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It’s all about timing. Breaking a silly curse with open hearts, a duck, and the right guy.
Once or twice is bad luck.
But breaking up with a guy before Valentine’s Day three years in a row?
I was beginning to think I was cursed.
Until Alex appeared and instantly broke my New Year’s...

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It's February 14th and I'm working at my dad's hardware store.
I don't have a boyfriend, and that's because someone already has my heart.
So this is just any old normal day for me. Watch the bills pile up, maybe rent someone a power washer.
Until the little bell over the door chimes and he walks ...

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Six months ago, I hooked up with Magnus, an astonishingly hot guy I’d just met. My night with him was mind-blowing. But the next morning I was so mortified about the one-night stand that I fled his hotel room before he could wake up.
Four weeks later, I held a positive pregnancy test in my ...

Shadow’s voice is lost, found, and lost again...
Janson does his absolute best to care for his beautiful, sensual Shadow, wanting to keep her as his beloved pet. However, she doesn’t yet believe that she deserves her own happiness.

Through a chat with Janson’s sister Claire, communication ...

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Donovan: When I stop to get my mother some flowers for Valentine's day, the last thing I expect to find is a date for myself. But one glance at Alyssa, and she's got my heart.

Alyssa: Even though I'm a florist, I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. But when Donovan walks through my door, I migh...

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FEBRUARY 10, 2021 Sweetest Sins: A Forbidden Romance Box Set By Margot Scott

More than 30 scorching tales of forbidden desire. Only 99¢ for a limited time! I’m as off-limits as it gets, but that won’t stop him. He wants to claim me, and even though he’s twice my age, I let him inside. I don’t care if it’s taboo. I need his hands on my skin and his lips on mine.

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One bad boy music executive + His curvy new temp admin + The Rockin' Hearts Ball = The beginning of a lifetime of beautiful music

When one of my executive assistants (now former) eloped with her boyfriend and left me high and dry, I have no choice but to bring in a temp. Little do I expect the cu...

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A hailstorm slid her into his truck, then into his heart…
Sarah was shocked when her car skidded into a tow truck, driven by the one man in this small town she was actually interested in. Julian was unusually gorgeous – a huge mechanic who was also incredibly sweet. Suddenly Sarah was stranded ...

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FEBRUARY 07, 2021 The Billionaire's Kiss: A Second Chance Romance By Scarlett King

Standing in a lobby full of people, bouncing auburn curls catch my eyes.
As they slip through the crowd, green eyes peer out at me.
My heart races, my body heats, and I can’t stop looking into those eyes—they captivate me.

The relationship was doomed from the start. She’s only here for a ...

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Why, of all of the new accounts, did I finally have to get a guy who makes me so crazy I can’t think straight? There’s no way a hot billionaire tech guru would be staring at a mousy, big-hipped, slightly shy and nerdy junior PR girl. Right?

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