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Hockey was something that left me cold, until now.

My reason to warm up to the game was six-foot-four, wildly sexy, and definitely out of my league. Until he insisted we start dating.

Joel was a former player turned coach turned motivational speaker and investment whiz. Oh, and an old friend o...

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Some might call me obsessed. Unhealthy. Wrong.

I’m all of those things and worse.

Olivia Thomas is mine. I knew it from the day I set eyes on her, sure, but when I had that perfect little body pressed against me with an arm around her neck and a gun pointed at her temple…?

I knew it for...

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DECEMBER 27, 2021 The Gift By Cassie Mint

This year, I’m giving my favorite shy scientist an extra special gift…


Here on this island in the Arctic sea, we have a tradition. We exchange gifts to help us through the long, dark winter.

As the island’s postal worker, I get to deliver those gifts, and see the smiles on everyon...

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DECEMBER 27, 2021 Fakemas: A Holiday Instalove Romance Short By Gia Bailey

Two old friends and a pretend holiday date that’s about to be so much more.

I’ve loved Libby for years, but she’s never seen me that way. But this holiday, all that changes. She told a little white lie about a boyfriend, and now, she needs me to play the role. Little does she know, I...

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DECEMBER 26, 2021 Falling for the Older Guy: An Age Gap Romance By Lisa Freed

Will the attraction between a young hair stylist and an older investment manager working in the same building lead to more?

Heather -
I can’t help noticing Mr. Tall, Blond, and Gorgeous whenever I pass by on my way to pick up lunch, but why would someone like him notice me? Other than the blu...

DECEMBER 26, 2021 A is for Aiden: A Secret Baby Mountain Man Romance By Natasha L. Black

A baby? Impossible.

I moved to the mountains to start a new, quiet life. Danger followed me.

Aiden is my protector.
A gruff ex-Marine who saved my life
When the men who killed my father came for me.
Sparks between us turned to a hot affair
Hiding out in his cabin has its perks.

Hunted b...

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DECEMBER 24, 2021 Step-Santa By Logan Chance

Dear Step-Santa,

The last thing I wanted for Christmas was a shockingly gorgeous new stepbrother. And I certainly didn’t want to play elf to your Santa at my mother’s charity event or sneak off to kiss you under the mistletoe. Ok, maybe I wanted that at the time, but it can’t happen again. ...

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DECEMBER 23, 2021 Snowed in with the Guy Next Door By Jessa Joy

I've come to Snowflake Falls from the city.
I'm left running my aunt's candy store during the Christmas rush.
But my biggest problem is the huge, hot guy next door.
He’s the town sheriff and he thinks he’s the boss.
I didn’t expect the weather to take a turn for the worse.
What will I do ...

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An isolated Inn, a spoiled heiress, and a grouchy mountain man.

I like peace and quiet, routine and solitude.
When a crazy woman wants to be taken up to an old inn high up the mountain, it’s not my business.
Until a storm hits, sealing us both inside.
We will either drive each other ar...

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DECEMBER 22, 2021 Stalk You: A Sexy Obsession Romance By Teresa Wolf

Her auburn hair still falls perfectly on her shoulders, her clothes hugging all the right places. Her smile still sends shivers up and down my spine. I can still remember how her lips feel on mine, my entire body, my entire being.
She is a shell of the girl I dated in college, down on her luck and ...