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The "From One-Night Stands to Forever Love Billionaire Box Set" is a steamy, three-book collection featuring age gaps, one-night stands, pretend identities, unplanned pregnancies, strong
women, witty banter, tropical storms, a COVID mask, ice cream, amnesia, and extremely good-looking people with n...

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NOVEMBER 28, 2023 Shackled to the Orc By Corin Cain

Captured, sold at the auction, and shacked to the brutal Orc…

Khan is the towering champion of the gladiator ring. His tattoos mark him as a fallen chieftain, reduced to fighting in the pits. Decades of battle have left their scars on his green, chiseled hide… and the pit master rewards his s...

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Three gorgeous Santas begging to spoil me? Maybe Christmas isn’t so bad after all…

I call it the Christmas crazies. I hate Christmas and it makes me act out in all sorts of ways. That’s the only excuse I have for trying to sneak into the most exclusive airport lounge in the world on Christm...

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I’ve got three things to be thankful for this season. Noah, Leo & Ethan.
The lights went out and my heroes walked in.

It would take a miracle to save my shop.
Good thing I’ve got three.
One thing the three brothers have in common—I can’t get them off my mind.

A crush on one guy is f...

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NOVEMBER 28, 2023 Blissful Masquerade: A Dark Why Choose Romance By Elira Firethorn

♡ Why Choose ♡ Dark ♡ High Heat ♡ Millionaires ♡ First in Series ♡ Novella ♡

Wren doesn't think the three regulars at her coffee shop will recognize her at a masquerade ball, but they can't take their eyes off her. This is their chance to finally be with her, and they quickly realiz...

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Christmas is the perfect time to fall in love—unless you’re pretending to be your twin sister.

Cassandra Bell is happy to stay in the shadow of her poised and proper twin sister. After all, her only goal for the Hastings’ Christmas house party is to not make a complete fool of herself. Vivi...

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A single dad who needs love. A child who needs courage.
Sounds like a job for a fairy.

When Nate Hawthorne meets Asher Dane, the huge, tattooed hunk embodies Nate’s dreams – and his daughter’s nightmares. Delly’s terrified of big men.

Then Nate and Delly find The Fairy Shop, a mysteri...

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Katie Lessing didn’t expect to be a single mom. Didn’t expect to have her husband cheat and leave. Didn’t think she’d be alone raising her kids.

But she is. And it’s harder than she thought. There’s never enough time, never enough money and now she’s lost her job and might be losing...

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I never planned on sleeping with him. Nor did I intend to make him my enemy.
I only went into the bar to scope out my competition – him.
The scorching hot night that followed was a mutually pleasurable accident.

Of course I knew we were in the running for the same position.
It’s not my fau...

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Everyone knows Montgomery men are doomed to love only one woman. Even if she hates the mountains, which we can’t leave without.

I don’t believe in curses, however, I’m not the type of man to stake my peace of mind on flimsy serendipity.
I choose a marriage of convenience. A cold contract d...

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