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Upper-class young lady Miss Charlotte Hall, bored and neglected by her Grandfather, has a shameful problem. Desperate, she turns to her Grandfather's physician for help. But she hadn't expected the help to be quite so...manly. Will the dashingly handsome Dr Gabriel Black prove more poison than cure?...

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This dominant daddy can’t help but stalk his virgin prey.

June Parrish embodies everything good in this world, and I’ve been stalking her lately, which makes me feel evil.

But I can’t stop, because I’m a ruthless control freak, who has never been captivated by anything other than crush...

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He wants her…she isn’t quite ready for him.

Alan Mitchell knows that he doesn’t need to ask twice for something he wants. When he snaps his fingers, everything his body desires appears on a silver platter. And yet, his dating life never ceases to frustrate him. But when he suddenly hires a...

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The moment I locked eyes with the mesmerizing blonde in the bridal dress, I knew I had to have her.
So I just kissed her.
Playing the “billionaire” role for my sister’s fashion show was awkward, but that didn’t matter once I posed for the cameras with that knockout in my arms. That instant...

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It was too soon. There was so much more to learn about Mason. But love was already creeping in the back door of my heart, and looking for a place to get comfortable...

I know I’m a Daddy’s girl. My family is oddly close, except for my kooky Aunt Betsy, whom I’ve only met a few times. She ...

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FEBRUARY 17, 2021 TAKING ABBY: an insta-love, standalone short read By Dexxie Mayflower

A sexy spitfire with a body to match, Abby has dominated my thoughts-my fantasies-for two years now. She swears she can get over me in a week. I bet her she can’t.**A series standalone. All are in KU.

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The new girl in town is forced to get over her stage fright – while singing, and when speaking with the quiet, sexy man who can’t take his eyes off her.
I’ve been told that things heat up in Sunset Ridge the weekend of the annual rodeo.

Moving to the country to live in my grandmot...

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FEBRUARY 15, 2021 Claimed by a Sinner (A Seven Sinners Short) By A.G. Henderson


One look was all it took. I knew Lizzy was mine. Knew she was meant to be on the back of my bike. Knew she wanted to take everything I had to offer. I also knew that I needed to stay far, far away. But I was a Sinner, and the road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

This novella cont...

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FEBRUARY 14, 2021 Loving Cinderella: My Curvy Valentine By Beatrice Brae

One runaway bride + One swoon-worthy Duke= One sizzling love story! "You look like trouble, Your Grace." "I am. The most delicious kind of trouble." I find the man of my dreams while running away from my arranged marriage. He's everything I ever wanted so I make him an offer he can't refuse.
My wed...

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Arizona’s been an Intergalactic Call-Girl for so long that nothing shocks her anymore, but when a freckle-faced, smartass comes into her life, she’s intrigued. Alluring Blythe knows aliens can’t be trusted until one seems determined to prove there’s kindness hidden in even the darkest corner...