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Healing was my obsession... until she walked into my classroom.

Charlotte Ash is bright, young, traumatized, and my newest Art Therapy student.

I’ve taught many people how to conquer their demons through art. But Charlotte’s demons threaten to consume us both.

From the moment we lock ey...

MAY 31, 2021 The Lumberjack's Nanny: A Forbidden Romance By Natasha L. Black

Max needs to hire a nanny for the summer.
I need money.

No problem!

There’s a big problem.
I caught feelings for Max, the sexy lumberjack dad.
Now I’m carrying around more than a broken heart. I have a little secret that belongs to Max.

How can I go ahead with the deal and wa...

From their first meeting, she knew she was in trouble with this bad boy billionaire.
He knew he’d just met his future wife.

He’s a billionaire with a bad reputation. Her job is to fix it, which won’t be easy once he decides that she is the only thing he wants.
The only thing he can’t ha...

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One curvy beauty + One hunky fireman + One blind cat stuck in a tree = Five-Alarm Romance! I've given up dating, because women freak out over the reality of me running into infernos. But when a woman's rescue cat gets stuck up a tree and she calls us for help, I know I have to take a chance with thi...

MAY 25, 2021 Real Men Love Curves By Kat Baxter


Even though Erin and I have been best friends for years, she has no idea how much I want her. No idea that her luscious curves drive me crazy, or that she stars in my every fantasy. No idea that I’m aching to get out of the friend zone. I’m smart enough to keep that shit under wraps.


Falling for the curvy sweet baker was easy. Keeping her safe from danger? Not so much, but I’ll do anything to protect what’s mine.

Willow Harding’s new life in a small mountain town is simple, sweet and safe. Her bakery is a hit with the locals and a puppy brings her heart the love she cra...

MAY 24, 2021 Following Her: A Stalker Romance Book 1 By Natalie Knight

She needs me. She just doesn’t know it yet.
Dalia is the only one who can fix what’s broken in me. I knew it the moment I saw her.
That red hair, those wounded eyes, the irresistible curves…she’s perfect.
She will be mine.
But first, I have to get rid of her boyfriend.
Don’t feel so...

This reclusive billionaire mountainman was committed to bachelorhood, until he met her.

Jefferson Black escaped to a secluded mountain cabin to get away from his reputation as the most eligible billionaire bachelor. Three years later he’s nearly unrecognizable wearing flannel and a scruffy bear...

Tabbie Kimball grew up in the Mormon church. Her family had always had a squeaky clean image, her father’s distinguished image even landing him the position of Ward Bishop. Her sister, Demi, had just returned from her mission, her mother, Norah heading the Relief Society. They were the picture-per...

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An Alpha Man, Curvy Woman, Instalove, Small Town Romance

Bettina Connelly:

My parents were famous athletes when they were alive, and my little brother is destined for the spotlight too. Until then, I’m determined to make sure he has a normal childhood as best I can. When the drop-dead gorge...