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[US Sale] Sun Valley High. It's more than a school; it's a battlefield, and this year, it's mine. They say the Devils rule these halls, and now I've caught the eye of the most enigmatic one: The Devil himself, Roman Valdez.

Football star. Ruthless strategist. Cold-hearted player in every sense of...

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A sweet sports romance inspired by Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility.

If “best friends at first sight” were really a thing, Eli Dash would say that’s how his friendship with the new private school teacher, Court Edwards, began. She’s the only person who understands his determination to ...

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Luna Perez just wants a quiet life, away from her famous family’s reputation. But when her brother’s fledgling racing team is in dire straits, Luna offers up her own inheritance to keep it going. Suddenly she’s part-owner of Team Perez, and she finds herself speeding into the spotlight where a...

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 Pucking Wild: A Steamy Sports Romance By Regina Wade

Parker Knight and I have one thing in common.

We both take a lot of shots.

My new job as team photographer for the Houston Snowhawks comes with a lot of perks. The biggest one? Taking as many pictures of Parker as I want.

The rookie forward is everything I’m not— tall, quick, and outgoi...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Peaks of Color: A Small Town Forced Proximity Romance By Victoria Wilder

Hot. Arrogant.Talented.

Jack Deacon’s reputation arrived in my small town before he did.

Leave it up to one of my brothers to hire the biggest photographer in sports and then misread the contract.

Now, the six-foot-sexy, dripping with confidence notorious bachelor is staying in my pool ho...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2023 Kiss Me First: A Coming Of Age Sports Romance By Anna B. Doe

I fell for Katherine Adams the moment she moved to my small town.

My life has always revolved around three F’s – family, friends and football. But when she showed up, I had to think about expanding my list.

Seeing her for the first time was like getting hit in the head by a football. I'd k...

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Down to Puck: A Steamy Sports Romance By Regina Wade

I just broke my biggest rule.

Never fall in love with a patient.

Emerson Stone is the best forward in professional hockey. His speed and agility are legendary. His smile can melt the iciest hearts. He’s sweet both on and off the ice.

And his career is in my hands.

My new position with ...

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Happily ever after endings might happen in his world. But not in hers…

When I was a kid, Jax was my friend. My protector.

But I always knew his talent would take him far from our small town. Far from me.

So, I never let him get too close. And while he was off becoming a hockey superstar, ...

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 Coast to Coast: A Gay Sports Romance By RJ Scott

When opposites attract, this bottom of the league team will never be the same again.

A stipulation in his father's will forces Mark back into the arms of a family that disowned him, and leaves him one-third owner of a hockey team facing financial ruin. He doesn't even watch hockey, let alone like...

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2023 Rushing Into Love: A Small-Town Sports Romance By Kara Kendrick

Parent. Work. Football. That’s my life summed up in three words.

Sure, I used to be a pro NFL baller, but now I’m perfectly content with a quiet life in my small hometown of Peachtree Grove, Georgia.

That is until Bree, a beautiful blonde dating expert, gets tackled at my Pee Wee football ...

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