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WANTED: Three fake boyfriends. Must be tall, ripped — and willing to teach me how to kiss.

My name is Layla Thompson, and I am undateable.
Seriously. I’m twenty-eight and I’ve never had a boyfriend. And with my thirties rapidly approaching, I’m starting to lose patience.

Lucky for me,...

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NOVEMBER 21, 2022 Kickoff: A Fake Relationship Sports Romance By Kayla Claire

Zoey needs a fake boyfriend. I need a babysitter.
We sure as hell don’t have time for feelings to get in the way.

I used to be the top college soccer player in the nation. Now I’m parenting my little sister and trying to survive my first year in grad school. I’m supposed to be Responsible ...

NOVEMBER 14, 2022 In the Grasp: A Second Chance Sports Romance By Cadence Keys

I’m at the top of my game, and the most notoriously private player in the league, but my personal life leaves something to be desired. I thought I’d have more accomplished by now - like a wife and family - but for nine years I’ve held onto the memory of the girl who got away. Now she’s...

NOVEMBER 12, 2022 Crazy Love: A Sports Romance By Tina Gallagher

He let her go once. He’s not about to make that mistake again…


Jimmy Chavez was my first love. Our story was supposed to end in the perfect happily ever after. Instead, he dumped me and left to live out his fantasies as a pro baseball player.

I had no choice but to move on. But ...

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NOVEMBER 11, 2022 The Game Plan: A College Sports Romance By Allie Lasky

Sam is the life of every party at her sorority house, but now she’s just one failed class away from losing her softball scholarship and being forced to drop out of school.

Enter Miles, the massive brute of a linebacker with a secret talent for math. As she learns more about him, Sam is drawn t...

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NOVEMBER 09, 2022 Pacific Vista Ranch: Box Set Collection Books 1-3 By Claire Marti

Dive into the McNeill family’s saga, you’ll never want to leave gorgeous Pacific Vista Ranch. Each book is a standalone story with complex characters, unexpected twists and turns, and a hint of Hollywood.

Book 1: Nobody Else But You:
🔥Enemies to Lovers ❤️
A smoking hot stuntman. A fi...

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NOVEMBER 08, 2022 Putting Up A Fight: A Bad Boy Romance By Samantha Westlake

A brawler on the edge, forced to fight.

A young woman hiding a dark past.

Only they can save each other.

From years in the illegal brawling arena, Cain has grown immune to the pain of punches. He cannot escape his past, but fights each night to just stay in place. He can never escape his de...

There’s something about the word ‘forbidden’ that makes everything even more tempting—like my brother’s best friend.

To Dane, I’m off limits. He’s been told. He’s been warned. And he had to swear he’d never touch his best friend’s little sister.

But here’s the thing…I r...

She's a sassy, smart-mouthed college sophomore. He’s a cocky exchange student from Australia. Falling for him isn’t an option, because when he leaves, where will that leave her?

NOVEMBER 01, 2022 Bachelorette Party: The Complete Series By Rochelle Paige

This collection has hockey hotties galore, a fake bachelorette party with a very real suck-for-a-buck shirt, an accidental marriage in Vegas, a damsel in distress, and more! The set includes all of the stories from the Bachelorette Party series, plus a bonus scene from Andrew & Jocelyn's honeymoon.

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