw

For five years I've been deep undercover within the cartel, and I'm on the verge of bringing the entire organization to the ground. Until she shows up. Gabriela is the new girlfriend of the boss' nephew, but there's a spark of attraction between us. It flares to life, burning hot, before we can stop...

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 Daddy Issues By Mia Clark

Good girls get cuddled. Bad girls get spanked...then cuddled.


I never knew my father. I've never called anyone Daddy before.

So... when I did it for the first time as a joke to Grey, my best friend's older brother, it was like all of a sudden something clicked.

It was hot. It was r...

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 Newhope Romance Bundle: Books 1-3 By Jessa Joy

[US + UK] In this small town, romance is everywhere; whether it's a fresh start with a gorgeous blue collar guy, an enemies to lovers rollercoaster or a second chance dream vacation with a hot billionaire. Welcome to Newhope!

1. A Curvy Fresh Start

I have a new rule. No relationships. Ev...

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She wasn’t looking for love. Neither was he. Too bad fate had other plans for them…

Cecelia Leary is ready for a fresh start. And starts don’t get any fresher than where she is right now—back in her childhood small town, jobless and newly single. She needs to take some time and figure out w...

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[US + UK] A princess who’s forgotten who she is. A kauah commander desperate to protect his people. And a tyranical king hellbent on tearing them apart.

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