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My year is off to a terrible start. Fired from my job and dumped by my boss-boyfriend at the same time (lesson learned the hard way, don’t even start), I’m forced to adopt the ‘New Year, New You’ mantra whether I want to or not. The only silver lining is a rundown old house my estra...

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A hailstorm slid her into his truck, then into his heart…
Sarah was shocked when her car skidded into a tow truck, driven by the one man in this small town she was actually interested in. Julian was unusually gorgeous – a huge mechanic who was also incredibly sweet. Suddenly Sarah was stranded ...

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My life takes an unexpected turn when I'm saved from a fire by a swoon-worthy hunky firefighter DILF. He's got a chiseled body and a kind heart that makes me feel all mushy inside.
This Valentine Day leave you flowers and chocolates at home, a Hot DILF is all you need. Be My Series are flirty, fun ...

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JANUARY 28, 2021 Winter Virgin By Jaye Diamond

I can’t believe I just bought myself a virgin.

I’m much older, a professor, and she’s a student. I never thought I’d be one of the men bidding on a date with young women selling themselves for a good cause, when I accepted an invitation to a charity auction. Then I heard she’d be on tha...

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JANUARY 27, 2021 Forced Taboo Stories Adults Erotic Bundle By E. J. Layne

[US + UK] Warning: These stories are steamy erotica stories to get you hot and not necessarily romance.
DARK, TABOO & VERY WRONG. It contains: Dirty Billionaire Daddies, Rough Mountain Men, Enemies to Lovers, Dark Bully Romance, Sharing, Multiple Men, Rough Bikers and so much more. Large, possessive...

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Finally, a man who takes the time to truly listen to her timid whispers...
When a girl is abandoned by her Master, she hopes to find a new Dom to care for her. Janson’s protective instincts instantly surge the second he spots her, taking her home to keep her safe. He’ll do his best to care for ...

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The new girl in town is forced to get over her stage fright – while singing, and when speaking with the quiet, sexy man who can’t take his eyes off her.
I’ve been told that things heat up in Sunset Ridge the weekend of the annual rodeo.

Moving to the country to live in my grandmot...

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I flew from Cali to Sydney to visit my dad, only to find he couldn’t care less about seeing me. My dad’s boss, on the other hand, hasn't been able to stop undressing me with his eyes.

Brian Murdoch, CEO of the #1 banking firm in the country, is at least twice my age and looks like sin dipped ...

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JANUARY 14, 2021 C-Flat to C-Sharp: Sweet Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

PR girl Corina can’t believe that her high school crush is now a client. Ethan is no longer a shy music nerd, so how will she hold his interest?
My heart flipped when Ethan appeared in my office. The boy from high school band who laughed so sweetly when I couldn’t remember that a C-fla...

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From the moment I saw her photo, I knew she had to be mine.
I might have been the owner of this dating app, but I’d never used it myself. I didn’t think it would cater to my particular needs.

My world changed the moment a photo popped up on my programmer’s screen.

Sophie was entrancing,...

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