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With high school graduation looming, all I want to do is spend the summer with Hunter before we head off to college in the fall. For him, football is king and I'm his queen. He shows me a thousand different ways each and every day. Sometimes I worry that our love won’t be enough to keep us togethe...

FEBRUARY 19, 2024 Sucker for Payne: A Sports Romance By Carrie Thomas

One mistake doesn’t usually define a person, unless your name is Conner Payne.

Searching for a way to get his life back on track, Conner finds refuge at Steele Cage, a local gym, where he soon uncovers his potential for supremacy inside the brutal world of cage fighting. A natural talent for la...

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A runaway bride crashing in my guesthouse is the last thing I need.

I already had perfectly good holiday plans, like glaring at walls and staring moodily into distant horizons because my hockey season is officially down the drain.

And she’s as off-limits as it gets, but she has no car, no mo...

He needs to get his head in the game...Goaltender Shane Conrad's game is in a slump but when he meets a redhead who raises more than his blood pressure, it's game on. One steamy night with Bliss Vescovi and Shane’s winning games again. Their action in the bedroom rivals his play on the ice but bot...

Tall, Dark, and Loaded – My Hunkie One-Night Stand Turned Complication.
He’s the grumpalicious hockey coach with a past, and I’m the small-town dreamer caught in his offsides game.
Just thinking about the way he drives his puck has me begging to land in the sin bin.
Our forbidden passion is...

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Words may be JJ Fairchild’s tool of trade, but when it comes to the bedroom, words escape her.

Sinfully handsome football superstar Trevor Wyatt has lusted for the sassy southern journalist since before he retired from the sport he loved. Now that she’s back in his life, he’s not going to ...

Fake dating my brother’s best friend wasn’t the worst idea ever.
Falling for him was…

My dad thinks I’m his perfect little princess, and he’s determined to find me a rich husband of his choosing.

I want nothing more than to smash his plan.

Enter Alex Steinman. My brother's best f...

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FEBRUARY 06, 2024 A Fast Woman: Pro Sports Enemies-to-Lovers Romance By Laralyn Doran

She’s addicted to adrenaline. He always speeds to the top. When they face off over a career-making contract, will their chemistry hit the wall?
CJ Lomax refuses to apologize for being herself. As a sassy-mouthed spitfire fighting for a slot in the male-dominated world of stock car racing, she can...

FEBRUARY 04, 2024 Something Old: A Sweet Second Chance Romance By Liz Lovelock

I wasn’t expecting to see him ever again.
It was a wild Vegas night and that’s all it was. But now he’s back.

Lachlan Rogers.
Professional quarterback.
Really great guy.
The one that got away.

He wants to play for keeps this time, but I’m not ready to trust another man again. That ...

[US Sale] Danny -

In a family where murder is on the table, coming out as gay isn't an option. Hockey is all my dad expects of me. I should've already been drafted, so I need to find out what I did wrong and fix it.

Even if I could risk it all, the guy who seduced my first boyfriend during Na...

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