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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 Drowning in You: An MM Enemies to Lovers Romance By Camden Jess

I need him more than air. Good thing swimmers are known for holding their breath.

Roommates. Rivals. Reckless attraction.

All reasons to deny what burns beneath our skin when our bodies collide in wrath and competition. College is the time to focus on my academics and training. Not on the dead...

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SEPTEMBER 04, 2023 Another Charge: A Steamy Hockey Romantic Comedy By Alexa Padgett

USA Today Bestseller Alexa Padgett's captivating single dad turned hockey coach and spirited nanny threaten to set the ice ablaze, proving that sometimes, the riskiest power play of all is falling head over ice skates...

Having poured my heart into caring for my previous charges, bidding them far...

AUGUST 30, 2023 The Coach By Cassie Mint

I lost half an arm and all my courage in a shark attack.

Now a broody swim coach wants me back out on the water.

Everyone else seems glad I’m too chicken to surf anymore–everyone except Coach Kane. He’s determined to get me back on my board. He swears it, a fist pressed to his perfect, t...

Justin -
I thought I’d left my past in Minnesota when I moved to Iowa, but it was right there waiting for me.
Long blonde hair, curves in all the right places, and a death glare that hits harder than a slap shot to the solar plexus. On the ice, I’m a pro at blocking shots, but Savannah Bowen ...

The first time I met Murphy, the goalie of the Coyotes hockey team, I thought he was the most attractive man I’d ever seen.

The second time, we shared a wild night and I never planned to see him again.

Imagine my surprise when I showed up for a work meeting only to find out Murphy was my new...

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Dakota Easton is skating on thin ice.

Viral video scandal? Check. Team’s trust torn to shreds? Yep, that too.

Desperate to salvage his career, the hockey bad boy plays “the girlfriend card” to prove he’s settled down for good.

But here’s the icy twist: the stunning actress Dakota...

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AUGUST 23, 2023 Ryder: Shadows and Desires (The Warlord Series) By Charlotte Mallory

Sports therapist Julie Stevens reconsiders her taste in men when a brooding, legendary MMA fighter walks into her small-town gym. The fighter needs a team to prepare him for the brutal, winner-takes-all Warlord tournament. Meeting him in person, she learns that he’s crass, difficult, and even host...

Cassidy Love, a popular YouTube chef and Evan Slater, a former pro baseball player for the Idaho Outlaws, and new sports podcaster, come together via an Instagram set up that only one of them knows about.

Follow along as Cassidy and Evan come to terms with their intense attraction, sexy banter, a...

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STRIKE 1: Savannah is my best friend's little sister.
STRIKE 2: She's also Coach's daughter.

Will my secret be STRIKE 3?

Sterling is a minor league baseball player and notorious womanizer.

But everything changes when he sets his sights on Savannah, his best friend's little sister and the c...

AUGUST 15, 2023 Bad Blows: A Steamy Sports Romance By Dori Pulitano

I thought the ring prepared me for anything—until she landed a devastating blow... one I never saw coming.

They call me Saint even though I deliver nothing but sin and pain. My world is nothing but darkness, bloody fights, and screams of the crowd. There’s no time for a silly thing called lov...

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