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They give me a choice between captivity or death. But I'm giving them something better—a queen.

I'm no stranger to the mafia underworld, but the Wildcards are a different breed. When I become a liability, they kidnap me to stack the deck--and in their world, the house always wins.

Spade is d...

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From the time I was a young kid, I wanted out of this small town. I wanted more. So, I worked hard and I did it.
I got the biggest opportunity of my life as an NFL quarterback.
As a first round draft pick, I was top of my game.
Then I blew it.
Now I’m back home wishing for another way out, ano...

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[US Sale] I ask for nothing. I bow to no one.
Then Teagan Mercer arrives on campus.
She’s to blame for destroying my life,
but I refuse to let her ruin my shot at the NFL.
I will never forgive her for what she did,
and I have the power to make her pay.
When the memories come rushing back,

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I thought I’d moved on from my obsessive teenage infatuation with Lorcan O’Connor, even though I’ve never met anyone hotter than him. But when a traumatic incident brings me back into his life, I realize my heart has never let go. However, Lorcan is still way older than me and my brother’s b...

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FEBRUARY 23, 2024 My Scarlet Woman (Middlemarch Shifters Book 1) By Shelley Munro

Emily Scarlet's husband left her for his secretary and died in a car accident--all on the same day. Now, six months later, Emily has emerged from her chrysalis of painful memories. And to prove she has what it takes to attract a man, she's determined to experience one perfect night of passion.


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FEBRUARY 23, 2024 Grumpy as Puck: A Sports RomCom By Elizabeth Lynx

The first book in a new romantic comedy series by USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Lynx about a hockey player who was anything but nice. When he needed the help of his teammate's sister, the sweet-as-pie local veterinarian, to save his dog, he wondered if his secret crush from the past might b...

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FEBRUARY 23, 2024 Omega, Deer: An MM Summer Romance By Aria Grace

Sometimes what you think will break you is the one thing you need most.

Anthony Buck needed a break from life. The pressure to become the perfect omega, docile and constantly breeding, was too much. He wasn't sure he'd ever be that man, no matter how hard he tried. So, he did what every responsib...

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FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Clash and Burn: An M/M Enemies to Lovers College Romance By Catherine Cloverdale

I work hard and party even harder—but now my rival is making me play hard to get.

I never lose. Whether it’s Summerville U’s highest GPA or beer pong champion, I always come out on top, even if I have to hurt a few feelings. When the pre-law department announces a summer internship for the ...

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Stranded by fate, bonded by desire. A spicy alien romance with forced proximity, alien “anatomy” and a satisfying HEA. Grab the whole series on Kindle Unlimited as well as paperback.

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FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Teased by my Roommate: Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

When I ran away to another city to rebuild my life on my own, I moved into a loft with two roommates. One was rarely there, and the other sublet their room to a weird, cocky tattoo artist named Hawk. A breathtaking, sexy man who was so gorgeous that I could barely look him in the eyes, much less...w...

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