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Forty is the new twenty.

“How’s your love life?” Four little words designed to cut to the quick. Who knew mean girls grew up to be PTA moms?

Besides a short summer fling when I was 19, which resulted in the birth of my son, Jared, I’ve had no love life to speak of—and everyone knows ...

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He’s her brother’s best friend. There’s only one bed. Will one kiss change everything?

Jack Cassidy heads the team opening the next in an exclusive line of boutique hotels, this one in wine country. Working with his best friend’s sister should make it easier, tapping into her expertise a...

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[US Sale] Blaze’s hand closes around my neck, pushing me to my knees, and I remind myself that I wanted this. I yearned for this experience, craved his touch, and it’s the reason I find myself in this situation.

Merely days ago a man lie dead at my feet and it wasn’t the first time that dea...

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A beautiful French emigree in London after the French Revolution is torn between her heart's desire and her desire for justice...

Lady Athelton's St Valentine's Ball is a place for love, not vengeance.

But when the gentlemen of the ton select their partner for the evening from a silver bowl of...

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A wish whisks me away to Faerie, where I have magic! And a “married at first sight” orc husband. When I tell him humans don’t work like that, the big orc vows to woo me. No matter what it takes.

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All EMTs save lives, but at Mercury Ridge Search and Rescue, we're trained to do it on the side of a mountain. We climb, rappel, jump out of helicopters, and kayak down raging rivers—whatever it takes. Nothing makes my pulse race. And I mean nothing.

Except for Sierra Green. The five-f...

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Being in the spotlight is hard, but a fake relationship with my PA has been taking the pressure off for years. The only problem is, she’s ready to marry her girlfriend and start a family. I don’t want her to take the heat for “leaving me,” so I’m coming out of the closet too.

We’ve hi...

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Working at Portland Grace has always been fun, until Tanner Wilson arrives—or Doctor Drop-Dead Gorgeous as all the scrub nurses have started calling him. Not me, though. Just thinking about him gives me heart palpitations. Not only is Tanner my brother’s best friend, he’s also my new ...

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JUNE 17, 2024 August Love: A Forbidden Love, Small Town Romance By Katie Bingham-Smith

A spicy forbidden romance, featuring a struggling, yet determined, heroine who lost her fiancé and his millionaire best friend who presents her with a life-changing offer.

Losing her fiancé, Duncan, a year ago changed August. Not only is her dream of becoming a romance author fading fast, she�...

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She was a new college grad with stars in her eyes but he was a Pearson with a legacy to uphold. Neither knew that when she left, the legacy was already growing inside her.

Ben -
Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice… like hell you will!
She ran off with my heart and a fistful of cash

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