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APRIL 03, 2022 Daddy Bod By Margot Scott

I know three things to be true: Pabst isn’t real beer, the Sox always lose, and wherever I am, I’m always the biggest guy in the room. People don’t just gawk when they see me coming. They keep their distance, which is fine by me. Why do you think I bought a fixer-upper in the country...

APRIL 01, 2022 Dex: Kismet Falls Book 1 Short By Jane Fox

Welcome to Kismet Falls.

Have a seat here on the park bench and stay awhile.

Our little town is full of beauty. Can you hear the falls? They're just out of sight over there. These trees? Some of them have been here for over a century.

it's also a perfect place to fall in love.

See that c...

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MARCH 29, 2022 Ranger Danger: A Dark Steamy Age Gap Romance By L.A. Wayward

You’re mine now.

His raw words bring me to my knees.
Making me beg for the freedom I crave.
He found me alone in the woods.
Brought me to his self-imposed prison to wait out the storm, locking us together in a forbidden embrace.

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MARCH 29, 2022 The Dean: A Romance Short By Cassie Mint

You know what’s worse than crushing on your boss?

When he’s also your dad’s best friend.

I moved across the country to get a fresh start. To see what I can make of myself away from my overbearing parents.

It was only supposed to be temporary--staying in Dean Gibson’s spare room. I�...

MARCH 28, 2022 Her Falcon: Shifted Love Short By Fiona Davenport

After spending nearly a year in captivity, Ramsey Altair needed time to heal. Although she had long dreamed of finding her fated mate, she wasn’t prepared to face the man who might belong to her so soon after being rescued. Feeling as though she had no other choice, she fled his pack before they c...

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This is the 3rd installment in Blade and Avery's Story. You should start with book 2 in the series to have the best understanding of this one.

Freaking Liza! She's trying to ruin everything but I'm determined not to let it happen. It's Avery and me against the world.

Things were going o...

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MARCH 26, 2022 Her Brazen Bodyguard: Alpha Bodyguard Short By Nell Alexander

[US+UK] After months of dealing with her stalker ex, Rachel finally takes steps to protect herself, hiring a bodyguard to stay with her while ever she is out of the house.

Kieran resents being put on babysitting duty but the attraction between him and Rachel more than makes up for it.

But whe...

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One tattooed bad boy + The curvy babe who got away = One sizzling reunion! Going to my high school reunion is not normally be something I'd even consider. But. I'll put my business empire on hold, just for the chance to see Terri again. Curvy Terri was the only thing (aside from Biology class) that ...

She’s tiny. Blonde. Challenging. Troubled.
He’s tall. Dark. Ambitious. Confused.
Emmy Rossiter wants a few days of sunshine in Hawaii to gather strength for an upcoming family battle in New Zealand. But she wasn’t expecting lava-hot kisses on top of a volcano with Californian winemaker Carte...

MARCH 24, 2022 A Little Hotel in Cornwall: Books 1-8 By Laura Briggs

All eight novellas in the UK bestselling series A LITTLE HOTEL IN CORNWALL are now available in one collection! Follow aspiring young author Maisie Clark as she stumbles into a role as a maid in the idyllic hotel by the sea, where there’s never a dull moment, from her quest to track down a reclusi...

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