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A chance meeting. A stroke of luck or a twist of fate? It was meant to be a chance to live out a fantasy with Mr. Hottie. Someone she would never see again. So why is he at her parent's house? Is Maisie's Christmas about to be ruined? Along with her reputation?

A romantic Christmas novella with a...

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DECEMBER 01, 2021 The Santa Trap By Fiona Davenport

A hot, single dad. Plus a sweet & sexy baker. Brought together by two mischievous boys with a plan that leads to a ho-ho-ho-happily ever after. The holidays have never been so romantic.

One billionaire boss + One curvy employee named Christmas + A Fairy Tale Christmas party = Christmas is coming more than once!

I can no longer ignore the curvy babe in my office. When the opportunity to join her to select a signature drink for the annual Christmas party appears, I'm all over it l...

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NOVEMBER 29, 2021 Thin Ice By Cassie Mint

I’m a figure skater with a skilled, handsome partner.

But it’s not him I want… it’s our coach.

Dancing on ice with my best friend is a dream. But while my partner sometimes stares at me too long, I’m gazing up at the stands.

Coach McKay is stern. He rules over the rink with a glit...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Julien: A Billionaire Royalty Romance By Gia Bailey

He’s an untouched prince. She’s a princess on the run. He’d grown used to his reclusive life, until meeting her. Now, he will use every power at his princely command, to keep her.

I’m a broken man, and I gave up trying to be anything else, long ago.
But when Anya shelters in my p...

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From the second I fumbled a handshake into a hug, I knew that Dad’s money guy was the hottest man I would ever meet.

The connection was instant. Stepping into Reed’s arms was a revelation. Sharing energy with my massage clients was pleasant, but Reed’s powerful energy set my soul on fire.

Every girl has that certain someone in their past that they never want to see again...mine was Ford Jacobs.

After finding out I was the chubby girl on the side, I did what any heartbroken girl would do - blocked his number, moved across the country for college and started a multi-million dolla...

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Dawson -
The last thing I expect to find when I’m called to a late-night disturbance is a drop-dead, gorgeous blonde trying to break into the local prison when most sane people would be trying to break out. But the biggest surprise of all is that I know her. In the five years since I've seen her...

I rejected the easy life to be a soldier.
Now I use my billions to help people in need.
My security crew are the best in the business.
But Tara doesn't know what kind of danger she's in.
She's breaking down all the barriers I've built up.
How can I protect her when she keeps pushing me a...

NOVEMBER 25, 2021 We Three Kings: Hark, the herald angels MOAN! By Alice May Ball

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s coming in the shape of three big, rough, older mafia kings
When Three (HOT) Mafia Kings play Santa for a local charity party, it’s the kings who all get a big surprise.
The present they ALL want to unwrap is PLUMP and CURVY organizer, Tinka Belle.
The t...

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