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Forgiveness is brutal. 

It's worse when the hurt hits you on your blind side. And it's impossible when the heartbreak comes the night before you leave for college, thinking you’re on the same page with the love of your life when it comes to being hundreds of miles apart for the next four years...

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APRIL 12, 2023 Fight Dirty: A Steamy Instalove Story By Cassie Mint

He’s brutal and battered. The meanest fighter in the city.

And I’m begging him to teach me how to fight.

The first time I step foot in Jax Sutherland’s gym, he stares like I’m some badly lost tourist. All around, men are beating each other to a pulp, and I wince with every smack and gr...

APRIL 11, 2023 Late Tackle (Valley Falls Strikers Book 1) By Bree Kraemer

When Cooper Holland, soccer star extraordinaire, needs a date for his sister’s wedding, he enlists the help of his teammates.

Set-ups aren’t his style, but he’s desperate.

He’s looking for a sweet, homey, girl next door type.

Only Mae Nelson is anything but the girl next door.


A hot grumpy-sunshine romance starring an unapologetically brusque single dad billionaire and the sweet, button-pushing woman he suddenly can’t stop thinking about.

LOGAN: As far as therapists go, Nicole’s as good as they get, even though her methods are way the hell out there. And while she�...

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Olivia was living the quiet lake life until her best friend’s brother moved in next door.

Olivia is a low-key former nurse turned computer nerd who enjoys solitude and her dog companion Frankie.

Luke is an undefeated amateur boxer whose life revolves around training, motorcycles and failed r...

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APRIL 06, 2023 All In (Winners Inc. Book 1) By Kathia

[US Sale] Get all the feels in this steamy, feel-good standalone romantic comedy about falling in love and finding happily ever after despite the odds.

The goal… Find Erik Nilsen, young star of England’s hottest football club, a nice girl.

The coach… International football superstar Jami...

Defenseman. Devoted. Dad.

Player on and off the ice, Russell Stewart’s life was upended when his girlfriend got pregnant and left him holding the baby. Two years later, he’s finally moved on, gotten back on track, and is balancing his life as a father, student, and hockey player like a profes...

I’m being forced to work with my ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Matos and he is probably still upset with me for breaking up with him years ago.

My boss tells me to do a feature story on Ricardo’s upcoming UFC promotion while he trains in Las Vegas for his big debut fight.

And that should be easy...

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One up-and-coming boxer and confirmed bachelor + His coach's curvy little sister + A past they both can't forget = A second-chance romance that will make you see stars!

MARCH 27, 2023 Just One Fake Date: A Contemporary Romance By Deborah Cooke

Tyler McKay has a plan…
And it doesn’t include a serious relationship anytime soon. Between his day job and being a partner at Flatiron 5 Fitness, he’s busy investing in the future. But Ty knows that going stag to his sister’s wedding will encourage the family matchmakers: he needs a fake d...